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Having health insurance is important when it comes to you and your family’s well-being. There are many health insurance providers across the country each having varying rates and policy options.

UnitedHealth Group is one of the leading providers of health and dental insurance, licensed to service insurance coverage nationwide. Not only can individuals set up policies for themselves and their families but businesses can also sign up for a group policy as a benefit to offer their employees.

The rising cost of health care is and health insurance is never-ending, this is why it is important to get your insurance at a good rate and obtain coverage while you are still healthy. If you try to sign up for health insurance with a preexisting condition it is harder to obtain insurance because they are well aware of the medical costs they will be responsible for paying.

When obtaining insurance with UnitedHealth Group the cost of each policy is different and is dependent on how many people you need to cover, deductible levels, and health history. You can purchase health insurance directly through United Health Care or through one of their brokers. Although using a broker is a quick route to obtain many quotes for different policies through UnitedHealth Group as well as other health insurance companies; however, you may be quoted at higher rates because you are also paying for that broker’s commission.

Many complaints online regarded the company’s denial of submitted medical claims. Members felt that they did not cover a lot of their needs and their medical bills. They denied benefits for what they were supposed to cover but did not approve them. Their customer support was not helpful to customers who called to complain and attempt to get their money back for services they ended up paying out of pocket.

Like many insurance companies they are out to make money. So their actions are no different than any other insurance policy. There are always exclusions and conditions that must be reviewed prior to choosing an insurance plan. Their advertising and the methods in which they are sold may not be structured in a format that is clear to the general public. It is important to read through the policy documents and complete your due diligence pertaining to the elements that you are unfamiliar with. 

You can never be certain what the future may bring so whether you get insurance through UnitedHealth Group or another company make sure that it is accepted by your current practitioners. Shop around for the best prices but don’t sacrifice your coverage to save a few dollars because in the end you may be paying more out of pocket than you expected.

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