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Don't Buy It's a Scam!
August 20, 2021
DON'T BUY! Been using two of these in my 1,800 Sq ft home since May 2020. Absolutely no change in my electric bill. Total Scam. Embarrassed to say they got me for $98.00. DON'T BUY!

December 28, 2020
This is a total scam!!! I lost $49. Their phone number and email is out of service. I will be filing a police report and contacting paypal about a return.

My bill went up
November 13, 2020
I plugged the device into a outlet right by my breaker box I left in plugged in for 90 days. My bill went up each month nearly $20.00. Now it's too late to ask for a refund I doubt weather they would respond to me anyway.

AlexanderWright December 28, 2020

This was a total scam!!! I lost $49.

Complete SCAM! AND They don't honor their own Guarantee
October 16, 2020
This product does not work. When I waited the full 3 months and requested a refund they blew me off. I created a case through PayPal, sent documentation of their bogus guarantee, and weak communications, they declined my claim. These people are CROOKS. Go to their website and see and you'll see. All it says currently is Be Right Back. These people should be ashamed

Yes, its a scam
October 15, 2020

Purchased two units and plugged them in on the first day of my billing cycle. There are only two of us in the house so what we use electronically is about the same every month. For two months our kws were more than the previous year so the units were NOT saving

any electricity. I called and asked to return them and they sent me a return authorization number. Its now been two months since the return and NO refund. They will not answer any emails or return any phone calls. Social media, here I come. Facebook to the rescue.

Trust Power Works
October 2, 2020

I purchased two units and followed instructions in the box. I waited two months ( per instructions). My July 15- August 15 bill was $592.22. My August 15- September 15 was $313.23. I saved $280.00 in one month. I'm a HAPPY camper. The best investment I've ever made.

Thank You,

Timothy Wilson


Trust Power is LEGIT!!!
September 28, 2020

I bought this device on April 6, 2020, in hopes to try to save money during these the Pandemic. I immediately installed two units (plugged them in) using the method suggested, on either end of the house. Here is a breakdown of the savings I have experienced since my April, 2020 bill (please take into consideration that we had replaced our Hvac system last July, but even so, we were NOT experiencing savings like THIS...They only averaged about $15/mo):

Mar to Apr 2020: Saved $42

Apr to May 2020: Saved $38 (it was a cooler month

than the previous year!)

May to Jun 2020: Saved...Wait for it...$150

Jun to Jul 2020: Saved $153

and this month, Jul to Aug 2020: Saved $182

As I said before, these numbers are skewed just a little from the HVAC System, but I will take the $135 savings anytime!!!

THANK YOU TrustPower!!!

August 21, 2020

I tried this product for the 3 months. I saw no electricity savings, maybe even slightly higher.

Also, on the circuit that it was installed, I had problems. I tested the outlet, and my tester show that the hoy and neutral were reversed.

Tried technical support, only recording. While I like the idea of clean power, I also have a whole house surge protector on my home. Not sure if that was the conflict.

I was refused refund since slightly over 90 days.

If you want to try it, I have 2 devices. Will sell for $25 each. Contact [email protected]

scam SCAM scam SCAM
August 15, 2020

BE JORDAN August 25, 2020

Big time, my bill actually went and I was using less electricity. I was hoping the bill would go down enough to pay for the device. Even if it took months, because then it would be worth it. of course, it was too late for me to return it as I was waiting several months for it to work.

Trust Power SCAM!!!
August 14, 2020

After 85 day trying this product I sent them back via UPS Ground. They received the product and they never answer back my e-mails. About 4 week ago I still sending emails and making phone calls and still NOTHING!!!


August 13, 2020

GaryHayden August 15, 2020

went to there web site and there is no web now says sold out sent all my emails to atty for refund and atty gen office must b like biden took my money and run

RhondaSchubert August 16, 2020

Think I am now in the same boat.....Biden took it and ran.

It was not much $$ but these SOB's must be stopped. Stay in your own country and scam your own dummies?

TrustPower Scam
July 31, 2020
They guaranteed that if it didn't save us money on our electric bill, that they would refund our money. I tried the dsevices for 89 days, and my electric bill was higher by about $50 each month, compared to the same months last year. I called the phone number about 10 times, and got a r3ecording that everyone was busy helping other customers, so please leve your name and number, someone would return your call in a few minutes. I never got a call back. I theen tried the email to customer support, and the only thing that I got back from them is that i was way over the 100 days trial, and then I wrote back showing them where I only tried it for 89 days, and I have never heard back from them . This company is the biggest SCAM company that I have ever seen. Don't trust them even though they have Trust in their name.

July 30, 2020

Product did nothing to reduce my electricity costs. Actually my electric bill increased every month and was averaging $50 above last years electricity bills.I contacted company to return product and was told I had exceeded the 90 day return policy. On the instructions in the box with the unit it states "START SAVING! see your bill drop in as little as 3 months". However you can't return it if you see no improvement or reduction in you electricity costs after 90 days.

Also these type of devices are listed as a scam at the Truth or Fiction website, stating targeting the elderly. BUYER BEWARE!!!