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V2 Cigs is a brand of electronic cigarettes which is now becoming the new trend across the country. There are two main factors contributing to the popularity of these devices. One reason is because they are safe; they are a non-toxic alternative to any ordinary cigarette. The other reason is that they can be used in public places where smoking is no longer allowed.

The concern for cigarette smokers has always been contributed to the harmful and dangerous chemicals that may cause lung cancer. Not only are smokers inhaling toxins, but the people around them are affected because they are breathing in the secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke has also contributed to new smoking laws prohibiting the use of cigarettes in public places, such as restaurants and bars.

Electronic cigarettes are a safe, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting product which allows smokers to get their nicotine fix anywhere at any time. Lighters and matches are not necessary in order to smoke because they are battery operated. The negative environmental factors caused from cigarettes are air pollution and littering of matches, ashes, and cigarette butts. This is all eliminated with the use of the V2 Cig.

Two parts of the e-cigarette is the battery/atomizer and the other is a liquid filled cartridge mouthpiece. After connecting these two pieces, simply push the button to activate the atomizer. This element heats the liquid solution in the cartridge to produce the vapor inhaled by the smoker.

The liquid solution cartridges are available with different levels of nicotine including zero nicotine doses. The liquid cartridges are also available in various flavors; the tobacco flavors are Congress, V2 Red and Sahara and the unique flavors include Cherry, Menthol, Chocolate, Cola, Vanilla, Coffee and Peppermint.

Electronic cigarette starter kits by V2 Cigs are a great way to begin your electronic cigarette experience. Depending on your needs, the starter kits range from $30.00-$200.00. The price of the package depends on the number of items that are included.  The V2 Express Kit, for $30.00, includes the V2, a USB battery charger and one liquid cartridge. It is probably also wise to buy a package of extra liquid cartridges with this basic kit, which start at approximately 7.00 for a pack of 5. The most expensive kit for $200.00 is called V2 Ultimate. It contains four V2 Cigs, one lanyard, one wall adapter, one car adapter, two carrying pouches, and 25 cartridge refills.

Not only are V2 electronic cigarettes affordable but they come with a lifetime warranty. You can purchase V2 Cig online or through over 1000 retailers located both nationally and internationally. The V2 Smoke4Free program is a rewards program based on referrals. It is a great way to get discounts on your V2 products and credits for V2 Cig merchandise.

Anyone who decides quit smoking or switch over to electronic cigarettes will go through withdrawals and will feel changes occurring in their body. Everyone’s body will react differently when they quit using tobacco products. Sometimes the change in nicotine levels, whether lower or higher, will cause symptoms such as Heartburn, Headaches, and Nausea. Smoking water vapor instead of actual cigarette smoke allows your body to increase the amount of oxygen that your body is now able to use. The increased circulation of oxygen may cause changes in your body that lead to dizziness, itching, tingling and muscle cramps. These symptoms don’t last forever and moving past them is the challenging part.

The overall benefits of smoking an electronic cigarette far outweigh the long term negative side effects of smoking normal cigarettes. With the V2 you can change your life and you will feel better both inside and out. It doesn’t cost very much and there are a number of coupon codes easily found online to reduce the price even further.

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V2 user for 2 years

September7, 2017

I switched to V2 from Blu due to the drop off in quality from Blu. V2 classic cartridges can be used on the classic batteries or EX batteries. I use the Menthol 2.4% classic cartridges myself.

They offer a rewards program for their customers with three different tiers, depending on how many lifetime points are earned. Each tier offers perks for members when they achieve those levels. The highest level is Elite member status which offers a 10% discount on merchandise as well as free three day shipping. If you live in a state that requires an adult signature on vaping products, you will be charged the adult signature fee FedEx charges V2. Rewards points can be used for additional discounts on orders.

Blu Cigs sued them in court and won the case. V2 must pay Blu Cigs a royalty on ever order placed at V2 website. This Tobacco Settlement Fee surcharge is roughly 6% of the order price.

There seems to be a glitch with ordering, at least for me. The price for my orders are usually stated $4.00 higher than what they should be but when my card is charged, I'm charged the correct price. This is something they are aware of but I've gotten used to the glitch so I don worry too much about what the website says they charged. I'm concerned with what the credit card is actually charged.

It pays to be signed up for their newsletter because they will announce some very good sales. Rewards points can be used with the sale price or membership level discounts.

Keep in mind, they are located in Miami, FL so any severe weather can hinder their ability to ship orders on time

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So far, love it

May6, 2013

Switched to this from Marlboro lights two weeks ago and so far I haven't had one paper cig in over two weeks. It gives me the nicotine I need, and I love that I can take a puff or two and put it away. I used to waste cigs all the time. Takes a little getting used to but I actually like the flavor of this over regular ciggerettes

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