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About Turnkey Vacation Rentals

In 2012, John Banczak and T.J. Clark, together with Eric Goldreyer, one of its pioneer investors, launched Turnkey Vacation Rentals. Being travel and technology veterans, John and T.J. were able to point out what the vacation rental industry was missing.

After all, cleanliness, hospitality and an ever-ready customer service attendant are what a traveler longs for after long hours in flight. Consistency is one of the key elements of Turnkey to ensure the satisfaction of the guests and secure the interest of the homeowners.

Unlike other vacation rental marketplaces, the homeowner and the guest need not do their transactions on their own. Turnkey Vacation Rentals has its own local team to assist you in booking up to your last day of vacation, 24/7.


Turnkey offers you premier homes in top vacation destinations in each of their 55 locations across 21 states, including California, Florida and Texas.

You have the power to choose whether you want to unplug and tuck yourself away in the mountains, or feel the city life, a beach house, or a villa. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to make you comfortable like it is built just for you.

The properties feature a keyless entry for your convenience and safety, free high-speed wireless internet, a digital concierge, a proprietary HomeDroid tablet and a starter set of toiletries. On top of it all, a 24/7 guest support team is on standby to attend to your concerns.

Cost and Price Plan

The rates, same as any other consumable product, are subject to change, depending on how high or low the demand for a certain season is. In order to secure the rates you see, you must book the home and put down 10% deposit of the total price to hold the property.

Methods of payment can be different if you are to stay for more or less than 30 days. Booking the home for less than 30 days requires a 10% partial payment for you to hold the property and the remaining 90% is due 30 days before your check-in date.

Meanwhile, if you plan to have a month-long vacation at your chosen location, full payment will be due at the time of booking.

You may also purchase a trip insurance through Turnkey’s travel insurance partners, which you may easily look up on their website.

Speaking of insurance, it is best to review an insurance coverage first before purchasing one to make sure it has everything you need to make your trip a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.

Customer Service

All reservations made more than 10 days in advance and canceled 72 hours after booking is fully refundable. However, according to their refund and cancellation policy, once the 72-hour cancellation period expires, all guest’s payments are non-refundable.

Turnkey Vacation Rentals has its customer service team ready and waiting 24/7 to address your questions and assist if ever you are in need of help.

That said, you may contact (512) 829-3039 if you need the fastest response, or call (888) 512-0498. You may also send them an email at [email protected]

Online Review/Complaints

The spectacular views, quick-responding customer service attendants and warm and accommodating staffs are what the guests especially loved about Turnkey. They also love the smooth and seamless transaction from booking to payment, to checking in.

Most of the guests’ reviews show how much they enjoyed the hassle-free vacation to their favorite destination. However, there also has been complaints regarding the refund and cancellation policy.

Turnkey did not neglect these allegations though and have cleared the misunderstanding between the guest and their company.

In fact, Turnkey Vacation Rentals is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has continuously received accreditation since the year 2013.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are a traveler who seeks change and constantly looks for something new to explore, you might want to visit sites like the Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

Their homes are a great place to stay after the different outdoor activities you are able to do within the vicinity of the location, like the beach and mountains. They also accommodate groups and meetings and, at times, weddings.

If you’re feeling a bit savvy, Time and Place Luxury Rentals and Luxury Retreats might be worth taking note of for your next vacation. Most of the properties lent in these are Villas, perfect for people who seek tranquility and relaxation.

Their locations offer calm and soothing views, so you’ll be able to get away from the stress and all the things you have to think about when you are working.

Where to Buy?

You are able to visit Turnkey at their website at www.turnkeyvr.com, where you are able to review their 55+ locations in 21 states across the US. Sites where you can purchase a trip insurance are also cited in there, which will help you book your trip effortlessly.

The booking calendars are up-to-date and will help you easily plan your stay and make the most of it during your vacation.


Turnkey and the many similar sites have made traveling and vacationing a lot more convenient for everyone.

