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November 29, 2016
Hi there! I’ve been using USANA since 2014. My friend recommended it to me because I was looking for something that would help me with my anxiety problem. Since I started using USANA, my condition has improved. I will recommend taking Cellsentials, Biomega and Proflavanol even if you are not suffering from Anxiety. Until now I’m still taking USANA supplements and keep recommending it to friends specially with certain symptoms. It really helps!

July 17, 2016

I have been using the products, skin line and nutritional supplements since 2002. I

did not want to become a distributor because I

had other projects/businesses. I am now in my sixties and feel better than I did twenty years ago. I never regret money spent on Usana products.

April 26, 2016

There is a lot of generalized fallacy in this article. They derive their opinion about Usana's structure because is it a MLM company and then make assumptions.

The most important deception in this article is that it states that Vitamin and Supplement companies do not have to submit to FDA regulations. This is a true fact, but USANA volunteered their product to be tested by the FDA and has been ranked by a third party laboratory as the top Vitamin Supplement for 12 years in a row. They have over 700 Olympian level athletes who trust their brand and have committed to their safety by offering $1 million to any athlete of theirs traced with banned substances.

This company is a MLM for sure. The major problem with people's reviews of these are that its all up to the individual. Lazy people sign up for MLM programs trying to get rich quick and aren't willing to put in the effort make it happen.

USANA is above board as a company and I trust them. Also, in case you were wondering. I'm not a seller/distributor/associate of USANA. I've just done my research. I don't profit from this review, but I felt it was my job to set a few things straight.

Thanks fellow humans!

April 7, 2016
USANA's not a SCAM, both business and products is AWESOME. 18 years old here ^_^ USANA LOVER

February 27, 2016

Products have almost no natural ingredients: Fail.

Products are often tested/reviewed by people sponsored/controlled by Usana: Fail.

Almost nobody make money in Usana: Fail.

Usana sellers are incredibly unfit and unhealthy thinking that a pill will counteract a day of processed food consumption: Fail.

Usana is centered in Utah where it is the most difficult to sue them of all states, hence so many multilevel companies are there: Fail.

Almost nobody thinks highly of them unless they are selling it and almost always they have recently signed up not realizing reality: Fail.

January 18, 2016
If you want to know if the product works get a blood test from your doctor start using the some of the BEST health supplements on the market for at least 3 months and then go back to your doctor for another blood test ...see how much you improved. I KNOW IT WORKS FOR ME !

October 18, 2015

Let me tell you this. A starter pack will cost you 39,000 PHP. An auto-order for 1 business center is 7,000 PHP. Multiply it by 12 months. That was 84,000 PHP a year. Can you earn more than 84,000 PHP a year? If yes, how much will you earn? 100,000? 16,000 PHP income per year? Are you serious? Oh btw, I haven't included the initial 39,000 PHP for membership.

If a company is earning more from recruiting than selling then that's a scam. Where's the integrity in earning from your downline's expense? The lifetime passive income is also a lie. USANA is a big lie. I've been there. Done that. Take my word.

October 18, 2015
The products: Almost all are synthetic. If you needed calcium would you chew on a rock or eat calcium rich food? Any quality health authority will stipulate the importance of organic food as a vitamin source. Ascorbic acid (their Vitamin C) is synthetic. B12 should be methylcobolamine, not cobalamine which is synthetic. Almost all their products are now synthetic. Its cheaper. If you really need to consume more nutrients than your diet is now giving, buy a quality juicer (slower rotation). I've read thousands of articles and books on health. Not once have any recommended any MLM company, not once. That says volumes. These authors live and breathe health. No Usana, Amway, Quickstar, Shaklee, Melaleuca, etc. When people recommend it, they are inevitably a distributor. When you Google them you notice that they control the first few pages of hits. They are paying to be there. When almost every seller loses money, what does that tell you about this company?

