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UntuckIt.com is an online retailer who says that they cater to men who are looking for a well designed, stylish button up that is made specifically for the purposes of being work untucked.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, many men struggle with being able to find button down shirts that look stylish and well fit when they are worn untucked. They say that most shirts were too long, too bulky or too squared off at the bottom.

To solve this problem, they surveyed and questioned men of all different sizes and ages and found that there was a common fit and style that men wanted to achieve when wearing their shirts untucked. 

You can go to their website and search their entire inventory by Size, Regular or Slim Fit, Pattern or Color, or by Sale items.  


Cost/Price Plans

Generally speaking their shirts are priced between $79 and $105, depending on a variety of factors, but shipping on all orders is free.  

Refund Policy

Customers who are unhappy or dissatisfied with what they receive have 10 days from the date of receipt contact UntuckIt.com for a return label. Customers should contact their Customer Service team by email and let them know whether you are requesting a refund or an exchange.

They will email you a return label that you can use to ship your order back to their warehouse. All returns must post-marked within 7 days of receiving the return label. Returns that are not shipped within this window can only be offered store credit.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]  


So far this company seems to have positive reviews, both from users and from independent reviewing sources that appreciate the premise behind their design concept and the selection and price points of their actual shirts.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

Of course there are many different companies that sell clothing for men online, but not many of them fill the same niche as UntuckIt.com.     

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your UntuckIt.com reviews below.

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September 24, 2018
I have several shirts from them, but recently bought a shirt from the Philadelphia store. Got it home and washed per instructions, which includes "hang dry." This particular shirt, out of the washer, was wrinkled more than I have ever seen. I couldn't even iron most of the wrinkles out! I wrote up a 2-star review. After 2 weeks, this review is still not on the item page. I went searching, and could not find any single review that wasn't a 5-star review. If you are a shopper that bases their purchases on reviews, don't trust the ones there.

RoryBennette April 12, 2019

This company is a scams customer service is so unprofessional they can care less about their customers I have a customer base of over 4000 if I delt with my customers the way they do I would not be in business stay away from this merchant they won’t be in business long

so far so good
June 12, 2018

I am thin, and average height. I usually get a "small" in shirts and sweaters without an actual size listed. I used the recommendations on the Untuckit site, and went with a medium slim fit, and it was perfect sleeve length, neck size and torso length. The material and build quality appear at or above average on first wear, but that will be better known in time.

Overall I was pleased with the purchase. Looking at other reviews, it seems the "size too small' complaint is legit. I was lucky enough to read the "sizing" suggestions before ordering. Trouble getting exact fitting is just one of the "new normal" issues with online shopping, since we all know different brands fit ....differently. Still more convenient than heading to a mall.

What a disappointment
December 9, 2017
Was looking forward to trying this, as I have a long torso, and a thick build. Heard them talking about it on Stern, and how you can lift your arms without your belly being exposed. They say to order a size bigger. I am usually an XL. Ordered a XXL, and it was very snug, arms too short, and not long enough. Good idea but bad design. Doesn’t fit nicely, and is way expensive. Made in China too.

Swing & A Miss
April 30, 2017
Walking into the Chicago location is like meeting your favorite athlete, actor, author, etc., and realizing they are a giant douchebag. The commercials portray a nuanced approach to men's shirts delivered in a sophisticated package. Walk into the store and you quickly learn it's cheap, made in China quality presented in a flea market fashion with high-end prices. You'll quickly be thrown into a dressing room or stand in line for a dressing room to determine your size; then you pick out the shirt you really want to try on; and wait till a staff member locates it in the back as they encourage you to buy on online to save the tax. Good luck finding the one staffer who know what they are doing. Here's a hint look at the Filson or Allen Edmonds business model if that's the prices you are going to charge and the clientele you're trying to reach. Save your time and money because this star is a giant let down.

My wife likes it
April 2, 2017

So far as clothing goes if my wife likes it then it must be good. I understand a lot of the complaints because having bought a lot of camping/backpacking clothing I am used to hearing size runs small or size runs large.or other things like that. At least some of the custom places I deal with actually tailor-make clothing for you but it can take a month to get the product. Of the ones who don't, I always hear review complaints because, well, we are not all standard sizes.

I very much like the shirt I got from them because I guess I am a standard size and it fits well and it is stylish. Of untucked shirts there are none better than this. The price is prohibitive; at this price I expect something tailor-made to my exact measurements. Luckily I got it on sale and will get a friend to buy me one from a first buyer discount. Probably will find a place online to make to my exact measurements because it would probably cost the prices at Untuckit or a little more.

