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Tranzact (formerly TZ Insurance), found online at, is a marketing and technology company that specializes in lead generation and customer acquisition services for 3rd party insurance companies.

How Does Tranzact Work?

According to their website, Tranzact / TZ Insurance Solutions is able to expertly service the entire insurance product sales funnel.

They promise their clients that they use their proven experience to serve as a roadmap to our clients' direct-to-consumer sales goals.

Their website says that they are able to develop end-to-end customer acquisition marketing programs for America’s largest insurance brands.

They begin with providing their clients with lead generation services using both online and offline techniques, and couple it with proactive support after the sale to ensure maximum application placement. 

They claim that their services consistently exceed the sales goals of their clients. 

Tranzact / TZ Insurance Solutions credits their success to their deep understanding of internet marketing, technology, traditional direct marketing, call-center operations and the insurance industry.

By working in every aspect of the lead generation and client acquisition process, this company says that they have grown to be a useful resource for major insurance companies in the health, life, property, and casualty fields. 


Tranzact has mixed to negative customer reviews on most review websites, as well as on Reviewopedia.

Customers often complain about receiving repeated unsolicited phone calls from the company once they've given Trazact their contact information.

Tranzact has a rating of D- from the BBB, where it has a rating of just 1.1 / 5 stars from over 40 customer reviews.  There, the company has received 40 customer complaints in the last 3 years.

Insurance companies that are considering expanding their lead generation and client acquisition resources will want to speak directly to a representative about what kind of services they can offer and what kind of pricing is associated with their services before they make a decision.  

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-809-4225, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link. 


Cost & Price Plans

Since this company works hard to provide specific solutions to their clients depending on their own personal needs, they do not publish pricing for the public at this time.

Customers will be best served by speaking directly to a representative and seeing what pricing is applicable to the specific services they require.   


Refund Policy

Unfortunately it does not appear that this company provides their customers with a Refund Policy at this time.

This is not surprising given that they provide to customers a customizable selection of services that are catered directly to a company’s needs.

Since each company’s needs and accompanying services will be different, it doesn’t make sense to provide customers with a single Refund Policy.

Instead customers will need to speak directly to a TZ Insurance Solutions representative if they think circumstances occur which justify a refund.  

If you have any experience with Tranzact (TZ) Insurance Solutions or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Tranzact (TZ) Insurance Customer Reviews

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March 3, 2024

Lying company do not use them or trust them. I am now in a very serious crisis because of their lying to me. Don't use them or Aetna maadvantage plans. I wonder how much commission she made off me for this problem she has created. Maybe its enough to pay for the medicine I can't get now.

What's most important to know ?????
November 29, 2023

First, I read all the reviews posted and was very surprised to read such negative reviews about a company that is in business to help you find the best and least expensive insurance policy for YOU.

They are not an insurance provider! They are licensed insurance sales agents with the ability to shop insurance companies for you.

I think the problem is that too many people don't understand what it is that Tranzact actually does. I spoke with two medicare insurance sales agents and both were professional and very informative. After a lengthy conversation of questions and answers they presented their suggestions and I was very happy with the information and knowledge that I received.

I decided to change my current medicare supplemental plan because it has jumped significantly in the price of the premium. I'm now saving $35 monthly on the same plan N and another $30 monthly on my prescription drug plan. I believe that most people don't understand the true differences in a medicare advantage plan and a medicare gap or supplemental plan.

They just see how much free stuff with additional benefits that they see in the thousands of medicare advantage plans advertised constantly on tv during the open enrollment period this time of year.

No one is informed or told about the "catch" or "strings attached" to all the free benefits of the advantage plans. Common sense should alert you or at least send up a Red Flag when you are being offered all this free insurance with stuff and free benefits for free!!!!!!

Insurance is just that.... insurance... and you can pay as you go or you can pay big later, not to mention, giving away most of your control concerning your health care choices down the road, not to mention, you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to revert back to a supplemental plan once you have been on a advantage plan for more than a year or two.

And that's all I have to say about that. If you read all of this review I hope it help to open your eyes about the deception of medicare advantage plans and about what Tranzact does. What's most important to know???

NunYa December 09, 2023

you must be a shareholder or something.

