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Cutting the cord, or getting rid of cable, is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be.

It can be hard to invest in a streaming service if you don’t have good connection - in the past, it was only possible to watch your favorite shows, movies, or videos if you put a ton of money into high-speed cable or Internet. Plus, you had to put up with a ton of annoying ads.

TV Buddy claims to eliminate the need for cable, a Fire TV Stick, or another device. It lets you instantly stream your favorite videos in full HD (1080P) on your existing device.

But does it work - or is it a scam? Here’s what you need to know when it comes right down to it.

How Does TVBuddy Work?

As wireless streaming grows more popular, more people are eliminating the unnecessary expense of cable TV. Instead, they are turning to devices like smart TVs and their cell phones to watch their favorite channels.

But what if you don’t have a smart TV player - or you don't want to squint at your phone? Are you totally out of luck if you want to kick the cable box to the curb?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of digital antenna options out there for you to choose from. TV Buddy is one such product, existing as a small wireless antenna that streams your favorite apps like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and more - all at no cost to you.

Wait-free Netflix? That sounds too good to be true. So is it real - or a scam?

According to the description on the company’s website, TV Buddy can be used with a variety of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney, Apple TV Plus, and more. Even rarer options like ABC, History Channel, and Viki Rakuten can be accessed.

The TV Buddy Caster supposedly offers lag-free streaming at a fraction of the price of smart televisions. You can stream countless apps and streaming services - but you’ll still need to log in to the streaming service. So while you get the streaming service for free, you aren’t getting free tv. There are still some other expenses to be considered, and trust us - it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Is it a Scam?

If you’ve noticed any of the hundreds of positive reviews online, don’t be confused - they aren’t necessarily lying to you. However, the device might be lacking in a few departments.

For starters, TV Buddy is an antenna so it will only work with channels that are broadcast over the air. Most cable networks will not work. It is simply a wire loop that plugs into the cable jack on the television. Getting networks or services like Netflix and Hulu might be next to impossible!

All of these alternatives are not only more reliable in regards to their performance, but they are also offered by leading retailers with good reputations. They can be found online as well as at local retailers like Best Buy, too.

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Cost and Price Plans

When you visit the TVBuddy website, you will have several ordering options. The ability to buy these devices in bulk makes us skeptical that they actually work!

That being said, you can purchase a single TVBuddy Caster for $49.95. Two costs $99.90, while three are $112.39. The final option is to purchase four at the low rate of $149.95.

Why does this make us skeptical? First of all, if these products work as well as they are supposed to, it doesn’t make sense that you would need to order so many at once.

Plus, like many scam websites their site claims that the prices are a “limited promotion” and shows a ticker screen of people who have made their purchases before you.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of other better alternatives to TV Buddy out there if you’re hoping to cut the cord and ditch your cable.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4V is one of these. Not only does this product have a dongle that allows it to work at any angle, but it also helps you get services like Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and more.

You also might compare TV Buddy vs. Apple TV. Apple TV 4K is another smart television companion, with all of the apps accessible from the Apple app store. However, it’s considerably more expensive and does require some Apple access in order to be functional.

Next, you might consider TV Buddy vs. Google Chromecast. There are several Google Chromecast options, but the Ultra is one of the most popular. This one isn’t exactly plug and play, so it might take you some time to get it to work. However, it can be used with a mobile device and allow you to access numerous apps and streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube.

A final option is TV Buddy vs. Roku. The Roku Streaming Stick is a bit pricey, but well worth the money - it offers 4K streaming and has a unique Wi-Fi upgrade that allows for exceptional speed and performance.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

With every claim that a product is a fake or a scam comes and equally glowing review. Some customers claim that this is a great way to watch streaming videos in extra high quality - without having to worry about interruption of your single or from or ads. They claim that the device can be installed on every television in their homes, without having to worry about any errors.

TV Buddy does not have a BBB rating.

Customer Service

Getting in touch with customer service at TV Buddy can be difficult. Although the company has a mailing address that is connected to STrong Current Enterprises Limited in the Netherlands, customers report that reaching an actual person is a challenge.

Nonetheless, the contact information listed on the website is a US phone number at +1 609 414 7087 and an email at [email protected]

According to the company website, the return policy is easy to follow and quite liberal. Returns are “no-hassle” - meaning you can return your product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Where to Buy?

Currently, you can only order from Amazon as well as from the manufacturer. Despite the fact that TVBuddy is owned by a company headquartered in the Netherlands, it is only available for shipment in the United States.

Is TV Buddy Worth It?

There are plenty of other reliable alternatives to the TV Buddy out there - don’t waste your time with this device. Many of these products are the same price- or less expensive. Plus, they’re backed by reputable manufacturers. If you really want to ditch cable and still be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, then this might not be worth your time or money.

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Very Misleading Acvertising

January27, 2020

This product was not at all what I expected. It doesn't do anything different than what my smart TV already does. I was under the impression that there would be some kind of app that you could bring up and you would have a menu and all kinds of free TV. You still have to pay for apps that require payment to watch which makes most of what you want to watch not free!!!! There are very limited free apps you can watch. I definitely will not be recommending this product to anyone!!!

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January4, 2020

I ordered tthis, and when it came, we worked 3 hours to try to get it to work. It never did work, you could only get to the second step, and no farther. I want to return for my full refund. What do I do to return device to you. [email protected]

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January 10, 2020

At least you got your order. I have 3 on order since 11/8/2019 when I e mailed them, when I phones them all they did was lie. I reported them to the Federal Trade Comm. today.

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