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One of the biggest and most frequent financial problems of American college or university graduates is their student loan debt.

In average, they need around 20 years to pay it off and they would gladly stay with an employer for even as long as five years if they helped them reduce the debt through a perks program, or something of the kind.

The founder of was one of the people dealing with this problem. However, he thought of a way to help himself and the others and thus, was born.


This is a platform which helps employees, ex-students and their employers organize and set up a benefits program for the respective employees, which would financially aid their student debt repayment.

Whichever loan is in question, the cheerful team at claims that their platform - with its rapidly growing popularity - will help you manage the costs and other intricacies included.

More importantly, everything is transparent. Every step of the way towards one’s economic freedom is available for both the employee and the employer to inspect. Moreover, they are being provided with maximum support throughout this arduous journey.

However, you might wonder:

Is safe?

The answer is - they say it’s as safe as it gets. Not only do they have a close collaboration with servicers so as to make sure your money goes where it needs to, they also encrypt all their data, end-to-end, so nothing can leak.

This claim of top notch safety is further supported by the ISO 27001 security accreditation they’ve earned in 2017. So, their safety measures seem legit.

How Does It Work?

For Employees

Your employer makes the first move: they have to launch your personal perk. This gives you the opportunity to connect all of your debts out there to this tool in order to keep a better record of their amount and your employer’s help in diminishing it.

The experts in the team behind this portal even offer guidance for you to choose the program which best suits your needs and aims.

For Employers

The platform is said to offer flexible programs and it boasts the option to set up wholly personalized plans for each business, employer and employee.

They will work with firms no matter the scope of their business and they will make a benefits plan after detailed consultations with you. So, you will design the perks eligibility check-list and the eligible employees list – nothing will go by without your approval.

The platform is completely adaptable to your demands and needs. However, you won’t be doing all this choosing and planning by yourself. There is a team that will work with and for you all the time.

They will take care of all the technical nuisances – everything from launching personal programs, to transferring funds, to aid employees’ debt repayment. You will also be able to see the workers’ reports and how satisfied they are with the plan.

They will, on the other hand, have insight into your monthly actions and contributions and, of course, where they stand with the loans repayment.

This is not only a great way to attract new struggling employees, but also to increase the fidelity of your current workers and show them you care about their real needs.

Cost and Price Plans

There are no limitations and uniformity. As already mentioned, if you are an employer, you pick out the ideal employees to receive the perk of loan repayment help and you select what the benefits program for each individual worker will include.

The app is there only as a tool for putting your ideas into action.

Customer Service

If you happen to have any questions or requests for help with managing the application or your contributions program, you will be able to reach the clients’ support team via email, on the address [email protected], or call them on the phone number 855-353-9395.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most of the clients are satisfied not only with the general effect on their loan repayment struggle, but also with certain features on the platform itself.

Many people love being able to connect all the info on all the debts in one place, while also getting additional advice on how to save up some money with personalized programs.

However, one of the negative sides of the application is, at the same time, one of its best features – the fact that it lets you make your monthly fee as high or as low as you want.

What’s bad about it is the fact that you are able to lower the repayment fee so as to help your current day-to-day finances, but it makes things way worse in the long run.

Competitors and Alternatives vs Student Loan Genius and Gradifi

Student Loan Genius and Gradifi are tools for helping employees return their student loan. They are promoted as great ways to attract new, young, millennial employees who are still struggling with their student debt.

However, unlike, they haven’t included the actual employees in the equation, i.e. they don’t mention how they will or won’t be able to overlook their loans repayment stadium.

Since the lack of this feature instantly affects the transparency of the whole process, it doesn’t really seem like a user-friendly platform for both of the parties in the employer-employee relationship. vs

While the two above-mentioned applications target employers, Mint’s targeted customers are basically all the people who want to organize their spending. It is constantly updated and lets you know what’s happening with your bank accounts as well as various funds and loans.

However, it isn’t specifically oriented towards helping you return your biggest burden of all – the student loan. Also, there are no implications if it can be used in the business environment in the way can.

So, although it might be great for your personal organization, it is not something you’d consider when explicitly aiming to repay your student debt in the framework of business benefits.

Where to Buy?

The website,,  is quite comprehensive and there are links to anything you might need or want to know. That’s where you’ll get all the information on what it takes to launch your personal program as well.


When it comes to the general management of your expenses, this application is just another fine tool for better organization in your life.

However, if you are an employer who wishes to attract worthy employees by offering targeted and personalized perks, or if you are an employee who is in need of such a perk which would aid student loan repayment, this is perfect for you.

Thanks to the limitless adaptability and customization options as well as all the other upsides, it seems that’s performance tops those of the alternative platforms.

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