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About Trustbo CBD

If you’re seeking relief from anxiety, joint aches, migraines, insomnia - just about anything, it seems!  - what many holistic medicine advocates recommend is CBD.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an oil derived from the cannabis plant that can help with a variety of conditions. It can be taken as an oil or a capsule but is packaged in many other forms, too, such as salves, balms, and even dog treats!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that people have been benefiting from the healing power of CBD for centuries, it’s only recently become a topic of medical interest. Therefore, it’s difficult to find reliable information when it comes to finding products that are known to work.

There are a lot of CBD companies out there - but which ones are legit? In this review, we’ll tell you about Trustbo CBD - and whether this new company is worth your consideration when you’re on the hunt for CBD capsules.

How Does it Work?

Trustbo CBD is yet another CBD company that specializes in CBD capsules. The CBD is hemp-derived and full-spectrum, grown on sustainable hemp farms in the United States. Trustbo doesn’t give a specific location for its farms, but does mention that they are “like those” outside of Lexington, Kentucky.

The company is vertically integrated so that every step of the planting, harvesting, and bottling is controlled in-house, getting the CBD capsules from farm to table with a quality guarantee. The CBD capsules are subjected to rigorous third-party testing and federal compliance to make sure they are pure and safe.

The full-spectrum CBD extracts are also tested for pesticides, herbicides, mold, pathogens, and heavy metals before they make it to your capsules. They are convenient to take as they are offered in a capsule form and not messy in the slightest. Each capsule is about 15 milligrams. You can take one Trust To CBD capsule per day on an empty stomach, with the bottles containing about 30 servings each.

The capsules are also free from stimulants and caffeine.

Cost and Price Plans

You will have several purchasing options when it comes to buying bottles of Trust CBD capsules.

You can purchase one bottle for a total price of $49. You can buy three for $42 per bottle, or a total of $126. Finally, you can buy six bottles for $34 apiece, which will bring your total price to $204.

Trustco CBD also offers free “gifts” with your purchase. You will get three free special reports - 13 Foods to Ease Stress, 13 Things to Avoid for a Better Night’s Sleep, and 10 Superfoods for Superior Joints.

Competitors and Alternatives

Trustbo isn’t the only company that specializes in CBD capsules. There are quite a few others that you should consider, many of which are offered by reputable manufacturers.

One is Joy Organics CBD. These CBD capsules are guaranteed to be THC-free and are made out of broad-spectrum CBD oil. You can choose between a dose of 10 or 25 milligrams and you’ll get 30 servings per bottle.

Another option is a bottle of Hemp CBD Capsules from Bluebird Botanicals. These start at 15 milligrams per capsule and are also sold in a 30-count bottle. The nicest feature of Bluebird Botanicals is that all capsules are tested by a third-party laboratory to make sure all safety and quality standards are met.

You might also consider Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Capsules. These capsules are designed to provide relief from a variety of symptoms. You’ll get 10 milligrams per package and each bottle comes in a 60-dose form. All capsules are organically grown on non-GMO farms. In addition, these capsules and the company are backed by thousands of satisfied customer reviews, too.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

We’re always skeptical of websites that claim that their products are part of a “limited time offer.” You’re going to stop selling them as soon as I leave the page? Trustbo CBD’s website is a bit disconcerting, as it’s filled with these special offers.

It’s also difficult to find reliable information about them anywhere else online.

Although the company’s website is loaded with positive customer reviews, such as, “I am pleased with the product as it has helped me in several ways. All in all, I think this is a good product that many will find helpful” and “NO side effects at all with CBD except good effects… the list is huge. It has been a life changer for me,” there are no negative reviews at all - which makes us a bit worried about the legitimacy of this product.

Customer Service

It can be difficult to find information about how to get in touch with Trustbo CBD’s customer service. It’s unclear to whom the company belongs. You can get in touch via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-604-4457.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase this product directly from the company’s website.

Is It Worth It?

Trustbo's website leaves a lot to be desired, and it leaves us asking a lot of questions. For starters, its website isn’t so much a company website but instead a difficult-to-read advert that doesn’t give us a lot of confidence in the manufacturer. It’s filled with ads and gimmicks and it’s tough to find out how to get more information about this company.

With plenty of alternatives to choose from when it comes to CBD capsules, it would probably be best to steer clear of Trustbo CBD.

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