Sizing is way off
February 15, 2017
I normally wear a large shirt. At least from most companies like LLBean. I ordered a large regular fit long sleeve and couldn't even button it. I sent it back and ordered an XL. I can button it but can't move my arms. Seems almost ridiculous to order an XXL. I think their patterns are "off", or they're stingy. No more for me, thanks.

Horrible sizing issues- Order #331500
January 3, 2017

I am 6'-2" and 185 lbs.

Patagonia, Arcteryx, & Nordstrom shirts fit me well in a Large Trim-fit.

I ordered 2 from Un-Tuckit in that size.

Honestly, I couldn't even get them on. Way to small.

Trying to cover my bases, when I returned and re-ordered...

I ordered one XL Trim & one XL Regular fit.

The first order was a bit slow, but the 2nd took more than 2 weeks.

And then... I received only the XL Regular and no XL Trim-fit. WTF?

When I ordered they said nothing about being out of stock, they just did not ship the XL Trim-fit.

The XL Regular was too big. Now I have to return it.

I have not yet seen the credit so I'm out almost $200 & have nothing!

November 10, 2016
Horrible feel to the fabric! And their return policy is very poor, so I cannot return or exchange the shirt.

Cons and Pros
October 3, 2016
Quite frankly, i don't understand why half of the reviewer's on here gave UNTUCKit a less than three-star rating, so I came here to debunk as well as confirm some the concerns other reviewer's have had with UNTUCKit. Truth -- the fabric is thin, the shirt is smaller than your usual size, and it is overpriced. Fiction -- the stitching is poor and the shirt's shrink. All in all, other than the wacky logo which points to your crotch, this company makes uniquely patterned and intelligent shirts.

Denny February 15, 2017

I just purchased and reviewed. Struggling to get into a shirt two sizes larger than my norm. Just sayin.

Wrinkle bomb shirt
October 2, 2016
There is nothing non iron about this shirt, it's very very misleading to state that on these shirts. I did not experience the shrinking others have but pulled it right out of light drying and it was already wrinkled. Ironed it up and looked great, fit great, then I wore it for 2 minutes, sat down to put on my boots and when I stood up entire lower half of shirt looked like a wrinkle bomb went off on it, it just got worse from there. Too bad because I honestly like the way it looked and fit me, but for 90 bucks a non iron shirt should not look like it came out of the hamper after 2 minutes. Might I suggest using the same blend Costco uses, there's are truly non iron and much much cheaper to purchase.

Albert Conrad November 01, 2016

Spencer... I'm an wrinkle freak and have found these to be as good as others in the industry. Trust me I'm a nut about this. :)

I find J.Crew and Bonobos to be much more wrinkle prone.

In fact I have found that if i wear these guys shirts for a couple of hours and no there is no need to wash I can just hang it and it will be fine for the next time I use it.

Hope this helps.

Small Fit
October 1, 2016
I am 5'7" tall, 155 lbs. I ordered medium, regular fit. It is a too small, particularly across the chest, at the top. Every shirt I wear is Medium. They are mostly slightly large, spacy, comfortable and good presentation. These will have to be returned, and I worry that a large may be too large. I really am not a big person. Not sure what to do. I do like the material and the apperance. But, the fit is uncomfortable.

Great Fit
August 25, 2016
I am 5'7'' tall, 165-170 lbs. Athletic type body and I always have trouble finding the correct fit of polo shirts, button down shirts if I want to leave them untucked. Untuckit shirts fit me very well and I have purchased around 10 of them so far.

Skip October 01, 2016

I am 5'6.5 tall, 155. I ordered medium, regular fit. It is a bit too small. Every shirt I wear is Medium. They are mostly slightly large, spacy, but fine. Comfortable and good presentation. I wonder what size Neal has that fit very well. Thanks - Skip

Love the idea, sizing is an issue
August 7, 2016

I went to the store in NYC. Tried on the "sample" shirts and the XL slim fit fantastic. Bought 3 shirts and took them home, didn't try them on as I was told in store that the shirts fit true to the sample shirts. Not even close... Put on the shirts at home and they were so small I could barely get my shoulders into them.

Customer set ode however was amazing and worked with me multiple times. I say multiple though as I had them send me XXL slim shirts to replace the XL slims. But again.. To small.

