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About Underdog.io

Underdog.io is a new website and company that says they’re improving the experience on both sides of the employment market by providing well qualified candidates direct access to venture backed startups.

How Does It Work?

Underdog.io is a new type of job recruitment website operating in both New York and San Francisco that promises to take highly qualified job candidates and match them with promising venture backed startups.

The website says their candidates come from world class tech companies, like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and their startups are currently being backed by top-tier investors, like Google Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Thrive Capital, and more. 

Candidates who are interested in the opportunities offered by Underdog.io should submit a resume along with other basic information to their website, and Underdog.io staff will review and rank candidates to find the best potential matches for their companies that are currently hiring. The website says that every week, Underdog.io takes a small selection of their candidates and sends them to the companies who are seeking new employees.

Only a small percentage of the candidates who are signed up with Underdog.io will make it into their weekly selection, and they say that “for the most part” each candidate will only participate in a single week’s batch. Once the companies have been presented with their batches, the hiring process is then in their hands – Underdog.io will no longer be a part of the process.

Cost/Price Plans

The website actually does not provide any pricing information for their services. Traditionally, however, these types of recruiting websites do not charge any fees to the job candidates, instead charging any applicable fees to the companies who are interested in connecting with such a highly qualified pool of job candidates. 

Refund Policy

Though their website does not provide information about any Refund Policies, it is unlikely that they provide refunds of their fees, since hiring managers will only pay a fee when they successfully hire a new employee, meaning that the services promised by Untapt.com were successfully fulfilled.

Customer Service Contact Info

This website does not provide any information designed for the general public to contact them; instead it appears that you either must be a company interested in using their services for hiring, or someone who is willing to make a candidate account before you will have a chance to speak with anyone from the company directly. Other than that, they do have social media accounts available that they can be contacted through. 


In general this website appears to receive enthusiastic internet coverage for the potential they offer people who are interested in potentially moving careers from one company to another and like the idea of getting involved with a promising startup.

That being said, there have been some reservations voiced in online forums by tech employees that might be interested in their services. These people were saying that they would feel more comfortable knowing what companies were being shown their information. 

The concern is that while employees currently working for the technology giants like Google and Apple may feel comfortable shopping their resumes around startups, employees that are currently working for smaller tech companies and startups that are transitioning and becoming more established do not really feel comfortable having their names presented to the tech community as someone who is looking for a new job. They felt that this information might get back to their current employer. 

This is a potential issue that candidates may want to discuss with this company before submitting their resume to them, especially if they already work in a similar company in the New York or San Francisco area.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

Recruitment websites that are designed for people who work specifically in the technology sectors are becoming more and more common and include other niche areas, like Untapt.com which specializes in financial technology. If you are a job candidate who works in the technological industry, you would be best served to think about the type of work or industry you want to be in when looking for a recruiting company. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Underdog.io reviews below.

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