About is a new website selling pure green coffee bean extract supplements which they describe as an all natural, effective weight loss enhancer, metabolism booster, and detoxifier.

Recently, the popularity of green coffee bean supplements like Pure Green Coffee and Premium Green Coffee is skyrocketing, due to their promise of being an all natural supplement that will increase your weight loss without any change necessary to your diet or exercise routine.

According to, a study was recently published in a French scientific journal which showed that people who took 400mg of a decaffeinated green coffee extract daily lost 5.7% of their overall weight after 60 days, as opposed to people given a placebo.

The simplest explanation for green coffee beans is that they are plain, unroasted coffee beans. But – unlike traditional coffee beans – unroasted coffee beans contain something called chlorogenic acid, an active weight loss compound that is destroyed during the roasting process. says that this compound can help you reduce cellulite, boost your metabolism without caffeine and the negative side effects some people experience from that, and can help you “clean your colon.”

The website says that many people don’t realize how much waste and toxins are being maintained in their colon at all times – sometimes even up to “40 pounds” of waste. Taking supplements that help flush harmful food debris and toxins from your colon not only aids in weight loss, but helps your body overall.

Customers that are interested in trying this product have the option of signing up for a two week trial for only $4.95 in Shipping & Handling fees. If you decide the supplement isn’t for you, simply return it during the trial period to avoid any further fees.

Customers who wish to keep the supplement, however, will automatically be charged $79.95 at the end of the two week trial, and enrolled in their autoship program. This program will automatically send you another 30 day supply each month, as well as automatically charging your card. Customers may cancel at any time by contacting Customer Service.

If you have any experience with this supplement, please leave your reviews below.

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