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Unreal Mobile specializes in various mobile plans that their customers can take advantage of. The company offers a wide range of services – unlimited 2G data, talk, and text. All of this comes at an affordable price, with the mobile data being praised for the great speed over other similar companies. But, is Unreal Mobile really that good?

In this review, you’ll get the answers to your questions and doubts. So, let’s see what does the company offer.


With a huge and in-depth plethora of products, the price plans offer a lot of satisfaction. First of all, Unreal Mobile offers unlimited text, data, and talk at a price of 10 bucks. Luckily, this price can be called affordable since you get your precious mobile for a full month.

Since availability depends solely on the coverage, you’ll be happy to hear that almost whole USA is covered, of course, if you’re from the USA. Unfortunately, the coverage isn’t expanded outside the USA, making Unreal Mobile unavailable for the rest of the world.

As for smartphones, Unreal Mobile offers you an option to buy some of the best Samsung and Apple smartphones, as well as bring your own phone.

How Does It Work?

Can everyone take advantage of Unreal Mobile’s lucrative offers? Not exactly. First and foremost, you’ll need to be from the USA and have either a minimum of Android 4.0 or iOS 7.0 operating system. Then, your LTE SIM card needs to be GSM carrier unlocked.

This means that you can’t make it work if you’re locked to a carrier like T-Mobile for example. If you bought a phone from the manufacturer, then you can use Unreal Mobile.

After that, the activation is pretty simple, which is great for the people who aren’t that tech savvy. You’ll need to know your IMEI/MEID or ICCID number, as well as your preferred email address. This will lead you to a short compatibility test and if you’re eligible for unlimited mobile, you’ll be good to go. We’ll discuss the activation fees and price plans in the next section.

Cost and Price Plans

Unreal Mobile offers unlimited data regardless of phone compatibility and price plan. To some extent, this is true. However, we’re talking about unlimited 2G data, which means that the internet speed is decreased, albeit you can still use your phone.

If you want unlimited 4G LTE data…well, that’s impossible here. However, you can purchase 1GB LTE for $10 a month, 2GB LTE for $15 a month, and 5GB LTE for $30 a month. The prices are relatively affordable. While $30 a month isn’t that much, 5GB of high-speed LTE data is unbeatable.

The hotspot data plans are a bit more expensive, coming at 3GB and 5GB at $30 a month and 10GB at $50 a month. The important thing is that everything besides 4G LTE internet is UNLIMITED, to avoid confusion.

Customer Service

Customer service of Unreal Mobile is very good. You can contact them in many ways and even use their comprehensive FAQ section.

You can contact them Monday through Friday at 855.486.7325. And if you want to contact them via email, you can always submit a ticket and wait for an answer. Usually, the response will be available in a day or two.

As for the cancellation and refund process, it's quite simple. You can't return an order if it's already shipped. In that case, you need to return the phone directly and you'll receive a refund. The account cancellation can be done anytime you want and Unreal Mobile even offers a 14-day money back guarantee.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Online reviews of Unreal Mobile are quite interesting. Many users praised its ease of use and its cheap prices. Quite frankly, Unreal Mobile is really cheap. In fact, we can even say that it’s one of the cheapest mobile services out there.

The 4G LTE speeds are blazingly fast, but many users complained about the phone prices. It’s better to buy your own phone and then bring it to Unreal Mobile for activation. Also, the exclusion of unlimited 4G LTE internet is not that great.

Nevertheless, Unreal Mobile does generally have lots of positive reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives

The competition is fierce here and Unreal Mobile has a few good alternatives. The first one is Republic Wireless which lets you buy additional 4G LTE data for just $5 per GB and also lets you buy some of the affordable phones.

Another is Freedom Pop, a company that offers a bit more than Unreal Mobile, offering international calling from 60 countries. They also let you buy phones and tablets, which is something new.

Finally, we have a company named Ting. With their simple and recognizable name, the company lets you pay only for the data you spend, making it more than affordable.

Where to Buy?

The best way to buy from Unreal Mobile is on their website. It’s also the quickest way and requires only a couple of minutes to get things done, as Unreal Mobile doesn’t offer an option to physically buy a device or mobile plan.


To put it simply, Unreal Mobile is a great company that offers you a lot for your cash. If you want to get unlimited text and talk, as well as unlimited 2G internet (with the desired amount of LTE internet), you can't get a better deal than this, at least in the USA.

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1 Review

terrible service/raise cost for no reason

May30, 2019

terrible service/raise cost for no reason

takes 2 weeks to get a number port

phone system is terrible - designed that way i am sure

they promise service people, service never happens

they raised my cost 30% just because they lie

bait and switch

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