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DONT RENT FROM UHAUL EVER, liars and false advertisers

December2, 2014

Inless you have lots of time,energy and money to waste, Uhaul will lie to you to get your business until you get there and your rental isn't on site and you have to drive an hr and a half in order to get the rental you reserved and when you call to ask whats going on, the guy is more then used to receiving these types of calls and tells me "it's no big deal, some people drive 150 miles to get to their reserved rental", although he left out the important detail that the rental was supposed to be at location right next to where I live and I verified this online that morning and the night before, when arriving on site I was told the tow solely I was there for hasn't been at that location for well over a week or possibly weeks so I'm told by office clerk, so she looks up a car trailer that's 20 miles away and I take it cuz the closest dolley was over an hour away and I am wasting my friends time that will be towing the trailer cuz I have no truck. After spending a half hour filling out all the necessary information for the car trailer and I mean everything,license plates,makes and models, home address,destination address,return address,debit card numbers and lots more. So then I was printed a contract paper and sent to the next city's uhaul and then after giving them the paper I got from other office, I then have to 're go through all the same paper work again and slide debit etc, after a half hour of that again I was told that the hummer h3 isn't capable of towing a car trailer, with a honda accord on it.... and am told that I now have to go to a city that's close to two hours away to get rental that I was told was in my town and then next to my town and now they expect me to add 4 hours of driving to all the time and driving I had already done! I got to the uhaul when it opened at 9am and had I drove way out for rental I contracted in town,by the time I would had gotten to my destination with the car I'm towing, the place would be closed. I called and expected them to fix this situation when in fact they could care less about the customers time or money that I invested around what I was told by uhaul by more then one source. I could explain more but I think anyone that reads this got the message.


Do what it takes to avoid uhaul or you will regret it, I assure you of that,they are full of FRAUDULENT advertising and false promises,knowing you will coordinate with them in the plan and plainly expecting you to just compensate for their lies.

DO NOT WASTE YOURS AND OTHERS ENERGY BECAUSE OF UHAUL!!!! They should rightfully call themselves

"WeFraud" it's much more suitable to uhaul business practices!

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