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About UrbanSitter.com

UrbanSitter.com is a website which allows parents to find childcare providers for full or part time nanny jobs, as well as those who are available for individual date nights or other sporadic events. 

How Does It Work?

UrbanSitter.com describes itself as a service “created by moms, recommended by experts, and loved by parents.” Childcare providers can sign up on their website and create full profiles which include a description of themselves, including special abilities and certifications – like speaking foreign languages or knowing CPR – and even include videos of themselves to better reach parents. 

Parents can go to this website and create their own user profile, then search through the available sitters and nannies by their level of experience or their special talents and certifications. 

It not only gives parents the ability to get access to long term caregivers or regular baby sitters, but the ability it provides parents to get a last minute sitter by using their “Last Minute” feature. UrbanSitter.com says that the average response time for parents needed last minute childcare is fifteen minutes, which can make a world of difference to parents in need.

But the most important aspect of this website is that it says that the way they connect you with a childcare provider is through your personal social circles. You can connect with other people you know on the website, and if anyone in your group has ever liked or recommended a childcare provider, that provider will be recommended to you whenever you need a sitter. 

Cost/Price Plans

While UrbanSitter allows both parents and child care providers to create an account on their website and to both post and search through potential jobs, completely for free. Sitters who want to provide in depth profiles with extensive features to better help them land quality clients can consider upgrading to Premium memberships, but there is a basic free membership available.

Parents have two different payment options, an annual membership which is priced at $99.95 and allows you an unlimited number of sitter bookings throughout the entire year. Or parents can choose the “Pay As You Go” plan, where the website will charge you $14.95 for “an introduction” to each new sitter, though once you have contacted and contracted that sitter, you will not be charged that fee again. And of course, you will have to pay the agreed upon fees for the actual childcare.

Refund Policy

First, there are two different payment issues at hand with this website. First, the fees you pay directly to the website for their services. Whether you choose a membership subscription or the Pay As You Go plan, all fees paid directly to UrbanSitter.com are considered non-refundable. 

Second, the fees that parents pay to the childcare providers themselves can be paid directly to sitter themselves, or they can be paid through the online payment feature of UrbanSitter.com. Unfortunately, the website does not provide any information whatsoever regarding a parent’s ability to request a refund if they encounter circumstances they are unhappy with. Concerned users should speak to an UrbanSitter.com representative if they wish to have clarification before paying any fees.          

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their “Contact Support” link.


Parenting websites and blogs seem excited about what UrbanSitter.com has to offer, especially in the way of finding last minute childcare with fast response times. For the most part it seems that people have had positive experiences with the sitters they have found through this website, and parents seem especially happy about being able to search through the caregivers by their types of experiences, certifications, or other qualifications.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Childcare is a topic that is very important to all parents, and not all parents are lucky enough to have a regular baby sitter or to have family that lives near enough that they have someone they can regularly depend on. This has led to a rise in websites that try to give parents access to providers, including UrbanSitter, Care.com, SitterCity.com, and others. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your UrbanSitter.com reviews below.

1 ‘UrbanSitter.com’ Review
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Bad customer service!!!:(

June 30, 2017

You can't reach anyone as it's ALL through e-mail! No voice or any communication! I was taken off site from 1 parent writing a bad review as I was 15 min late due to situation out of my control. They say on website "if life happens" Really?! NOT what they did! NEVER contacted me abt my side just blocked me & then permanently took me down. That's a horrible way to show professionalism to sitters! We do a great job! I had 5 stars b4 this!! 1 patent who blew things out of proportion shouldn't ruin it for me! That's NOT right! Urbansitter should've contacted me to see my side! Really hurtful as I only do the correct thing & safely & trust are important for me! I'm extremely upset abt this & how this has been handled! Especially since the community here loves me & I only have an amazing repore with them! Urbansitter needed to follow-up & have sitters best interest too!!!!

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