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University of Phoenix is one of the most well known providers of distance education with more than 100 locations and online programs available for undergraduate and graduate degrees worldwide.

When a school specializes in providing degree programs through online classes and programs, they are considered a distance learning institution. This type of school is best known for catering to who work full time while attending school, and there are many distance learning education schools out there.

University of Phoenix has worked hard to create a well known public persona compared to other distance learning competitors like Capella or American Public University. Unfortunately, not all their press has been good.

Due to their status as a for-profit institution, high acceptance rate, and issues with accreditation University of Phoenix has had to address accusations of being a “diploma mill” and other complaints and criticisms.

But the school responds to these criticisms by saying that their curriculum is developed to meet the needs of today’s industries, and their faculty both has experience working in the industries they teach and advanced degrees in their fields.

In addition, though students are required to log in to their online courses at least four days a week, you can choose which days and times are best suited to your schedule so you can complete your degree at your rate.

And though they are a for profit university, they offer a wide variety of tuition payment options, including scholarships, tuition deferment, a “cash plan,” a third party billing plan, and more. The information is available on their website.

Potential students of University of Phoenix have a lot to consider before enrolling, but it is important to research any program and school before you take on the responsibility of tuition and academic obligation.

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