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Losing weight and knowing what to eat for optimal health is challenging.

With hundreds of thousands of weight loss programs and products out there - along with the odd scam here or there- it’s tough to know what actually works and what doesn’t.

What if you had a weight loss plant that was based on your own DNA?

Uforia Science is a company that claims to offer personalized nutrition based on your unique DNA profile. But when you start researching this company, you nights start to wonder, “is Uforia a pyramid scheme or vitamins scam?”

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in our comprehensive Uforia Science review - including our ruling on whether this company is legit.

How Does Uforia Science Work?

This company uses your DNA profile to determine how you can optimize your nutrition for maximum health. It includes exclusive and “proprietary” software and technology - along with more than 400 million unique formulas - to give you your own customized nutrition plan.

You’ll submit a noninvasive saliva sample to the lab when you first begin. After producing your Start DNA test kit, you’ll register and pay a lab fee, then set up the order for your personalized “Triton” formula. Ten, you’ll get a 30-day mild Precleanse PRETrition program that is included in the collection kit. This consists of 180 veggie caps that are designed to jumpstart your weight loss and health-boosting efforts.

Your nutrition plan will take into account your personalized genetics to tell you what prebiotics, superfoods, raw foods, minerals, and vitamins you should be consuming.

You can also purchase products directly from Uforia Science, such as non-GMO supplements like broccoli juice powder, beetroot juice powder, and dong quai extract, along with vegan ingredients like garlic powder and quercetin. There are also gluten-free supplements like selenium and spinach juice powder.

When you receive your nutrition plan, you’ll also get a supplement that includes all of the ingredients mentioned above, plus whichever ones you need specifically to boost your health. You can reorder your special supplement formula each and every month. There is also a Uforia Science app that you can download that will keep track of everything for you.

Cost and Price Plans

To get your own personalized nutrition plan, you will need to send a DNA sample to the lab and pay a one-time lab fee of $99. You’ll pay an additional fee for the plan, with everything coming to a total of $159.95.

Uforia Science also has a compensation plan that will allow you to earn points for customer referrals. For every customer with an active order referred by another customer, the referrer will get 25%. If you refer four or more customers, you will get 100% off, minus shipping and handling. While this seems like a unique and advantageous business opportunity, it is thought to get paid as the customer referral program depends on a monthly ranking that can be difficult to score highly on.

Competitors and Alternatives

Uforia Science isn’t the only company that harnesses the unique components of your DNA to come up with a customized nutrition plan. Another one is DNA Diet Plan.

The DNA Diet Plan also takes your DNA and conducts several tests to tell you what you need to do for long lasting weight loss. The founder, Scott Penn, claims that this program looks at more than 100 aspects of your DNA before giving you customized diet plans. This subscription-based program gives you actual meal plans and diet suggestions, which is more helpful to some people than taking supplements.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

There are some people who argue that Uforia Science is a pyramid scheme because it is an MLM program. An MLM program, commonly referred to as a pyramid scheme, is a program in which you recruit people to buy and sell your product, who then recruit people under them, and so on and so forth. You make money by profiting from those beneath you.

Lots of people look down upon pyramid schemes because the people who profit the most are those at the very top of the pyramid. It’s tough for the “underlings,” so to speak, to earn money because it relies on them purchasing more and more products in order to see a return on their time and money.

The argument that Uforia Science is a pretty legit claim to make because the company does make a majority of its money by profiting off other sellers.  It is especially so when you consider that many of the reviews aren’t actually backed by science. It’s tough to find reviews from health professionals that admit to the benefits of this program.

Customer Service

Getting ahold of a representative for questions is easy. The company has an address in Washington, UT, and a customer service email address at [email protected] There is also a customer service phone number you can contact at +425 954 3578.

Where to Buy?

You can only sign up for a Uforia Science nutrition plan by visiting their official website.

Is It Worth It?

Although there is some evidence that your unique DNA and genetics play a role in weight loss and overall health, it’s unclear whether Uforia Science actually has the chutzpah necessary to harness that influence for a lasting impact. While you can certainly adjust your diet and lifestyle to help improve your odds of overcoming certain genetic predispositions, there are some conditions that you just aren’t going to be able to change-  no matter how many carrots or how much kale you eat.

This might be fun to try, but don’t count on it producing long-lasting changes.

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