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About Urthbox

UrthBox is a start-up company from San Francisco, CA that searches for healthy treats and delivers them to your doorstep every month. It is a food subscription service that focuses on healthy foodstuffs. Moreover, they make a selection and inform you about the trusted brands.


UrthBox offers a great selection of non-GMO, organic and all-natural healthy foods, beverages and snacks. In addition to that, you are also able to place an order with them and get extras to your regular monthly delivery in the form of supplements, personal hygiene and skin care products.

They have four different product options - Classic, Gluten-free, Vegan and Diet - and five different box size options to choose from - mini, small, medium, large and the office box. Depending on the size and type of the box you choose, it may contain products like juices, cleansers, cookies, snack bars, crackers, nuts, seeds, granola, dried fruit, vegetables and more.

How Does it Work?

When you wish to place an order with UrthBox, first you have to select a box size and choose the type of snacks you wish to receive. You have the option to choose to subscribe to one to six months of delivery, or to send a gift to your friends as well.

All new orders placed before the end of the month are shipped in the middle of the next month. If you choose a longer subscription time, your UrthBox will be shipped at the same time every month and you will be informed of the tracking number. This is so that you will easily see when your box will arrive.

Once your box reaches the destination, you will then be able to enjoy its content and use your member discounts and loyalty points to place another order.

Cost and Price Plans:

You are able to start your UrthBox experience by ordering a mini box that contains 6+ snacks to indulge your inner “casual snacker” at a monthly cost of $19.99. Afterwards, you are then able to save up to 30% by ordering bigger size boxes. The small box sells for $29.99, the medium is $39.99 and the large box, containing 25+ snacks, will cost you $49.99 a month.

The shipping is free of charge for the U.S. territory, but if you live in Canada, you will have to pay $6.95. On the other hand, worldwide shipping costs add up to $14.95 per box.

If you own a company and you want to treat up to 10 of your employees, order the office box which contains 100+ full size products, with gluten-free and vegan options available as well. It will cost you $199 a month and the shipping fee is still free across the U.S. territory. However, for Canada, the delivery costs are $25 a box, while for worldwide delivery, you will have to pay an additional fee of $35 a box.

After you have made a purchase, you will get a member discount as well as loyalty points, which are redeemable at the UrthBox shop.

Customer Service:

You are able to find the answer to frequently asked questions on the FAQ page on their website. However, if you are still not satisfied with the information found there, contact their customer support by phone, or email at [email protected] To make a comment or a suggestion, follow UrthBox on their social network pages - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Be careful though, as unless specified otherwise, all subscriptions will automatically be renewed on the first day of the month. You are able to cancel your order at any time by sending an email to [email protected], but you have to inform them of your cancellation before your billing cycle. The company will not accept or make a refund for boxes that are sent before you have cancelled your subscription.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

It seems that UrthBox has managed to build a loyal customer base, but there is still so much room for improvement. Customers love the experience of snacks being delivered to them and the excitement of opening their box filled with goodies - tasty and healthy at the same time.

However, they often complain about not getting value for their money and find the service quality inadequate, as some boxes travel for months to reach their destination. On top of that, they say that the automatic subscription renewal is misguiding and people are not satisfied with the way customer service handles their complaints.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The other three companies that are focused on delivering healthy snack alternatives to you are: Love With Food, Graze Box and Healthy Surprise.

Where to Buy?

Place an order directly on the UrthBox website at http://www.urthbox.com/, or search Amazon for their products, as they are being sold there too.


Healthy snacks are becoming increasingly popular these days, as people seem to pay more attention to what they are consuming. However, fast pace living leaves little time to research and find food that meets your dietary needs.

That is where UrthBox comes in - they deliver healthy snacks directly to your home or office. It is an interesting concept and people are starting to respond to it, but it seems that the company needs to look into the way it does its business more closely. Namely, it has to work on the quality of its services if it wishes to catch up with the competition and make a bigger impact on the developing healthy foods market.

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