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Don't use usell!
July 24, 2019
Horrible. They got my phone and I never got paid. It's been several weeks. I contacted them many times, and the Better Business Bureau. Nothing from them. I'm out the money and my phone now. Go with Gazelle! I can't emphasize that enough.

Bait and Switch!
July 16, 2019

They tried to pull a "bait and switch" with me, declaring the phone I mailed in to have LCD damage. This changed their offer from $86 to $10. After filing with the NY BBB, they FINALLY mailed a package out to me-with a DIFFERENT PHONE.

Now this phone is truly damaged. It is dirty, smudges on the front, spots on the back, and damage to the front button!

Please file with the Attorney General- we can't let them get away with this sort of behavior! This, by the way, was an experience directly with Usell, not with a third party.

Attempted selling Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (White)
June 13, 2016

So I just got myself a Samsung S7 Edge and was thinking, what the hell let's see if I can sell my old phone. I found uSell online with Google and proceeded with the procedure. Now my phone is not perfect, it's been used for almost 2 years but their are two "issues" with the phone. First off, I rooted it. This is not an issue really since after removing my SIM card I replaced the factory firmware back on nice and clean. Secondly, there are minor cosmetic scratches around the silver lining of the phone. This harms nothing to the phone and is from everyday use for two years.

So, uSell quoted me $120 for 'Good' condition of this phone and I was okay with that because I know it's not perfect. I sent the phone in and called to have my ESN removed. After that they e-mailed me saying my phone is stuck in a boot loop an offered $35. I immediately said to send my phone back. Once I got it back it was stuck in a boot loop and had to be flashed again. The entire OS was gone and I had to recover the stock firmware.

Nice try uSell, but you can go f-yourself.

They Promised me 113 and then they said 18
April 4, 2016
They are trying to claim there is a burn in on the screen.... This phone was taken care of very well.... They are liars.

USELL -Bait & Switch
April 1, 2016
I was very disappointed when I saw that USELL underrated my phone quote for "bad side keys" - which the phone did not have. (Lowered to $40 from $73) I requested my phone to be mailed back only to discover that the "unit" I received back had a cracked screen and a DIFFERENT SERIAL NUMBER. It looked like someone took a hammer and smashed it - AND it's not even my phone. This is a bait & switch operation USELL is a scam....Use Gazelle or another similar reputable company instead.

usell scammed me
June 22, 2015
This was a horrific experience, i was given a quote of about 100$ for my iphone i thought why not and decided to ship it to them, after almost 2 weeks i got the mailing packet finally and shipped it to them, no email no calls nothing for 2 weeks again, when i contact them myself they told me we sent u a check for 9$, i said what is 9$ i was quoted 100 and got the most vague excuse about the market going up and down and my phone has a scratch here or there basically saying total bs, i demanded my phone back and they said no read the terms and conditions which is longer then the declaration of independence right.... people need to be aware of this scam and avoid usell unless you want to send them your valuable phone for free.

They called me names
March 18, 2015
I won't use them ever again, they offered me 50.00 dollars for my iPhone 4, then they recived it and sent me a revised offer of 3.00, so I asked that my phone be sent back!! I got my phone back alright, I picked it up outta of the package and the the whole phone fell apart, they had removed my internal SIM card and my charger port, not to mention all the screws, so I had emailed them about this issue and got basically screamed at by some guy named Doug calling me names and telling me that I'm a liar!!! And being very douchy all because the took apart my phone and refuse to own up to it!! All I can say is never again these guys are a scam

dont believe em February 03, 2016

Hmmm... I think I know what they did to you. First, they harvested all the GOLD from the Motherboard. Next, they shipped it to you WITHOUT putting it back together. If you want, you can go on google/youtube and search "how do I harvest the gold from my phone." Hope this helps.

