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About describes themselves as the online streaming home of the “most dedicated and highly skilled gamers on the planet” as well as gaming hobbyists who are interested in sharing their successes and failures.

How Does It Work?

The Twitch website describes themselves as featuring the best gaming events, whether they are large scale gaming competitions, community marathons, or video game industry events. They also offer viewers access to the best online video gaming shows, including Joystiq, Gamespot, and Destructoid, LiveonThree, ManvsGame, and Day9, and more.

But this streaming service is not just a place for professional gamers to show off their skills, it is also a place where everyday members of their service are invited to upload their own videos, whether it is of their hilarious failures or an unbelievable success. 

In order to get access to you can download their mobile apps or get access to their service through your computer or home gaming console simply by creating your own account, either by manually submitting all your information or by choosing a one-click Facebook registration.  

Mobile Options

At this time, the mobile application is available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. There is no information at this time about any plans to expand their mobile offerings.   

Cost/Price Plans

Both creating an account in order to watch the available streaming videos or to actually create videos yourself are free, according to their website. Because the site is free, however, this means that there are full length ads that users will encounter when taking advantage of their streaming service, so watchers should be aware of that.     

Refund Policy

Since this service is free for both watching and for uploading your own videos, they don’t offer any Refund Policy. If a customer does click on any ads and leaves their website to make any purchases, they will need to deal with that third party website or retailer if they need information about any refunds or returns.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


In general this service actually seems to be well regarded when it is reviewed by blogs or third party publications, who like that the ability to upload videos isn’t limited just to professionals or well-known gamers, but also to amateur or home gaming hobbyists. 

There are some complaints about not being able to skip the full length ads, as well as some account holders reporting issues with freezing, buffering, and video quality, which is something that people may want to consider, though as a free product this service appears to be well-liked.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There may be other smaller or more informal online gaming streaming services out there, but are not likely to be as large or as varied as the offerings on

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