Rach January 03, 2024

You’re not fooling anybody

Medicare commercials
November 17, 2023

Your Medicare commercial on tv is very insulting and degrading to the elderly population. It is also a display of verbal abuse, in the presence of a child. Is it really ok to insult your spouse that he is not smart because he didn't make a phone call that you could have made yourself? Is this the 1920's. Is a woman not capable of making a phone call, or taking care of business. Such a dumb, dumb and degrading commercial! Can't you do any better than that? I tried to submit this exact comment on the company website, but it alerted as a scam, and would not let me submit. I'm sure if it had been positive, it would have gone through just fine.

Glen F.White November 29, 2023

So complain and write a negative review because you didn't like the commercial. I'm glad you were able to get that off your chest.

They pose as your insurer.
October 31, 2023
I have received multiple phone calls and mailings, even one overnighted through FedEx, from TZ Insurance Solutions posing as my current Medicare Advantage provider. (My health plan will be discontinued next year and I need to choose a new plan.) The mailings have my Medicare Advantage insurer's logo on top of the page and their official copyright information on the reverse side. If this isn't fraud, then what is? They have different phone numbers and I have twice called two of them. After five or ten minutes with two very polite, very competent-sounding people, I eventually learned each time that they are not my insurance company after all - just the same interloper creeps who should be put out of business.

Glen F.White November 29, 2023

This review is very likely to be false or at the very least a misperception. Tranzact insurance sales agents cannot misrepresent themselves as your insurance provider agent. They just help you find the least expensive and best available insurance companies that fit your needs.

Poor service
December 1, 2022
Don’t communicate with this company. They only want to sell you the highest price policy with the lowest coverage or basically no coverage at all, Verified my information and hung up. Asked for my phone number if we got disconnected but never called back. Happened 2 times with 2 different agents. I canceled the policy that I paid for for 4 years that basically covered nothing. Beware!

Glen F.White November 29, 2023

Jerrold needs to do more research before holding a bad insurance policy for 4 years

Scam outfit utilizing services of another scam outfit
August 29, 2022

I get numerous phone calls EVERY DAY from overseas scammers associated/hired by this outfit. I played along with them to find out who's behind those calls was, and it turned out to be this tz outfit.

They violate multiple laws, the first being CAN SPAM Act of 2003.

They cannot be trusted.

Poor service after product purchased.
August 14, 2022

Once I signed for the Mutual of Omaha Medigap policy thru TZinsurance, I have not been able to reach the agent since.

She initially told me the advantage to going thru them was I would have a personnel agent to help me or answer my questions. That is a joke. Once the policy was sold I have not been able to communicate with her since. Only able to get generic people with generic answers on the phone.

Would not recommend TZInsurance! So sorry I made this choice. There are too many other good options. Hind sight is great.

Glen F.White November 29, 2023

TZ insurance sales agents are there to sell the policies for the insurance companies. Why wouldn't you contact your actual insurance plan provider for questions and answers about your policy.

Christy January 08, 2024

Actually Glen the agents are told by management to tell the customers that they are their personal agent. For someone that seems to comment a lot and have answers, you are very misinformed. Perhaps you should spend more time doing your research before commenting. They are told to give the customer their number and direct extension so that the customer can reach them at any time.

WolffTurner January 30, 2024

What’s the matter Glen no well informed speech? Did the company not write you an answer this time?

TZ was helpful
July 13, 2022
We wanted to sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan with Aetna Insurance company and got connect through an online number with an employee of TZ Insurance Solutions. We had a lot of questions and wanted time to look into other companies. After a couple of weeks we called back and signed up through TZ. The agent was very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend them.

Rip off seniors and the mentally impaired!!
June 8, 2021

How it that a fraudulent Insurance company continues to rip off, lie, verbally abuse and ATLER AN INSURANCE POLICY for an unsuspecting disabled, senior?!

TZ employees misrepresent themselves as Medicare representatives! They procure personal information from the unsuspecting, confused seniors or people with limited mental capacity! They act coy or demeaning if you ask them questions....or out and out hang up on you.


JesseDaly June 06, 2022

You do realize the employees are LICENSED insurance agents recorded and monitored by CMS. There’s nothing fraudulent about the company. The pastoral information asked to to make sure that the customer is being but in a plan that best suites the client and their needs.

