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udemy insults consumers
March 18, 2022

A very absurd act of Udemy! I'm Vietnamese in Russia, I've been buying and studying udemy's courses all year. I paid all for a course and it is Udemy's obligation to deliver the course according to my bill, but now why won't udemy let me continue my studies just because I'm in Russia?

This action is a blatant act of stealing and appropriating property in a blatant manner. Udemy is in serious violation of consumer protection laws or frankly a SCAM (because Udemy collected my money but did NOT provide a commensurate service). A place related to education but blatantly cheating and appropriating users' assets, how does Udemy claim to be an educational tool - a civilized tool?

You are behaving like a prehistoric and uncultured person. Such a tool is not qualified to teach other people how to be human. I give up Udemy forever because you are not fit for the role of imparting knowledge.

PS: Who are we? We are just consumers, how can we influence the political situation of the "big guys"?

What an insult.

Fraudulent charges
January 9, 2020
It was good and liked it until they started charging the cc without me ordering any courses. Then Udemy does the rabbit hole circle jerk never correcting the issue and you end up paying double for courses. Don’t trust them with your cc.

No, don’t! Just use a different platform.
July 18, 2019

I’ve used Udemy for a few courses- seemed like good value. You are supposed to have lifetime access to your courses, but recently I could not access a course- it had a message that it had been taken down for not meeting Udemy requirements. (Funny how I had to try to access course before learning this.)

No big deal- right? Just give me a refund? Well, I had bought the course with a credit card I no longer have, and Udemy claims they cannot refund me any other way. They keep telling me to contact my financial institution??? I don’t have that info anymore. I offered to let them refund me via PayPal, visa gift card, old school check, or just give me another course free of charge, but they would do NONE of that. They claim they have only one way of refund.

Customer service is nonexistent. Life time access means lifetime access, and I don’t know any other company that has only one way of refund. They have apparently found a way around giving students refunds.

I would most highly suggest that anyone use a different platform for learning.

No problems
June 15, 2017
I enjoy my courses. Got a lot of them for free about wellness, health & spirituality. Love Western Reiki from Melissa and Wellness Coaching certifications.

Scammed by Udemy
September 10, 2016
Udemy send me an email solicitation offering a course for $10.00. I purchased the course through my iPad app and was charged $49.00. I contacted Udemy requesting a refund, but they refused to honor their coupon. Instead of refunding my money they offered credits to purchase more Udemy courses. I found their bait and switch tactics appalling. Their customer service was profoundly disappointing. If you like companies that scam their customers and follow up with lousy customer service then Udemy qualifies. Otherwise, consumer beware and avoid Udemy.

Another Person Scammed by Udemy
January 29, 2016

This week a friend told me about his experience with Udemy. He registered for a course for $63 USD, then decided he didn't want to do it. He called Udemy shortly after and after explaining what he wanted, the client service rep hung up the phone! The noise in the background suggested a call centre. Claude (my friend) called again, and once he explained himself, again the client service rep hung up!

By chance, Claude had wiped and re-re-installed his computer with Windows 10, so it was a clean machine. He also checked his Udemy account and found his course was not even listed, despite having paid for it!

He called back to Udemy, and was told it was probably a problem on his PC. The Udemy service rep asked to have remove access, so Claude gave it to him. Udemy first opens a Command Prompt window and runs the "tree" command to list the directory structure. Then, he looks into the Windows Event Manager and points out to Claude the various exclamation marks and warnings and proceeds to explain that his computer has been hacked and he will need to spend about $300 for a consultant to clean up his computer. Of course this is totally false and has absolutely nothing to do with either the course being missing or Claude's request for reimbursement! Claude states this, then the Udemy guy hangs up!

So, this morning Claude calls one more time and this time the Udemy service rep, upon hearing Claude's request, explains that Claude has called Microsoft (which is totally false, of course), and then hangs up!

What is up with this? Is this a Udemy directive to deter buyers from requesting refunds? Must be, because for the three days Claude dealt with two different service call reps.

Is Udemy a scam? Probably not outright, but it certainly is just a money machine. They neither produce nor stand behind the quality of any course, only providing a vehicle for others to sell their courses.

Terrible Support for Instructors
December 30, 2015

No one answers emails or submitted tickets. Can't get a response from the Udemy Studio Facebook group.

It's a nice business model and I'm sure people are making money - but so are they - but it won't last long if they don't improve their client support.