I now have XXL regular shirts that fit but I feel defeat the purpose of the untuckit idea. I feel as though they are now the same length as a typical XL slim "insert any brand" dress shirt. So I pretty disappointed in that aspect of the shirt.

Just unsure why they make the shirts so damn small in size that I've got to buy a faint size.

Chris D August 07, 2016

*customer service. Autocorrect fail

joto October 27, 2017

The shirts look very good but the sizing and the fabric can be an issue.

I am 5" 8" inches 160 pounds. In good shape no belly.

I am normally M or 15 1/2- 16 and 32-33 long by industry standards.

The Untuck M regular has the perfect length but it is tight around the shoulder and arms.

The large slim is perfect on the shoulders /arms but then it is too long and that defeats the "untuck" effect.

It seems that these shirts are made for very slender people. Once again,, I am in good shape but has some normal muscles in my arms and chest.

Fabric quality:

The wrinkle-free shirts come out of the dryer in good shape and stay in fairly good shape for hours. The fabric of the regular cotton or blend shirts are not very good and the shirts need ironing and look bad after a few hours.

The fabrics are light and do not look good after usage Certainly, they do not look like a $70--$100 shirts.

The best fabrics for wrinkle-free shirt are the JoABanks. Usually three wonderful wrinkle-free cotton shirts for $90-m$100. Unfortunately, they do not have the untuck cut. But the quality and the non-wrinkle effect are unbeatable.

I recently have some of JosABank wrinkle shirt altered using the untuck as a model. It looks great and the fabric is vastly superior.

I would buy more untuck shirts if the sizing could work better for me. That is the Large slim with the length of the medium regular.

A Real Man
June 29, 2016

This has to be the stupidest idea I have every heard!

Let me tell you, if this is the biggest issue you have in life you probably need therapy!

If you are that obsessed with the length of your shirt tail just buy a cheaper shirt and for a few bucks, take it to a tailor and have them shorten it. How can anybody buy into this crap.

don't buy them
May 26, 2016
Don't buy them ----you will be sorry-----like me-----

Don't Trust Untuckit!
May 20, 2016
Ordered a shirt on Monday. Received an email on Tuesday saying it was shipping on Tuesday. This was great as I needed it by Saturday. Received another email on Thursday saying that the shirt was shipping! If Untuckit used UPS or Fedex for shipping, it would be no problem as I'm a two day zone from them. However, they ship via USPS and God only knows when I might receive it now. Won't be using Untuckit again!

April 18, 2016
The shirts are NOT highly quality, but you will pay a Nordstroms price! Unless you are "male-model thin" the shirt you buy will be either too long because you needed a little extra room in the mid-section OR too tight in the mid-section because you wanted the shorter shirttail. I wasted my $ when I bought their product. I could have purchased 3 or 4 shirts of equal or better quality for the same price I paid for 1 Untuckit shirt.

Denny February 15, 2017

Anyone notice a pattern here?

I hope these people wise up.

Their sizing is WAYYYYY off

Run way small.
April 2, 2016
Excited to get it, not so happy when I tried it on. I normally wear XXL, but I bought this in 3X to allow for some shrinkage. Their 3X is more like a normal XL. Have yet to contact cust svc, so I can't comment on their return or customer satisfaction policies/procedures.

Love this company
March 4, 2016

Not sure where all of the hate from other reviewers is coming from. Proportionally, I have a shorter torso and longer legs. It's always been really hard for me to find button up shirts that are short enough to leave untucked (and I hate tucking in shirts, so this has always been disappointing). Untuckit's shirts are what I've always been looking for. They are really well made, they fit beautifully, and they seem to have fixed the shrinkage issue, because all four shirts I have bought have not shrunk at all, even though I throw them in the washer and dryer (on high) along with all of my other laundry.

Customer service has been great. I did return some shirts back when I was trying to figure out my preferred size, and the process did take a little longer than online super-retailers like Banana or Amazon, but that's because this is a smaller company. So, view it as a smaller company, invest the time to get the sizing right, and temper your expectations accordingly, and I think you'll find that their shirts are really great and that they are trying to hard to get things right!

Untuckit - awful product and service
February 15, 2016

Untuckit shirsts are made of very thin material and run very small.

Their return policy is not up to standard as they take 14- 21 days to refund your money. Also sale items are not refundable only exchangable, and since I did not like the product at all I am out of luck. Buyer Beware!