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Verify ID scam
September 24, 2021

I have contacted or been contacted by 15 gals on the site. Every one is running a scam. Most involve verifying your ID. They will all want some payment to verify and usually with an app or paypal, etc. Your money will be gone and so will they. Not sure they are even gals. I had 2 responses from the same person with 2 different profiles. They used the same cell number and had the identical text messages.

This site did not have one single legitimate person on it.

SCAM for the first word
April 13, 2013
They ask you to verify your age by buying a date card they say is used to protect them . Then They ask you to help an orpanage in the Philipines They will ask you to send money via Western Union. Scam check out other dating web sites

January 4, 2013

I have noticed that most of the female members are fake. Some members have pictures of porn stars with different names and profiles. I watch porn so I recognize these girls.

They have also used profiles of women they find on other dating websites without their permission. This is why they have you agree to privacy agreement ( if you see someone you know on this website don't tell them) this why a lot of members of other dating sites are writing disclaimers at the end of their profile.

Once they have your money your stuck with a worthless service.


this site is BS
December 22, 2012
its complicated and hard to navigate and when someone responds and you try to reply nothing for days then maybe just maybe u get a response back. i think its a crock ur expecting something and get nothing.. this site stinks to high heaven.......

November 13, 2012
Anyone who wastes their money and believes this is a real site deserves to be scammed

Gary December 07, 2012

your right ,iv got ancount their and its nothing but bul**** iv got somaney emails from very pretty girls. and thay wont to meet you but that is as fair as it goes once you wright them back youll be luckey if you hear back. and if you do hear back thell be asking if if you wont to chat some time like thay forgot who you are but the weak befor thay wonted to be buds. and if you go to cheaters.com and addsforsex youll see the girls that you met on nuture thats ****et up thay got so maney girls thay could give you 20 a day and never see the same girl but its nothing but a rip off

Luis R March 08, 2013

Do you know of any adult dating website that actually works?

Farmer j June 30, 2013

this site lads you on then the people you are conversing with suddenly disappear his sitandreappe


Scam & Fake
October 29, 2012
The whole site is a tease. Do NOT subscribe. You will be wasting your money and your time. The site should be taken down.

Turtle i November 15, 2012

Olive man is right on. The site is totally fake.

A True Waste of Time
October 22, 2012

I just got out of a fun-loving-very erotic relationship and I'm missing everything we did. Just to get me through my nights I signed up with untrue.com and I received 20+ responses within the first hour. When I responded back to maybe 7 of them, they all responded back with VERY SIMILAR ANSWERS/RESPONSES that asked me to verify myself by clicking on a link they asked me to go to just to make sure I was of age and not a criminal.

I could go on and on but I'm simply telling all guys on here = Save Your Money. If anything get a $100 escort and have fun with her for 1 hour!!!

Pervertedoldman October 26, 2012

They rip of your credit card, Put bull online and not one real person have I met1 Kansas lady turned out to be from nigeria. Save you money guys its a total ripoff!!!!!

Ted K November 17, 2012

Ok, my personal comment from being a member there now for the past month. Yes, I have been contacted by many fine ladies looking for a new man in their life. But due to the tems and conditions personal mail contacts are filtered and not delivered as stated as a Spam prevention with the terms and site conditions. This site GUYS IS A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME and many hours wasted and I will include my email address if I can answer any more questions. I met several great gals that I was very interested in after they contacted me and we were only 45 miles apart for getting together and NO WAY will this site loose their monthy costomers and I plan on discussing this matter with the FCC Administration. Stay away and use it on another site that allows personal contact information to be shared between those interested. Any questions?? contact me at tedkoopen @ yahoo.com

no way
August 29, 2012
there is no way that people look like that in my suburb.... most are on the dole or fat and ugly....i have lived here too long and know everyone by sight.

Olive m October 26, 2012

More ladys on untrue say they from providence ut. funny I live there and not one of them do. what a screwing you get from this web site untrue.com right out of your money guys