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The United States Tax Lien Association (USTLA) is an organization that offers educational tools and courses that teach how to buy and sell tax liens with the idea of creating an independent stream of income. 

How Does It Work?

When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes for at least one full year or longer, the IRS is able to place a tax lien or deed against the property.

A tax lien is a document which act as a legal claim by the government against a property because of the property owner’s failure to pay taxes. 

According to their website, the US Tax Lien Association provides free lessons and home study courses that show how to buy real estate property tax lien certificates or tax deeds.

The exact methods depend on which state in which you live and the state in which you are hoping to buy property.

The US Tax Lien Association says that purchasing these liens or deeds can range in price from under $100 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and each year you hold the lien, you will be paid fixed return rates between 8% and 36% interest, depending on the country in which you live. 

They also say that acquiring a tax lien is beneficial to the person who owes the taxes, because a tax lien certificate has a grace period of 6 months to 3 years, the property owner has a longer period of time to repay their delinquent taxes. 


At this time, the USTLA and their training programs have mixed customer reviews, both here on Reviewopedia and other review websites.

Some of the claims they make on their website, as well as can the tax lien certificate industry as a whole, can be evaluated independent of customer reviews.

One of the biggest issues with this industry are the claims of “government guaranteed” returns within a specific range.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, as the government does not guarantee earnings from purchased tax liens and people who make these investments can very easily lose their entire investment if the home owner declares bankruptcy and their lien is erased. 

According to Forbes, even when the tax lien purchase works out and the home owner in question pays their interest on time, expected returns are about 4% to 7% per year, not the double digit returns claimed by companies that sell these training courses. 

Other online forums regarding tax lien certificate investments have said that people interested in this type of real estate investment can simple walk into a tax office or their local assessors’ office and receive better quality information for free than what is available from many of these courses. 

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-691-1710 or by email at [email protected].

Cost & Price Plans

Unfortunately this website does not provide any published information for the cost of the program or the potential investments they will be asking their members to make, over the long or short term.

In order to actually purchase this program, interested customers must call their Sales Team directly and discuss purchasing the home study program with a representative. 

Refund Policy

Because this website provides no real information in regards to their costs and investments, there is no available Refund Policy either.

However, since you must speak to a representative in person before you can actually purchase this product, customers will have the ability to get a detailed explanation of any Refund Policies directly from a company representative before they ever finalize a purchase. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different kinds of real estate investment training programs, including those that focus specifically on foreclosed properties or other types of investment which allows people to have access to potentially high returns with low initial investments.

Some examples include websites like the, Unlimited Funding System, and others. 

If you have any experience with the US Tax Lien Association or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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US Tax Lien Association Customer Reviews

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In my experience they mislead you
April 18, 2024
Be careful, don’t fall for these guys and protect yourselves. I was deceived by their enticing promises, and now I’m facing serious complications with the IRS. My financial situation has worsened since I got involved with this USTLA company. These guys are trained to get you and they will use anything in their power to get you to spend all you have. While they entice you with the prospect of minimal effort for substantial returns, the reality is that the investments come with additional complexities that require more financial outlay.

My Experience is they are not legit in any way.
January 3, 2023
This company lures you in with promises of little work and big money. With each communication, they tell you what you purchased so far will not work unless you purchase the next level. I declined, then they began accessing my checking account without permission and took out almost $300 before I caught it. I recommend staying away.

KeithB. April 28, 2023

I bought the Initial program after reading it was told I had to "upgrade" my education, given a customer rep that gave me 3 different classes I could upgrade to.

proceed with caution and both eyes open
March 27, 2020

Went to the 3 day in Orlando in july of 2019 The first day was a lot of info coming at you at 150 mph ready or not. the next 2 days it slowed down just enough for them to start the methodical use of 1:1 sales pitch for 20 45,000 dollars for a mentorship .That is the whole purpose of the 3 day meeting to find those with the money for their mentorships everyone else is just there.

Matt Koob

Hudson Fla

You Can Do It Yourself.
July 20, 2019
I have bought tax lien through my county and other counties all by myself I didn’t need anyone to sell me a system for 4000 or $35,000. The money you’re going to spend on their system go down to the county office and see what you can purchase on your own

April 17, 2019
do yourself a big favor and don't' fall prey to these guys. They are slimy salesman at best and will use whatever tactics they see fit to get you to spend as much as they can squeeze out of you even if you cant't afford it.