January 16, 2015

Usell is also associated with a cash4gold scam. Usell will quote you fair then either give you the run around or send you a check for like 5 or 10$. No phone numbers. Claim you s3nt the wrong phone or it wasnt working or wasnt received. Horrible service and a scam. Don't use them. Rip off!! Just get the bag to sell your phone and send them rocks so they pay the shipping :-)

Great and timely
October 27, 2014
Three days to get me the mail-in package, and two days after it was received I had the money in my paypal account at the quoted amount. I emailed once to check on my payment and I received a response within four hours by an individual person with a solution. Couldn't be more satisfied.

I Sold my iphone 5s to usell an my tracking number couldnt be found!
June 23, 2014
I been trying to track my iphone for 3 weeks now an I still haven't heard anything from these people. I sent a emil today hopefully they woll fix my prob. My advice always do your research before taking any action but wish I would of seen these reviews before giving up my phone

i trolled usell
April 19, 2014
usell is the worst. i had past expirence so i decided to scam them back. in "sold" another one. though this time i put a troll face in the fast shipping envelope. u mad, usell?

Not a great deal!
November 27, 2013

I have two Iphone 3GS's 16 GB in good condition.

Usell was only willing to pay me a max of $13.

Although a little less convenient I went to my local pawn shop and the guy offered me $50 cash right there right then.

Don't sink into those scams!

Thank You
November 20, 2013
I sent my Iphone about a month ago still waiting for my check an email a call.o.k scammers u got me

November 2, 2013
I went to the website, filled out the form, and accepted my offer of $179.00 What I am confused about is why it is taking so long to receive the check. I sent in an almost brand new iPhone 4S. The only reason I even considered selling my phone is because, like everyone else, I had a very unexpected expense. My transmission needs replacing and I needed a way to pay for it. This is a complete scam. I wish I had seen all these stories about other people who have been needlessly scammed and ripped off. I very much needed that $179.00 please don't make the same mistake that I and hundreds of others have made. I never received not 1 of the emails that was supposed to give me some kind of information about what was goin on with the process. And when you try to contact them, there is NO working customer service. And you will be lucky to get someone that will return an email for you.

Pleasantly surprised! Awesome!
November 2, 2013
Awesome! I was skeptical and figured it was one of those "too good to be true" type things, but it seemed worth a shot considering I doubted I'd get much anywhere for my water-damaged, useless iPhone. It was super fast and I got paid the full $134 as promised, way faster than I expected. I first requested the quote and shipping label on October 22, and on November 1 I already received my money instantly to my PayPal. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Took my phone and won't send me a check.
October 4, 2013

So I sent my iphone 4s in and they offered me 180 dollars for it, which was a joke to begin with, but anyway I needed the money. So I waited for almost a month and NOTHING! I e-mailed and tried to call, but cant't ever get ahold of anyone period! This is crap. I am reporting them to and several other websites as well as filing a police report about them stealing it!

Why do we have to select one star to leave your comments... I don't want to give them any!

Dont trust usell
September 16, 2013
Its a scam don't sell your iphone its just a scam

Use instead!
June 4, 2013

I got an offer for $49 from, but checked too, just to be sure. Best offer there was $34!

Gazelle doesn't ask who your carrier is.

Kelsey November 02, 2013

I think it really depends on the item and just the current offers available. I checked both and I think the best offer was at least $20 less on Gazelle is a SCAM!!
May 31, 2013
So I went on Usell for my Ipad 4 and got an offer of $345. I waited over a year to get my check! But the check was only $2! I was mad! DON'T TRUST USELL!!

Just ask yourself
March 30, 2013

Just ask yourself why you would get more money depending on which phone carrier you use???

It doesn't make a lot of sense does it.

Nic April 05, 2013

Its because Verizon doesn't have a sim card like AT&T does.

Shana October 27, 2013

Sprint has no sim card either so if the previous owner didn't pay their bill the phone is nothing but a paper weight! And different carriers have different features added or removed, even though it's the same model phone it may not have what you need for it to work properly with your current carrier.