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November 12, 2023

They Are Liars Do Not Trust Them Please....

Scammers all over this web portal
October 30, 2023
This article must be sponsored by these fools. There a thousands of BBB complaints and there is even a tag from the BBB indicating turbo tenant has extreme complaint issues. They claim to verify landlords (they do not) the scamming world knows the can sue these folks with impunity. Very few landlords use the rent and deposit collection services. Those that do are primarily scammers. This article is a fluff piece at best!

Rip Off!
February 21, 2023

This company is a scam. Properties not available, prices are wrong and they keep your money. As a 20 year real estate agent I can tell you it's a shot and a miss.

Do not trust this company, renters or landlords...

January 25, 2023
They post random homes for rent that aren’t actually available to rent. I came across my own house listed. Scam

Be careful...
June 21, 2022
Be careful when you apply. I was charged double. Now I have to fight with the credit card company to get my money back. Turbo-tenant lied to the card company.

April 21, 2021

This platform is 100% a scam. They allow tenants to delete their documents that you request them to upload.

They will not give a phone number for customer service and will not comply when I asked them to restore the documents to my account...

ABK March 04, 2022

So far I have been using them for listings of apartments and it has been pretty great. You can use the messaging system to connect with the tenant, allowing for all of your correspondence in one place.

ACE August 25, 2022

I agree with ABK, it's been great using their service, free and paid. Jamie M correction TurboTenant (TT) is "NOT" a scam! They are the middle-man so to speak, so if the other party (tenant) doesn't provide the info you need, it is not TT responsibility! Besides, if a tenant is not 100% cooperative you might want to think twice about renting to them.

FranchescaWeiss October 05, 2022

No website or landlord should EVER ask customers for a copy of your ID "BEFORE" showing you a rental unit! This ISN'T safe for the consumers, nor keeping our private identity information secure until WE choose a rental unit, FIRST! THIS SITE AND LANDLORDS ARE COLLECTING/KEEPING THE CONSUMER'S INFORMATION AND PHOTOCOPIES OF OUR ID'S WITHOUT SHOWING A UNIT FIRST!!!! Someone needs to stop this practice and protect the consumers!!!