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1 Review They sell reviews

February4, 2016

Yes, exactly, they sell reviews. I do own a web hosting company since 1998, weeks a go we discover that our competitors is having good reviews from their site and we go for see how that works. To my surprise, five minutes after having registered my own company website the TRUSTPILOT call me, yes, such a Rob Love "[email protected]" and started a polite conversation about new business? !! Completely no sense! Last three minutes of it loose talk, then he just shoots: Asking If we had interest in staying well positioned in the TrustPilot with more good reviews instead of bad.. blabla. I just hungup on his face, also, I tried to delete my company website from their system but was not possible, they don´t let you do that! So, in conclusion, the TrustPilot is a site with a lot of false content and FAKE reviews. JUST don´t believe, run way...!

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Terrible Business Practices

February3, 2015

I am not exactly sure what type of formal business education the people have who started this company, but they have very questionable business practices. I opened an account and reviewed several sites. About a week later, I get an e-mail. Now, later down the line they tell me that they have the right to request validation of any review, which is fine. However, the tone of this e-mail was accusatory and basically said I fudged the review. I am so confused at this point as to why they singled out that one company and why their policy is to send an e-mail of that nature. Anyway, I promptly provide them with my invoice. A few days later they write me back saying "We can't see where the e-mail was sent from." I'm like ??? Are these people joking me? They just don't give up. I forward them the e-mail with all the forwarding data plan to see. They e-mail me AGAIN saying that they need a PDF or a Print screen. I said I sent you print screen and you didn't like it. I can send you a PDF but you're still not going to like it. Good riddance people! This was just crazy. Why on Earth would I do ALL of that just to post a review on a company. I felt like I was being interrogated. I wanted to clear my name, but to he** with these people. Honestly!

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June 18, 2015

I had a similiar experience with them. Funny how the do not require proof for a positve review but for a negative one they do.

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