I'm taking the Python Course December 2015
November 30, 2015
I am having a good experience with Udemy, so far. It would be impossible for anyone to say that Udemy is all good or all bad, considering they have hundreds of courses and I have to assume they also have hundreds of different instructors. The course I am taking is taught by an Australian guy and he seems very knowledgeable and I started the course at 9:30AM and was able to write my first piece of code by 1:00PM, that's not too bad at all. The beginners Python course had a lot of really positive feedback and after checking out the 1st tutorial and I decided it was worth it topay the 10 bucks for the whole course. I got a deal because of Black Friday. Also, I had a question and I emailed Udemy, not my instructor because I couldn't find his contact information and a person emailed me back a few hours later with detailed information regarding my question so, that was also a positive.

Udemy are operating an Absolute Scam
October 7, 2015
Udemy are operating an absolute scam. They allow poorly qualified 'teachers' to upload poor quality content, they have no avenues for students who are not happy to get a refund and they undersell and devalue the materials uploaded by good teachers. In terms of the way they work with their teachers, the model has strong elements of a pyramid scam. There is no way of contacting Udemy and they seem to find any type of customer service as nothing other than an inconvenience. I would never recommend them in any shape or form whatsoever.

J. Dunker January 27, 2016

Udemy is a waste of time. They promise certificate of completion, however, they do not record completed subjects or give you a certificate of completion when you finish. They used to offer certificates of completion. I guess they didn't find it cost effective, especially for the free courses.

Trying to contact Udemy with questions--no phone number to call
January 14, 2015
I am frustrated. I am trying to contact Udemy and the teacher before I sign up for a course. I have emailed them both, and I have not yet heard back from them. It is going on 2 days. The email to Udemy is used for the business side of udemy but it was the only email I could find. There should be a phone number and an email that I can send to get general questions answered to know better about the courses I want to sign up for. Please help!

January 5, 2015
Good site. I like it. Lots of free stuff! Good sales!

Double charges and a recurring charges I never authorized
July 14, 2014

Until today I have been happy with Udemy and suggested others go there. Today I found many months (from Feb. to June) in double charges and unauthorized recurring charges I never authorized.

I tried to call the company and found their phone number listed with the credit card company is no longer in service. I have written to the company but have received no immediate response.

I have no choice but turn this in to my bank to have them contest and reverse the charges.

I will never send anyone here again. I have taken my credit cards from their service in the hope they will no longer make any unauthorized charges. I have paid for classes I have yet to take so I will not cancel my account before taking them. However, IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM WITH MY credit card. Take their free classes only.

AgoraFarm January 09, 2020

What they said exactly. Kinda thought it was a good thing and then started getting erroneous charges. Udemy can't be contacted except on email. They ask several questions for cc info, dates etc back and forth on email. Then the last email the send is they have too look into and never get back to you after that. It appears fraudulent. I don't recommend them.

Pretty decent
May 24, 2014
Ive used the app and the website. There are a variety of courses to choose from and several instructors. Id suggest researching the instructors and look at reviews by students who took the class. You can add items to a wishlist and wait for sales to buy (usually before a holiday weekend) or sometimes even get it free. Ive received some decent information for a fair price this way. If there are codes in the sales make sure you enter them to get the reduced rate. So far ive had a good experience in all of my classes ive purchased. But read to see what the prerequisites are before buying. Some require you to have or buy software.

Be careful before you buy
February 10, 2014

It depends on the class you buy. Some teachers are very good at wxplaining the materials; however, some teachers talks a lot of non sense. Review and do research before you buy.

Be careful when you buy through the Udemy app. The price is listed differently than from the website. And both the apple store and Udemy won't reinburst your money. I took a class called Create cutout animation which was listed on sale for 9.99 through the Udemy app. Apple charged me 39.99. I contacted the App Store and they stated they cannot return the difference as well as directing me to contact Udemt. To my surprise, Udemy stated they cannot pay me back the difference either.

I want to make sure this DOES NOT happen to anyone else. I recommend Udemy but not the Udemy app!!!

Steve MacIntyre July 19, 2014

Yikes! I've never bought a course via the app. I always go through the website and always use paypal, which i'd also recommend as another reviewer has mentioned extra charges.

So far, by taking those precautions i've had a good experience with udemy so far.

Some courses are good, others are meh. The quality varies widely. Be sure to read the student reviews for an idea.

Jim Carroll September 10, 2016

Same thing happened to me. They advertised a course at $10.00. I purchased through my iPad app and was charged $49.00. Their customer service in regards to this bait and switch tactic was appalling. They refused to refund my money, offering instead credits for other Udemy courses. Buyer beware, Udemy has no qualms about ripping you off.