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Trunk Club, found online at, is a website dedicated to helping men discover “awesome” brand name and designer clothes that are perfect for them without ever having to shop.

According to the website, many men find shopping – whether in stores or online – overwhelming, inconvenient, and time consuming. Trunk Club was established in 2009 to give men a chance to own stylish clothes without the hassle.

Instead, you will have a real life stylist – not a computer program – choose wardrobe options for you and send them directly to your home. You can sign up for their services without any membership fees, purchase minimums, or long term commitments, but you must first complete their style profile.

This profile has you look at pictures of outfits to show what kind of clothes you currently wear, what kinds of outfits you would wear, what kinds of stores you either currently shop at or would be willing to shop at, and then provide them with your personal measurements.

A stylist will then choose your personal trunk of clothes and ship it directly to your door. This trunk will contain 6-8 items, including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes. You can then try on the clothes in the comfort of your own home and you have ten days to send whatever items you do not want to purchase back to the company with a pre-paid shipping label.

Their shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes and accessories start out at prices around $80, and jackets and outerwear starting at $250. T-shirts, henleys, and undershirts start at $40. You can discuss your budget with your stylist so then can best suit your needs.

Once you have decided which items you would like to keep and which you would like to send back, you just re-pack the trunk and drop it off at FedEx store or call FedEx directly and have them pick up the package at your door.

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