About is considered one of the largest online residential real estate websites for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals to use for a variety of purposes. There are properties for sale and rent, parcel listings, neighborhood information, community insights and a variety of specified area statistic reports.
Agents who want to place postings on must pay for the number of listings they wish to post each month. There are three basic listing packages; for 1 listing per month the cost is $19.99, to post 3 listings per month it is $39.99, and posting 10 listings in one month costs $69.99. Agents who choose to list homes on Trulia benefit because it helps them drive traffic to their clients’ listings, it draws in more leads and only that individual agent is advertised on the listing page. 
Homeowners can post their home on for free. A prominent feature afforded to these individuals is the sites capabilities enabling them to create a captivating listing. One highly mentionable feature is the homeowner’s ability to upload as many pictures of their home as they’d like. These photos are compiled and displayed in a slide show format. Included in the wealth of details that can be submitted for the listing, owners can post their contact info and open house schedules. 
Zillow and Trulia have a similar concept which is offering a large database of homes for consumers to browse through. They have added search filters to narrow down options to a highly specified selection of homes to browse. In fact, Trulia is praised for their search filters because they extend beyond the standardized ones. 
Trulia and Zillow both have been noted for many inaccuracies contained within their listings. This may be due to the sources from where they gather and pull data from. In fact many of their listings come from third party sources not connected to the MLS system. Interested homebuyers browsing Trulia and Zillow’s database discovered there were a slew inactive and many which had already been sold.
This is much different than the route used by Redfin to generate listings. Redfin’s database holds information, refreshed every 15 minutes, pulled from the MLS system or posted by their agents. This means their site displays only homes still on the market. 
Trulia is also different than Redfin because it allows homebuyers and sellers to connect without using an agent, technically cutting out the middleman and avoiding high agent fees. Potential homebuyers who are interested in a home found on Redfin’s website must contact the homeowner’s agent; while there are agent fees, they are less than the traditional agents’ fees 
The popularity of Trulia’s website has grown immensely and has since become the most commonly used starting ground for a consumer’s home search.
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Selling you House? Thank you Albert Martinez!!!!

December 3, 2015

I had been trying to get my elderly mother to sell her home and move the 5 hours north closer to me so I could check on her and still keep up with my family. She finally decided she would move from the big city and thanks to Albert Martinez, mom is with me and the process was very quick thanks to Albert going the extra mile to keep me posted and help my mother to know what the process would be. Thank you very much Albert!

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