November 13, 2018
Good business plan for them. Bottom line is they end up with thousands of independent contractors funneling good deals to them in which they will finance the deal for 50-70% of the profit while pocketing 1500-35000 for their "training"

Be very, very careful here...
August 31, 2016

United States Tax Lien Association is a business entity that is run by individuals whose main interest seems to be making as much money for themselves purchasing tax liens/deeds, as time and research will allow; and they have made tons of money; at least according to the presenters who conduct their vaunted 3-day seminars all over the United States.

They are wont to say that they started out with no money and somehow, through serendipity and dogged determination have gone on to amass near fortunes; and I might add "the good life."

They are quick to intone, in unison, "you can do the same." To strengthen their argument, they showcase "students" with glossy presentations who have realized stunning financial gain following their 14-step due diligence process at the heart of acquiring distressed properties in every nook and cranny in 'real estate America.'

If you happen to enough of these 3-day seminars, you soon realize that the same "students" are trotted out over and over; the same case studies are also repeated with subtle changes in critical facts depending the trainer/conductor's expertise and particular audience consumption.

Most attendees sit in awe of the knowledge, personal histories and motivational message laid on by these well-schooled disciples of USTLA. But soon, a silly look overtakes each face when it is revealed that one needs $25,000 - $30,000 for a platinum or gold membership which will "buy the upper echelon network" designed to magically open the road to all kinds of riches.

Some people no doubt, have the financial resources to take this plunge, and the do without a second thought...but there are many who know that something has suddenly become strange, alien and scary; a funny feeling enters the gut; they scan the room in doomed disbelief, silently asking themselves how did things go from "we started with no money," to this mind-blowing dollar amount?

These are the ones that have to be very, very careful....

Craig Beyer February 05, 2018

Review contains many inaccurate characterizations, and shows a complete lack of knowledge of the tax lien certificate process. The IRS does not impose a lien on the property The taxing jurisdiction does so, usually the county where the property is located. Apparently, living the "good life" is not a desired goal for this reviewer, which seems to have affected their judgement about the process. The $20K to $35K "upper echelon" which is referred to by the reviewer is NOT a requirement to succeed at this type of investing. Rather it is the purchase of a business, complete with business set up, access to compiled lists of current liens, and a personal coach or mentor to guide you through the first year. A very inexpensive way to start a turn key business. But you are also welcome to use all the tools presented to do it on your own without the $20K up front.

Norm February 10, 2018

Craig, you seem to know about the USTLA. I agree that the article does not fully do justice to the facts of USTLA. The prospect of being helped to set up a turnkey business is appealing. But does it justify $20 - 30K? I attended the 3 hour presentation today at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Times Sq. and we were given the option to sign up for the 3 day seminar. My question is what tools are given to the PROJECT PROTEGE in the course to set up his/her own Tax Lien/Deed enterprise and/or portfolio? Would I be able to do it by myself after the 3 day course? We were told it was a one year program (starting with the 3 day seminar) and that we'd have access to the resources of USTLA, their TLC library, lien website information to search find liens online, 4 webinars, identification of 3 hottest markets in the U.S., etc. With no word was the option (or requirement) mentioned to get into a $20-30K program for a turnkey business in this field. Presenter Rob Baker made it sound that we would be part of the "family," that we could visit the corp. office, that we could call counselors etc. What is the curriculum in its various stages I would like to know. Do I have to call the corp office to get this questions answered?

CAMayfield April 02, 2019

The next step is the 3-day $1500 seminar where they give you more insights into the process, but 35000 will get you on a fast track and individual attention from the "experts" and founders of the company. My husband and I politely declined..

TomD May 05, 2019

Who in their right mind would spend $35,000 for training and coaching?? Ridiculous.

ester wensink June 22, 2019

I went to the three hour free seminar yesterday in Metairie, Louisiana. I actually liked the approach, until the sales pitch. It makes me nervous when I am told that ONLY today it will be 'just' $1497, if I don't sign up today, it will be $4000. That gives me no time to reflect, to talk with my husband, to check if I actually want to spend that kind of money. Now I am reading that the 3 day course is a sales pitch for a huge investment....It is also troubling to read that the government does NOT in fact guarantee the money and interest. I am grateful for the information that I received yesterday, but I think I will go find out how this actually works by myself.