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Every day, you drag yourself through your work tasks, absolutely exhausted and barely getting by. You have no energy, no drive, no willpower to do anything except simply survive.

That’s where Urban Monk comes in. Dr. Pedram Shojai is the inventor of Alkalizing Greens, a “powerful blend of grass, greens, and cruciferous vegetables.” According to Shojai, you are so exhausted because your body’s pH levels are out of whack. This nutritious blend helps your body stabilize its pH, providing you with lasting energy, improved digestion and immune functioning, and even better-looking skin.

How Do Urban Monk Alkalizing Greens Work?

According to Dr. Shojai, if you’re low on energy, your body’s pH could be to blame. If your body is too acidic, you can have a range of symptoms such as those mentioned above. To combat this, you need to alter your body’s pH through optimum nutrition. Enter the Urban Monk Alkalizing Greens.

The alkalizing greens include four key components to help improve your health. The first is the all-natural grass blend. This contains wheatgrass, which is a good source of B vitamins that help your body convert food into energy, as well as barley grass, which has high fiber content to support digestion.

The next is the cruciferous vegetables blend. This includes two superfoods: kale and spinach. Spinach contains high levels of folate, which helps your brain function, and kale, which provides your daily intake of Vitamin K to keep your bones strong and healthy.

The nutrient-rich green leaf blend contains leaves from aloe, peppermint, and green matcha plants. These help burn fat, support digestion and eliminate symptoms like gas and bloating, and also help your body absorb vitamins more efficiently.

Finally, the “potent greens” blend contains spirulina and chlorella. The former is a sea vegetable with antioxidant effects, as well as multiple vitamins like C, E, and B, while the latter helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

All of these ingredients are combined in a powder. This powder can be mixed with eight ounces of water or a drink of your choice to provide nourishment and improved health. Most customers like the taste of this product, appreciating that it dissolves quickly and doesn’t have the bitter taste of other green supplement products, but instead a mild, sweet flavor.

Cost of Urban Monk Alkalizing Greens

These products are available in a number of packaging options. You can purchase one bag for $49.99 with free shipping, or receive three bags for $134.97, a savings of about 35 percent. Six bags will cost you about $254.94. While the most popular option is the three-pack, a six pack offers even more savings.

Customer Service

Urban Monk offers flexible business hours that make it easy to contact them. They are available from 5 am until 7pm, Monday through Friday, as well as from 6 am to 4:30 pm on the weekends. They can be reached by phone at (855) 295-8710, or by the digital contact form on their website.

The company offers a ninety-day money back warranty on all products purchased through the website. While all shipping charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer, this is a helpful bonus for shoppers curious about the effectiveness of the product.

Competitors and Alternatives to Urban Monk Alkalizing Greens

There are countless other “superfood greens” blends on the market. These are usually offered in powder form and designed to be consumed when mixed in a beverage.

Patriot Power Greens are among the most popular, offering only 15 calories per serving and being comprised entirely of organic fruits and vegetables. According to some users, it has a better taste than Alkalizing Greens, not having as much of an “earthy” flavor. This product also contains ten strains of probiotic, an added bonus for those seeking to improve their gut functioning.

Another popular alternative is the Detox Organics Chocolate Superfoods powder. This powder is loaded with about ten pounds of vegetables in each scoop, including spinach, chlorella, broccoli, spirulina, and kelp - many of the same ingredients in Alkalizing Greens. It is less expensive and tends to have more protein and a better flavor than the alternatives.

Natrogix Green Superfood Powder is the last alternative on our list (though that’s not to say there aren’t countless others). His powder is highly concentrated, comprised of a full one-quarter dietary fiber by weight. It also contains a probiotic, but it is flavored with Stevia, which can be problematic for people watching their sugar.

Where to Buy?

Alkalizing Greens can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website. At this time, they are not available from any other retailer. Some of their teas and other powders, however, are available on Amazon.

Should I Consider Urban Monk Alkalizing Greens?

These greens don’t taste bad - they have a somewhat sweet, mostly neutral flavor that can be incorporated into any drink. They are well worth considering if you’ve been struggling with low energy or poor digestion.

There’s no arguing that this nutritious blend works - but the question is the affordability. While most users report an increase in energy about twenty-four hours of beginning Alkalizing Greens - a boost that continues throughout the weeks as you continue to consume them - you don’t need to purchase a supplement in order to receive these benefits. In fact, since all of this products’ ingredients are natural and plant-based, you could easily create one of these supplements at home for a fraction of the cost.

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