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About TVFix Antenna

TVFix Antenna is manufactured by a startup company based in USA. The company’s vision is to manufacture a way that will provide legal means to watch television for a fraction of the regular cable TV costs. It wishes to change the way people consume media and brings you excellent picture quality without having to spend a fortune.

With this device you are able to watch HDTV without additional hardware and software support. This way, you will receive full service, save money and get rid of excess gadgets as well.


This product is developed by scientists working for NASA, by utilizing sophisticated military technology. Its unique features make it the most reliable and technologically advanced antenna on the market today. It allows you to watch almost every channel, movie or show without having to subscribe.

In addition to that, its design is simple and modern, backed with a mud flap for attachment, so it will discreetly fit into every type of decor.

The antenna is strong enough to pick up the over-the-air signal cable companies distribute and allow you access to all the channels within its range. What is most important, it is completely legal to use, as the cable companies are required by law to keep the signal going and you just use the advanced technology to pick them up.

However, the number of channels you will have access to depends on you location and the closer you are to the network towers the more channels will be available.

How Does It Work?

Setting up the device is very easy and will only take you a few minutes. First you connect the antenna to your TV or monitor. It is compatible with all screen types and you can use it to convert your laptop or desktop screens into TV monitors.

It comes with coaxial cable, compatible to all TV screens. All cables you need are included in package. Once you plug everything in, press the power button, then automated option for channel searching and enjoy your free TV experience.

The antenna is designed in such way to receive VHF and VLF signals from all directions and to support full HD broadcast on your TV set. There are no hidden charges or monthly fees involved and you have a lifetime access to popular TV channels.

You will be able to tune into available channels 24/7, within the 30 miles from a TV broadcast point. Weather may have some influence on the quality of reception, but with the advanced technology used in this product, signal distortions are minimal.

Cost and Price Plans

TvFix is available for a very reasonable price, around $50 a piece. What is even better, there are no strings attached and you are not bound by a contract of any kind. In addition to that, there are no hidden costs for this purchase.

Visit the company’s website and get the latest information on their sales and special discounts.

Customer Service

For any additional information and customer support, visit the company’s website.

Online Reviews/Complaints

TVFix is an excellent device to save on your cable TV costs and watch your favorite shows in HD for free, without the need to sign special contracts with providers and acquire additional hardware and software for support.

The antenna comes with a modern, sleek design, which is compatible with every setting and is very easy to set up.

On the other hand, before you make a decision to buy this device, you should be aware that you will not have access to all channels available with the cable or satellite TV provider. Generally speaking, you will have access to around 85% of channels in their standard offer.

However, good news is that these are usually the most popular channels that people actually watch. That way you will be able to actually enjoy your favorite shows with a fraction of a cost.

In addition to that, the cable which comes in the same package with antenna is quite short and you will need to purchase an additional coaxial receiver box in order to connect to a laptop or your desktop computer.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the idea of saving money on your cable TV using a powerful antenna to pick up the signal cable companies are transmitting through air, you might want to explore some alternative options, other than TVFix Antenna.

That said, Mohu ReLeaf is another excellent choice, an indoor antenna that receives local stations and is made out of sustainable materials. Instead of using plastic, manufacturers have decided to think of the environment as well and designed the antenna casing to be made out of recycled packaging and paper materials.

Mohu Curve 50 is another product from the same manufacturer that not only receives channels, but looks amazing and compliments every interior, as well.

1byOne model is discrete, lightweight, super thin and also able to reject marginal signals for better watching experience.

Where to Buy?

To make your purchase, visit the company’s official website.


Subscription services costs may add up over time and you might be faced with a difficult decision to cut back on your cable TV altogether. However, there is a way to reduce costs, avoid signing contract with a provider and still watch all of your favorite TV shows.

With TVFix Antenna you will pick up on signals cable companies emit in the air and have access to most popular channels in their offer for a fraction of their price.

However, before you make a decision to purchase this device, have in mind you will be able to pick up channels within the 30 miles from a TV broadcast point, which makes 85% of the standard cable TV offer.

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1 Review

Waste of money!

January9, 2019

Absolute rubbish! It's just a basic indoor aerial! I tried to return it and got no reply. Raised a case with PayPal and was got a refund from them! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

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1 Review


December15, 2018

Utter junk it's an indoor aerial
The same as all the other junk indoor aerials. Do not buy. All new tvs have free view. Get a free view box from pc world better picture and as cheap.junk junk junk.

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review author image
1 Review

Tvfix it’s a big scam

December10, 2018

I bought a tvfix and an made a mistake not to make my research first
It took exactly one month to arrive
We have four tv in our house and non of them I could get them to work with more than five channels, please don’t sticks the so called areal to the wall, when you realise it’s rubish it will cost you more to repair the wall
The only honest thing that I hard from them was when I called there customer service number
They said it’s no body here to take your call!
After 45 minutes waiting I give up
Stay away it’s a scum!!
It’s just a cheap indoor tv areal

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review author image
1 Review

TVFix Antenna

November30, 2018

been sending emails texts messages through Facebook also...not a single reply regards where I can send this rubbish back to or how do I claim a refund....IT'S A SCAM ALL RIGHT...DONT BUY IT.

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January 09, 2019

I was refunded by PayPal.

January 09, 2019

I was refunded by PayPal.

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review author image
1 Review

It's a Scam

November30, 2018

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to order this. Money went quickly, but no delivery for six weeks, so I decided to put it down to experience as I would probably never get my money back.
However, it eventually arrived and it was very well packed, but it is just an indoor aerial. Channels on this unit = 97. Channels on normal outdoor aerial = 147.
It had one benefit: when our aerial and freesat dish were being blown about by a gale, causing pictures to break up, I fitted this item and had stable pictures.
Overall, it is close to worthless. Don't buy it!

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November 30, 2018

It really is a ''SCAM''

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