September 8, 2015
I was introduced to USANA just over 8 months ago and initially purchased the products. After very quickly feeling the amazing positive effects they had on my life I decided to look at the business plan. This is NOT a pyramid scheme - that is illegal. If you are not into MLM then you will be a slave to the 'pay cheque' for the rest of your life. That is fine, as this business is not for everyone, but you will be left behind if you want financial success. Avon, Amway, Melaluca etc, etc are all MLM companies. I myself have been both an Avon and an Amway rep for many years, but in 8 mths of being with USANA I am earning more than I ever did with either of those companies. The binary compensation plan was developed by the Harvard Business School and is very fair. With all MLM companies, look at it with an open mind and go with your gut feeling, not the opinion of others. The only way to fail in this business though, is to quit!

June 29, 2015
Usana is not just for health and business, it is actually a lifestyle. if you are stranded and stock to your 5, 10, or 20 years working in your daily job then your have a poor lifestyle. in Usana you can do your business anywhere, anytime, with your choice. make a change in your life. don't look for flaws, see the brighter picture. i am very sure that only Usana can provide that your company cannot.

June 16, 2015
I don't like this product because I've noticed that most distributor are after with MONEY not with result. Very expensive and very hard to sell. Distributors think that friends are DOLLARS.

May 25, 2015
Look up their bio on wikipedia or go to YouTube and look for the Comparative Guide fraud video. The book is a fraud and most of their researchers had poor credentials and it is mostly marketing. The way the book judges the competition is laughable. My family bought into it and the products were bad and the compensation plan worse. Their meal replacements "may contain shellfish, may contain peanuts, eggs, etc ... all the worse allergens as they don't use designated equipment. So much for their great manufacturing. They do it themselves cause its cheaper.

May 19, 2015
To be honest I have a sibling that used to work in USANA and payed him nothing. I did not know it was a scam. But my mom was right! However,their products are amazing! they must be natural everytime I take the fish oil pills my skin turns so beautiful! I also loved their shampoo I am currently waiting on my shampoo can't wait to use it I am in love with all their products especially the milkshakes that help you loose weight lol not that I'm overweight my auntie tried it!

May 13, 2015

i have synovitis for more than two years,it is an inflammation of d

of synovial fluids that made me difficulty in walking. I stopped working in the hospital as a registered nurse because of my physical condition. Plenty of food supplements was introduced but seems all was did nothing until usana ps

May 7, 2015
This is a Scam. One of the selling point to attract people to join MLM is that they say you can deduct business loss on your tax return if you join. They told people that you join as a distributor, buy USANA product, you take the product by yourself. You can deduct business expense as loss on your tax return for home office, phone, car expense, purchase price for buying the product for yourself. You will end up have more money in your bank so you take the product for free. These people are cheating. IRS should take a look at MLM business deduction.

April 4, 2015
If USANA is scam, whould you also consider those company that would promise to give you a god job with rewarding compensation but you would end up retiring without savings? Then, your body is exhausted and your old with lots of health issues. Have you ever been to a restaurant claiming their products are good but after you tasted their product ended up regretting dining there? Would you ever call that restaurant a scam?

April 4, 2015
Not all MLM's are scam. USANA is different because their products are really great, you have to try using it. Their compensation, you get the money you want and it is directly proportional to your effort. Not like in companies that even if you work hard, you would still end up getting the same salary as your co-employee.

March 5, 2015
Took USANA for 1 year. Did absolutely nothing for me. Actually, I felt more sluggish after taking them and seemed like I had less energy. Try another product, USANA is not the miracle you are looking for.

February 5, 2015



February 3, 2015
I don't know what associates some of these people have talked to but my experience has been very positive. I was shown the company 4 years ago, both the product and the business, At that time we decided to just be customers. We have never been pushed or harassed. Due to our belief in the product we approached our upline a couple of months ago about becoming an associate. He showed me the ins and out and left it for me to decide. The reason I decided to was because I was using the product anyway and I know many peop;e who could benefit. So I have had a few people sign up as customers. And as for the cost I have tried many store bought supplements with 0 improvement. Overall the cost is a bit higher but more then worth it.I have gone to some training but it is not like described here. And some people are contradicting themselves. They say that you isolate your friends but harass them to join how can you do both?