Now that you are able to book ahead of your check-in date, you can give yourself a lot more time to spend with your family and be able to enjoy all the amenities. This is what Turnkey aims for you and all of the other guests.

Just make sure that you have gone through their terms and conditions, especially the refund and cancellation policies to avoid delays and confusion with your booking process.

9 ‘Turnkey Vacation Rentals’ Reviews
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Disgusting condo, dishonest company

March 30, 2021

This condo and Turnkey were a nightmare from before we even walked in the door. When we arrived, the door code supplied in the check in email did not work. Turns out there were two doors, a foyer and the actual door to the condo and we were given only the condo door code. So we had to call the host which involves contacting a call center that has no idea about the setup of the actual place and has never seen the property in person. So even once we got them on the phone it took a long time for them to find in their records that we needed a second code. Meanwhile we’re waiting outside, luggage in tow after 12 hours in the car.

Once we finally get inside we immediately realize there is no parking pass or resort bracelets which are supposed to be on the counter. Security gives a parking pass good only for long enough to unload your things, you’re supposed to bring the permanent pass back down to your car immediately but it was nowhere in the condo and had to be delivered so within 20 minutes of arriving we had to call the hosts call center a second time, and we were told to WAIT BY OUR CAR so it wouldn’t be towed while they bring a pass, which ended up taking 4 hours. We spoke to security and let them know the situation so we wouldn’t have to do this.

So as we began to try to settle in we started to notice that the place hadn’t been cleaned sufficiently or maybe at all. The floors were sticky, fingerprints all over the glass and mirrors, pretzels and food in the living room rug, a used fork and bird droppings on the balcony floor and furniture. There were clothes and toys left from the previous guests. The bed in the extra room had damp sheets. The mattress and pillows in the master bedroom had DISGUSTING yellow stains and the headboard was completely detached from the bed. We called for housekeeping and were told they would come clean it up but they never came our entire 3 nights there.

We decided to go to walmart and buy pillows, sheets, and cleaning supplies and spent the first night of our stay cleaning up the entire place. It was cleaner when we left than when we arrived. Before bed my wife goes to take a bath in the jacuzzi tub and the water heater goes cold before filling the tub even a third of the way. Not only that but there is hair stuck to the sides of the tub. So we bleach the entire tub out and take showers instead and there is black mold along the caulking in the shower. When she’s done with her shower we notice all of the towels were put up wet and smelled sour.

There were almost no toiletries in the room- there was toilet paper and dishwasher detergent and one packet of laundry soap. There was no hand soap, shampoo, or trash bags. The televisions in the room are the cheapest, oldest things that were probably bought at a second hand store, there are remotes in the room that don’t even belong to the TVs. The bedroom TVs were 19 inches, you are better off watching an iPad in bed. Speaking of the bed, the mattress in the king bedroom was not only stained but the springs were broken down and the bed felt like a prison mat. It needed replaced probably about 5 years ago.

When we contacted the host to ask for compensation, we sent photos of the mess they said it looked fine and that they would not compensate us. We had to contact the booking company who after reviewing the photos, compensated us immediately. This was by far the worst condition we have ever found a room in, and the worst host we have ever dealt with. This experience was so bad it has changed the way we will search for places in the future. We will never again book from a “Vacation Rental” company, only a local owner and ESPECIALLY not Turnkey.

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March 24, 2021

Do not use this company. I believe they are a scam. I lost $2,200 dollars to what I believe was a rental scam. I saved for a year for my vacation. The refused to give me my money back when they told me to cancel. They are a scam. I booked a date and they gave me another. All I wanted was to register the correct dates. They lie and take your money. They are a scam. I should have paid attention to the reviews. When I contacted the BBB they had over 400 complaints. Listen to the reviews. This company should be put out of business.

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Extremely dissatisfied with Turnkey VR

February 7, 2021

What a terrible experience. Have rented from VRBO and Airbnb and Parker Villas. Have never experienced this. Home upon arrival was dirty with cockroaches on the floor in kitchen and hallway.

