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November 13, 2023

I have found this entire thing to be a scam. I was supposed to have "free" materials with purchase; I could never find them to download.

Then I received an email that my access to those materials had expired. I've not had the opportunity to access the materials I bought--I own a small business, and I've been very busy with it.

Now I get an email telling me I'm going to lose access to ALL the materials if I don't download them. However, when I tried to download the Guide to Ultimate Health materials, it wouldn't download. It simply freezes. It's not my computer or internet speed. Both are fine.

Then I saw a number of items across the top with materials to download using a code (were these the freebies? wish it'd bee made it clear earlier). Of course none of that works either. The only thing I've been able to download and open is the herbs/essential oils recipes booklet. As an herbalist, I find these laughable.

I read a number of negative reviews before posting mine. I wish I'd seen these earlier. I could have saved myself some money.

Read the reviews and AVOID these people.
May 23, 2023

As others have said, so much spam from these people and low quality material. I tried to get a refund for an item purchased days previously. The material was worthless and surprise, was offered at less than half price afterwards. Stay away.

Here is a note they added to my recent order that explains their return policy:

The following note has been added to your order:

Refund request closed without action! Reason: summit passes are nonrefundable

Not quite worth the price
May 17, 2023

I got my downloads, it is a lot of outdated ebooks that mean nothing and also the metrics and values are not useful for South Africa. I will ask the South African banks to look at the contact and block the cards for paying via this way as they are not prepared to pay any sort of refund. If you are in South Africa don't use them - if not in SA then be careful, outdated things that you can find on the internet (exact ebooks) for free.

Very shady
December 12, 2022

I don't even remember buying anything from them. I only found out a purchase was made with my card when I looked back over my statements for tax purposes. By the time I found out, access to the purchase was blocked and they refused to grant me access. Seems very shady...

Questionable IP Rights
October 7, 2022

Well I didn't get my refund---$97.00. Especially infuriating when they turned around and offered it at $37.00 a few hours later. They blocked me from their FB page when I brought up some concerns.

As the others have stated, it is 98% low quality how to books. None of the titles they feature in their advertising is listed. The biggest concern is what is actually valid to reuse/sell. It appears their licensing rights/permissions are questionable. Some of the eBooks state you have to get permission from the author. I opened one folder of PLR articles and there was a note that stated that anyone opening this folder should complain as the material is owned by Fiverr. Unfortunately I think they are walking on thin ice legally.

Worthless material, stay away
September 18, 2022
I purchased from this company and the material is worthless. Low-quality, outdated content (eg. in business/social area). I requested a full refund and will never look at them again.

Inbox full of SPAM..!!!
January 20, 2020
Right after I signed up for this site,my email was flooded with SPAM. Impossible to unsubscribe!

Total Spam
May 26, 2018

I bought from this company at least 3 years ago. The material was okay, nothing great. I might have used a couple of the books but the rest was junk.

I've tried 5 times to unsubscribe. This last time I reported their email as abuse, but my complaint will probably just be a statistic that will go on the monthly report from their advertising company.

Buyers be warned!

OK Books... So much Spam
March 26, 2018

Some of the books and resources are OK, there is a lot of garbage in. Some of which is just freebies mommy bloggers already have available on their site.

I agree with Karen on the Spam, once you've purchased from them they'll never stop e-mailing. You can hit that unsubscribe all you want but you might as well just mark all e-mails from Ultimate Bundles as Spam and just forget about them.

VickyHepfinger December 07, 2023

Five years later and still getting Spam. They're getting past my e-mail blocks at this point.

Bunch of Hoops to Jump through
March 3, 2018
I don't like giving my information away to everyone. now I just get spam mail all the time. The ebooks are not good quality and not from people I want to learn from. I thought it was a good deal, but it's low quality products for a low price, so it's just a waste of money.