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Using Intuit’s TurboTax software is an efficient means to prepare and file your tax returns. The user interface is easy to use; they also now support e-filing directly through their site, which makes it even more convenient for its users. The program can be purchased online directly through their website, at other online retailers or at local retailers.

TurboTax can be used online, through a mobile device, on a tablet, or with a CD-ROM. There are tax preparation and filing products for home and business. Through their program you can also check your e-file, tax refund status, obtain a copy of your tax return and file an amended tax return.

The two products offered for mobile devices and tablets include SnapTax and TurboTax for Tablets. SnapTax is used for 1040ez, 1040A filers and overall basic returns. TurboTax for Tablets offers the convenience of preparing simple and complex tax returns on the go.

TurboTax products for computer use include:  Federal Free, Deluxe, Premier Investment/Rental Property, Home/Business and Business products. Federal Free is the best for those who need to file a basic 1040ez, which is free; the option of filing state taxes through this version of the program is available for $27.99.

TurboTax Deluxe is a more suitable option for complex tax returns, it costs $29.99 for Federal filing, $36.99 for state filing, and the CD costs $59.99. The Premier program is best for people who have secondary homes; this option costs $49.99 for Federal filing, $36.99 for state filing and the CD costs $89.99.

Individuals who need to file for both home and business can use also use TurboTax’s program; it costs $74.99 for Federal filing, $36.99 for state filing and the CD costs $99.99. For business partnerships, corporations and LLC’s there is only a CD-ROM available, it costs $149.99. An additional fee of $19.99 is required to file state taxes if you use the Deluxe, Premier, or Business products. All of their products and services are guaranteed; you will receive a full refund if they don’t meet your expectations.

One of the best features you receive through TurboTax’s services is unlimited free customer support via telephone, live chat or through the online inquiry request platform. Extra help is also available on their site through the live chat community consisting of tax experts and fellow customers.

Informational resources accessible through their site can be a great way to learn more about tax preparation and filing.  There are numerous articles, spanning over a range of topics, so you can conduct your own research. If you have numerical data available, you can use TurboTax’s online calculators to estimate refunds and so forth. There is even a database full of downloadable tax forms for added convenience.

Online customer reviews say that TurboTax is one of the most expensive tax preparation software programs, but these reviews also state that it is one of the most comprehensive programs on the market. With its ease of use, unlimited free customer support and security features, it is worth the money.

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