They sent people to clean ( unfortunately I had to hang around for hours on my vacay for this). Then a toiled bowl leaked into the floor. They sent a plumber to repair (again had to cancel my plans) then tv wasn’t working, then more cockroaches so they sent an exterminator, insinkerator wasn’t working, plumber returned followed by more and more cockroaches then finally in our tenth day (of a 2month rental) a rat ran thru the living room.

That was the final straw. Now just trying to resolve issue and only a refund will do but no one with any authority calls me back. Only hollow apology and so far they said “no refund”.

I’m reasonable but this is ridiculous. They are not fulfilling the most basic of their end of responsibilities. My recommendation is simple DO NOT USE TURNKEY VR!! I see a small claims court claim in my future.

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December 18, 2020

SCAM ARTISTS! I was told that my $2000 reservation could only be kept if I was an essential worker travelling with members of my same house hold (which we are not). I was then told that I will not be receiving a refund because the issue is pandemic related which is "out of their hands" They told me that it falls under the "act of god clause" and they do not issue refunds for acts of god.

What a nightmare company. I have called SEVERAL times with a promise of escalation and a call back and I never, not even once, received a call back. I told one employee that I spoke with that I would have to dispute this with my credit card company and he stated "I don't blame you. I can't even try to give you an explanation for this" HOW SAD that even the employees know it is wrong.

I have never dealt with such an unresponsive and unhelpful company in my life. I can not believe that they think it is okay to steal people's money due to a pandemic, how cold can you be?! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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So far not looking good

July 28, 2020

Made a reservation and was sent a link to finalize our reservation but app would not accept my E-signature. I have called the 24/7 help number for the past 2 days and have spent over an hour on hold each time I called before just hanging up. Still not sure if I have a place to stay when we get to South Padre.

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March 20, 2020

Stay away from this company! They are not refunding bookings that have to be cancelled due to government lockdowns, travel restrictions, and/or health issues during this COVID19 pandemic. They are offering a “credit” to rebook at the SAME house at a later day, but are price gouging the future dates up to 45%! This is not only happening to me but over 250 people across the country who have shared their experience on Facebook. Don’t give this company your money. Stick with a leader like Airbnb.

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Total lack of customer service and reason

March 13, 2020

UNBELIEVABLE!!! As every other company tries their best to work out a way to rectify a horrible situation caused by Covid-19 by refunding or allowing a credit, Turnkey sticks it’s head in the sand. This is a joke of a business, zero concept of customer service. We were hung up on by the manager Nicole when speaking about possible refund vs moving our booking to another scheduled date. Sad to have ever booked with this company and Karma will get back to them. Pathetic, do the right thing Turnkey

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Canceled our reservation 24 hours before check in

October 17, 2019

Booked a place 2 months ago through AirBnB. I messaged them before I booked saying, and I quote " We are 6 guys in our late 20s to mid 30s coming to town for a bachelor weekend. We plan to go to a few breweries , eat some BBQ and play some cards on the back patio". I had follow up back and forth questions about their rules and everything seemed fine. I called to get the door code and they asked what we were coming to town for. I tell them a bachelor party weekend and they cancel the reservation. I 100% understand it is their right to not host specific groups but I went through the added process 2 months ago to make sure they knew what we were coming to town for so we didn't run into this and they canceled with not enough time to find something of the same price/quality/location so now we have to spend more to get less.

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Scam organization

July 17, 2019

This company listed a house in Galveston called Shangri La La and called it a 5-bedroom house. It is only 4 bedrooms. This is listed as a 5 bedroom house, with one room shown in pictures as an enclosed loft type space. Nothing of the kind. The so-called 5th bedroom is a loft open to the house in a hallway with beds for children. Certainly not appropriate for adults. Also, this group could not respond to any request to remedy the situation by even attempting to find another house and then they could not even start to address my concerns for over a month. Then they said that the description said all this, which it clearly did not. Terrible, terrible group and they have harmed this house and any brand that might be associated with it.

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