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Website: Turapur.com

The Turapur Pitcher, found online at Turapur.com, is a water filtration pitcher that's described by its creators as a 'fountain of youth' for the antioxidant benefits it provides for its users. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, most people know that your body must maintain a steady temperature in order to be at peak health, but most people don’t know that there is another important balance your body must maintain for optimal health, and that’s the level of oxidation in their cells. 

The “free radical theory of aging” states that without an accident or serious illness your aging is caused by “electrons getting ripped out of the molecules within your cells.”

This is called oxidative damage, and it’s the reason why so many doctors and nutritionists promote the intake of antioxidants through both food and personal products. 

The Turapur Pitcher wants to provide people with the best way to fight oxidation that has yet been found – with hydrogen.

The website describes hydrogen as “the ultimate antioxidant,” saying that it doesn’t react with other oxidizing agents and because it is so small it can penetrate the important parts of your body that need revitalizing the most.

Hydrogenating water is not a brand new process or concept in the health community, but the Turapur Pitcher is the first small scale, affordable water filter that is able to successfully complete this process and provide their customers with a steady stream of antioxidants. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this pitcher is priced at $39.95 and comes with an automatic enrollment in their “Priority Pass” program. This membership is intended to make sure that you “won't go a day without this amazing water energizing every cell in your body.”

This membership provides that 60 days after you receive your pitcher you will be sent a fresh pack of three filters and your credit card will automatically be charged $45. Customers will continue to be sent a new pack of filters every six months until they cancel their membership. 

The website says that since their filters will last six months, your Priority Pass membership is ultimately just 25 cents a day.

They say that if you compare it to the $1.50 you would pay for just one bottle of water, and you drink three bottles of water a day, that would add up to $270 every two months without the benefit of ionization. 

To find the real savings you would find for your family, however, you would need to consider your own personal water bottle costs.   

Refund Policy

The sales page of their website says that they offer their customers a 100% Three Year Warranty, which states that your “water pitcher will arrive intact and function perfectly once installed.

Otherwise, defective parts will be replaced for free. Filters, however, should always be replaced every two months, and wearing out from normal use is not covered under the warranty.” 

Unfortunately, however, it does not appear that they offer their customers any kind of standard Refund Policy at this time. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at
1-844-373-5824 or by email at [email protected] 


Unfortunately there simply aren’t any reviews for this product at this time, as it appears to be a fairly new product.

There also aren’t that many health reports or studies that have been published discussing the health benefits of hydrogenated water, save for a study conducted and published by the National Institute of Health which showed that hydrogen rich water was able to improve energy levels in cancer patients, though it didn’t show any other measurable health improvements. 

Customers who are still interested in trying this product for themselves should feel comfortable doing so, however it is important to keep in mind before making this purchase that there is no way to receive a refund for this product.       

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different water filtration products that customers will be able to find, including those that are mobile, those that are intended for home filtration systems, such as Pelican Water Systems, AquaTru, and others, and some of them even make similar health claims to the Turapur Pitcher. 

If you have any experience with the Turapur Pitcher, please leave your reviews below.

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Turapur Pitcher Customer Reviews

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Black stuff going out from the filter!
March 22, 2021

There is a lot of black stuff coming out of the new filter I was trying to change!! Wow! I have been drinking this black stuff over half year?! I am scared now. I went online to see some reviews about this product, and got more scared.

Some say it's a hoax. I called the phone number trying to return the product, just the new filters that auto shipped in, but the lady on the phone was very cold and not helpful. She said I had to pay for the shipping myself and once they receive this back they will refund me, only this new filters that are not opened.

Wow. Run away from this product. I need to stop this.

Turapur: Bad Customer Service
August 7, 2019

I wanted to buy this Turapur water filter after watching the video. But I wanted to know what it filters OUT. The video was clear about what it PUTS INTO the water: hydrogen ions. Customer service could not tell me what it filters out.

All they said is it removes "bad tastes and smells." I pointed out that bad tastes and smells come from chemicals and other substances in the water. They interrupted me when I said this. They could not tell me what was filtered out chemically.

I tried to tell the supervisor I was by this time talking to that most carbon filters filter out chlorine, flourine, bacteria, possibly some drugs.

They account for "bad smell and taste," so does Turapur filter these out? She did not know, kept interrupting me. I told her she had bad communication skills and hung up. My Rx? Stay clear of this product!

December 11, 2018

This product arrived, unordered in a plain box, with a bill for over $100 which I can't find right now. I checked my charge card I use all the time and it hasn't be charged to me yet. I've tried telephoning but all I get is "I can't hear you."

I will not send it back until I get a statement that if they ever bill me I will receive an immediate refund and they will send me a prepaid return label before I return it. WHS.

JuliaMachacek Hodgson January 26, 2019

yeah but, did you use it? Did it work?

Water-Water Everywhere But !!.................
October 2, 2018

That 'ol saying applies here. If 'they' build it, some numbskull will buy it. This 'pitcher' and its errant advertising, is for the gullible and they'll sell a few for a while, til the public finally 'gets it' and realizes they've bought a pig'n a poke.

Where's the FTC, or Any Consumer Protection agency, when these products show up on the net, or anywhere else?

