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About Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean

The Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean is a nutritional supplement which promises that it can help “attack belly fat” with a simple plant extract which helps your body to burn fat.

There are a wide variety of pure green coffee bean extracts available online, like Pure Green Coffee or Premium Green Coffee Bean. They all make the same weight loss claims – that their supplements speed up the fat burning process.

Unroasted green coffee beans contain something called “chlorogenic acid,” which is said to slow down the absorption of fat in the food you eat. Chlorogenic acid is killed during the roasting process, and so is only available to be extracted from unroasted beans.

According to CamOffer.com, the online home of Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean, their nutritional supplement only contains natural ingredients, no fillers, and has 800 mg pure green coffee and 50% chlorogenic acid.

The effects of chlorogenic acid have been promoted by a few small scale studies, but have not yet been verified or approved by the FDA. If you wish to order this supplement, you must be at least 18 years of age.

You can order this supplement in a one month supply, for $49.95, a three month supply for $99.98 with free shipping, and a six month supply for $149.99, also with free shipping.

The website also promises a 60 day money back guarantee, as long as your product is returned to them within 60 days of purchase. Their policy does state that all “bulk sales” are final; unfortunately they do not define bulk sales.

However, CamOffer.com does promise that unlike many other online nutritional supplement companies, when you make a purchase from them it is considered a one time purchase – you will not be enrolled in an autoship program and recharged for further products.

If you have any experience with this supplement, please leave your Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean reviews below.

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June17, 2014

These guys will reel you in with there promotion price which is $29.99 for 1 month and then without permission your next is billed $69.95 per month on your credit card., Be careful not to give your card # it will be nitemare.j Wish me well in getting my back. I'm requesting out side help. Thx

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