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About TuneCore

TuneCore, found online at TuneCore.com, is a company who says their goal is to give artists equal access to digital music distribution and global publishing administration because they believe independence is the new music industry. 

TuneCore promises that artists who distribute their music using their service will get to keep 100% of their rights, and will receive 100% of the money that is made from the sales of their music.

How Does It Work?

Creating an account with TuneCore is completely free to begin with. Once you have established your account, you will have an opportunity to create a single, an album, or a ringtone.

Once your music is created and the services are paid for, you can begin distributing through major retailers like iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and many more. Once your music has been released for distribution it will begin appearing as early as 24 hours later in certain venues, anywhere between 3-7 days in others, and still longer in others. It depends on their individual company policies. 


Cost/Price Plans

The cost of the creation and year long distribution of a single is $9.99, $19.99 for a ringtone, and $29.99 for a whole album. These fees change if you choose to maintain distribution longer than a single year.

There is a one time fee of $75 for Publishing Administration if that is a service that you are interested. 

Mobile Options

TuneCore utilizes mobile applications in as much as their distribution will go through popular music mobile applications like Spotify.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately the Terms and Conditions of this website clearly state that refunds will not be given for any fees associated with the creation of and submission of music to their distribution network.

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently it appears that the only way for members to contact Customer Service is by submitting their questions, concerns, or issues directly to the website using their submission form - there is no mailing address or telephone number published on the website.


In general TuneCore seems to have a positive reputation, especially because the musicians that use their website do get 100% of the net sales generated by their music. However there have been some complaints regarding artists whose accounts have been frozen - in response TuneCore has said that this often takes place because an artist has sampled either music or lyrics without following proper licensing and copywrite laws, so this is something to be aware of.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are a few different companies that offer similar distribution services, like CD Baby and Ditto Music.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your TuneCore reviews below.

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tunecore are liars and theives
November 26, 2015

I narrate my experience with tunecore, bmi, and Nielsen soundscan in sadness. I had a very terrible experience with tunecore, bmi, and Nielsen soundscan. It started in 2011 I went to the internet to make my music career better because most of the musician go to the internet to promote their music. First I stumbled on tunecore without making proper research on the scam company, so I was excited that this company will help me distribute my music all over the world for people to hear my voice not knowing that they are nothing but thieves and liars. First they will tell you to sign up for free and distribute you music all over the world, then the next thing they do is to tell you to do is sign up for bmi account to help with the royalty collection. Once you have signed up for the bmi account which is not a free sign up they will ask you to link the account together. The moment you link the account together you have lost control of your royalty. They fill the royalty for you and dividing the money made from the royalty into two and also make sure that you don’t get a cent from your money. The next thing they do is to show more stores that you need to sign up for.

Now let talk about ‘‘BMI’’. Once you notice that you don’t have control over your royalty, you try telling them to unlink your BMI account from your TUNECORE account. BMI will tell you that they can’t unlink the both account because if they do tunecore will stop to bring artist to their website for signup. So they simply tell you that they can’t, which is another lie. That’s what they did to me. So I wrote to tunecore demanding that they separate the accounts, tunecore told me that I have record contract with them and that it cannot be terminated, so they refuse to unlink the account. All of sudden Tunecore has changed from music Distribution Company to a record label. Tunecore and bmi are in this together and tunecore is the one in charge of the scam game.

Nielsen soundscan is the company that tracks the sale of music and other media in America. For some time now I have been doing my research to find other company in America apart from Nielsen soundscan that can track my song but I find none. That is why they can lie about the sales data result in American and no one can find out because most news media get their report from them. I registered all the songs I published in the internet with soundscan for tracking but when the time comes for tracking the sales of my songs they tell me that they can’t find my songs. I registered UPC and isrc code of my song with soundscan. I also uploaded all the songs I published in the internet in mp3 format for encoding so they can also track the airplay of my song. Nielsen soundscan refuses to track the sales data, airplay data and the streaming data of all the songs I published in the internet. Whenever I ask them for sale report they tell me I made no sale, if I ask for streaming and airplay report they tell me that have they can’t find the song I uploaded into the bds account they created for me because they have deleted it on purpose, they also keep asking me to re upload so tracking of the previous ones will be forgotten and be counted as new upload. They also try to scare you away with their price for tracking; they do this because they are in the scam game with tunecore because if you don’t have proof of the sell of your music how can you fight for your money.

Everybody is talking about how tunecore dealt with them, but no one is talking about how to deal with tunecore. My tunecore account that was linked to bmi account was separated by the help of the BBB. So if you happen to be one of the victims of tunecore, you make your report to RIPOFF,BBB ,FBI, e.t.c. Making this report will not make any difference so ask them to delete or close your account. They will ignore you because they did it to me. I believe that once your account is still open they will continue making money from your music. So ask them to close the account or delete the account from their website. If they ignore you then you do a WHOIS search on tunecore to find out who is hosting their website and their admin e-mail, send a message to admin email requesting that they close your account. Also send an email to the hosting company narrating your ordeal with tunecore and plead for their assistance in helping to close your account with tunecore. If all the victims of tunecore will report to the hosting company, I think they might help in their own little way. Go to Google and type “WHOIS TUNECORE” you will see the company that is hosting their website and report the abuse to them and also send email to admin email and request they close your account.