The ONLY processed water, on Earth that does what it says it does, by opening up the Hydrogen bond angle to 113.8degs., penetrates a membrane, increasing blood flow, and raising electrons 3000x greater than ordinary distilled water IS Ellis Water, aka DDW,[ Deuterium Depleted Water] or Light Water. with 13 Int'l. patents and 332 FDA studies, and authenticated by UCLA, Dow Corning, and used by countless Corporations, including; Los Alamos, Sloan Kettering, John Hopkins, Dole, & MDs & Researchers worldwide.

Note; I am NOT a spokesperson for anyone but, myself. I am an independent Water-Treatment Specialist of 30yrs. and don't like seeing water products nor any other product on the market, taking advantage of the public, for a buck or peoples health [.]

RichardBosserman January 27, 2019

If your going to write about a product, why don't you try the product first. Its not much more than a standard filter pitcher, so whats the big deal?

GeorgeMalsch September 09, 2019

As a 63yr old man that works out 5 times a week I am not happy with the taste of the water, the length of time to pour water out of the pitcher! I do not feel any different than I did using my Brita filtered system! I do not reccomend this product!

Total scam
January 5, 2017

any scientist knows that this filter does not support their claims: “… part of [TuraPur’s Pitcher] is made of metallic magnesium, which, they tell us, reacts with water to release hydrogen gas, of which a minute quantity dissolves in water: Mg + 2 H2O → Mg(OH)2 + H2.

What they don't tell you, as any chemist could, is that this reaction only takes place when the H2O is in the form of steam; Mg does not react with water at room temperature. Another example of exploiting the scientifically ignorant.”

Bot April 27, 2017

Steve Casey: How did they rig the demonstration to show negative numbers for TuraPur's water as compared with positive values for all other types of filtered water?

RuthWest December 07, 2018

I also would like an answer to this.

Steve Casey December 08, 2018

Unless you are in a lab setting, with precise and pristine instruments, it's easy to coat the instruments with a substance to affect the outcome. I guess you are equally enthralled with magicians and believe magic is real too.

Steve Casey December 08, 2018

And I suppose you watch magicians and believe magic exists.

RichardBosserman January 27, 2019

My comment is the same as I wrote above, its not much more in price than a standard filter pitcher, so try it and then write your opinion. The field of science is so full of lies and self indulgent ideas we don't believe half of what you guys tell us. Lets take the speed of light for an example, its slowing down, and even though there is a mountain of data to prove it, its still being denied. Pardon my sentence structure mistakes, its my weak point.

Steve Casey February 05, 2019

The speed of light argument is invalid. Quantum Entanglement and other factors make an argument for the speed of light changing, among other factors. That is completely different than plain physics, so I stand by my original statement.

Turapur water filter pitcher
September 20, 2016

This filter seems to work well. Don't know about whether the hydrogen is actually affected, but it does change the "feel" and taste of the water. I already use a charcoal filter on my faucet and then use the Turapur pitcher.

They tell you to clean the filter at least once a week with a vinegar and water solution. It was easy to do, just run the solution through a couple times. There was a difference in the rate of flow through the filter, suggesting it was cleaning it.

Their autoship program can be cancelled and you can order at your own rate. Customer service was good. As I said, this seems to affect my already filtered water for the better and I am happy with it.

Sylvia Taylor December 15, 2016

I have done my homework on this product, trying to find out if it is a scam or not! I just ordered it and am looking forward to better tasting water and some health benefits! I has to be safer then bottled water! So far I have read all comments and other sites mentioning Turapur, it is worth the money to try it...all the other filters may not perform as well as this Turapur does! Remember now if you are searching for any scam articles on this make sure you check the spelling...some say Tirapur, it is not the same thing! I ordered just the pitcher and the filters that come with it for now! If I am happy with it, I will stay with the orders of every 6 months for $45.00 it is well worth the money if it works well...gosh one spends more then that a month for bottled water with contaminants..with would you rather take a chance on ....dirty water from the tap and bottled water that is dirty too or try a Turapur! I am going with the Turapur pitcher! I will leave a comment after I have tried it for a month and let you know what I think about it! There are lots of articles on this filtration pitcher and so far they are all good! I feel confident in the fact I ordered it! What do you have to lose...perhaps will have lots to gain! S. Taylor

Maureen April 23, 2017

Hi Sylvia,

I would be interested in finding out how you Turapur experience is going? I'm interested in purchasing the pitcher but I'm still researching the item.



Bot April 27, 2017

Does the Magnesium Hydroxide contribute to diarrhea?

Nalani May 19, 2017

Sylvia have you had results? According to the date you wrote your information we are waiting on your opinion or maybe it didn't work out. Did you forget to come back? Well like you said it is cheap enough to try it out. At least you can cancel hopefully with no problems. You know how some company's keep charging your card regardless of your cancellation

RuthWest December 07, 2018

Sylvia was probably a paid reviewer.

I like the taste of the water. I don't know about hydrolyzing and health benefits, but I do like the taste.

What I DON'T like is the shape. I don't know what moron thought an almost-square was a good shape but it's horrible. If you accidentally put the insert in the wrong way, good luck getting it out. Worse than that is that it doesn't pour, because the square shape doesn't allow air in as fast as you'd like to pour. I take the insert out in order to pour it -- it's a whole lot faster.

It is easy, however, to cancel the automatic shipment.