Customers who have a POA or don’t seem capable of making their own decisions are told to call back when someone who can help them make those decisions are available. Agents will lose license if they do something that corps intentionally hurt a customers needs.

Again that’s why some personal questions can to be asked to make everything there looking for is being covered. Also if your being called so much you realize is probably from about 20 other companies you just assume it’s from it’s from this one company which I can guarantee it isn’t because their limited to a certain amount of calls they can make to a person in a day. Some agents are newer so it’ s possible you for a newer agent with more experience.

If you Use a brain you can tell the experienced ones from a better one because they can answer more questions and know more about Medicare. Everything has to be disclosed, disclosures are read and your aware of what your enrolling into so just because you had a bad experience it’s either because you got a newer agent with more experience or you’re a Karen and want to complain because you left out information when questions were asked and now want to complain because while you’re a Karen.

Stop giving information if you don’t want calls it’s called common sense and no is not part of Medicare because again common sense Medicare isn’t enrolling people into plans, AGENTS are there contracted with insurance companies who are contracted with Medicare.

People need to do research and use brains. I’m not sorry for saying this. I know many people who have used this company and keep using them because their there to help you.

If you have a problem with one agent that’s not the whole company and you can call back and make a complaint and they’ll give you a new agent with more experience who can fix things. Common sense people.

Glen F.White November 29, 2023

Angela believes that TZ is her insurance provider and obviously doesn't realize that they are sales agents, not insurance policy agents.

you are requested to call an 800 number by the message. Don't bother.
January 22, 2021

constantly "cold call" my house with a local caller ID number. I find odd as they are listed in Tampa, Florida.

As so many scams use "spoof" numbers, I consider this just another scam and will report to FCC

AngelaMichele Torres June 08, 2021

yes, you are correct!

The telephone numbers they use will corresponds with the victims area code.

They will mess up your insurance for a quick sale.

They lie, say they are with Medicare.

They want your Medicare ID # and your social security #.

JohnStevens August 29, 2022

Same here.

Not Legit
October 17, 2020
I called after hearing an ad on Fox News radio. An agent in the Philippines tried to talk over me rather than answer my questions. She eventually hung up on me! I was asking for more information about the company

AngelaMichele Torres June 08, 2021

Asking questions will get you verbally abused and/or hung up on!

Buyer Beware!!

I lost it you eat it
October 2, 2020
Selling agent gave insurance company wrong billing date resulting in overdraft charge on my account. Refused to refund money. referred to office where I was given the runaround to four different people without anybody dealing with the issue . If they lose it you eat it. Not good business practice. I have asked other insurance agents if it is a good practice and I was told emphatically no it was not

BenjaminZone October 17, 2020

Thx Laurie - Sorry for the bad experience

AngelaMichele Torres June 08, 2021

This is a major insurance scam!

They prey on seniors and the mentally disabled!


Poor Customer Treatment
December 10, 2018
I apparently left contact info on their website for Medicare insurance because it comes up in a search that makes you think it is associated with the gov't. I now realize I should have looked for the "dot-gov" in the URL. They were persistent in calling, but not leaving messages. When I happened to be home today and answered I was probably toward the rude end of the spectrum because I am tired of getting cold sales calls, phony political polls and other solicitations. When I asked what they wanted they said they would compare medicare insurance policies for me I said I was already signed up with Medicare, had a Medigap policy and a drug supplement. He then became snotty and said "Well you shouldn't leave your name on websites then." IF I would have ever considered doing business with them, it all ended with how snotty their caller became.

Laurie Banninger October 02, 2020

Tz insurance sucks. The agent cost an overdraft charge on my account and they refuse to refund it to me. If they screw up you take the loss. Not reputable business practice.

AngelaMichele Torres June 08, 2021

This is not an Insurance! IT IS A RIP OFF!!

TZ scam artists represent themselves as Medicare agents! You think you are talking to a government entity....and they let you believe the lie.

TZ rips off seniors and the mentally incompetent!

AngelaMichele Torres June 08, 2021


You will SCREWED!

They are liars!

They rip off seniors and the disabled!