Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol Reviews

Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol
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Todd Hale claims to have invented the Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol to create a cheap, foolproof solution for everyone in times of crisis. 

The idea is that using only materials that only costs under $108, one or two hours to set up and unlimited support for 60 days, you will be able to build your very own weatherproof, eco-friendly and sustainable source of energy for you and your family.

How Does It Work?

The Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol claims to work by re-energizing the batteries that could work in a few minutes, even when a battery is completely dead and not rechargeable.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re not quite interested in this specific product, there are other similar products that you are able to get in the market, as well. On one hand, there is Dan’s Ultimate Battery Reconditioning Course.

On the other hand, there is also the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course, as well as The Battery Revolution System by Peter Meyers. 

All these competitors offer online instructions and manuals to educate you about re-powering your own batteries.

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Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol Customer Reviews

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"Free" energy
October 25, 2018

Shalom Aleichem

All these "inventions" sound fine, yet more than 1/2 come up with plans that require a PHD in Quantum physics or no plans at all.

I'll stick with solar/wind generators on my home. The sun/wind is free, but costs (minimally if one builds it themselves) to harvest the sun/wind.

There's NO such thing as a free lunch.

Baruch haba b'shem YaHuah



Amazing .. electricity
September 19, 2018

From what I read. And really what I have not tried yet ..and with the disasters caused by the strong sea storms . Snow storms. Etc.

I think the price is too low and worth purshase .

So I will try it ..

The Ultimate ReEnergizing Protocol
June 18, 2018

the promo was quite compelling ... however, when purchased, NO schematics or blueprints were provided ...

not only that ... neither "Todd" or the original email sender "GreenEnergy1" will respond to requests for either the schematics and blueprints -- as promised -- or a refund ...


JerryandDianeWiggins July 02, 2018


Thanks for a $saving review. I don't know for sure that if I bought this apparent SCAM I'd save any $. However, I know that if I take your advice and don't buy it, I'll save exactly $49.