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TriVita is a company which specializes in products rich in nutrients and vitamins intended to help the average person find targeted health solutions for whatever their personal health concerns may be.

TriVita offers products for people looking for help with weight loss, healthy aging, and other health issues that can be prevented or relieved through nutritional solutions. They promise that all of their products are made with premium natural ingredients, like their TriVita Nopalea Juice, which helps target chronic inflammation through the use of the Nopal cactus and 24 other nutritional ingredients.

In addition to providing a wide range of “high quality” nutritional and dietary supplements, TriVita also offers an independent business opportunity to people living in Canada, and the US, as well as certain countries in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

This independent business is a multi level marketing, or MLM, opportunity, which means that you have two different ways to earn income. First, you make money through commission of selling their health and wellness products directly to customers.

The second way you earn money is by recruiting new members to also become TriVita sales associates. Sometimes companies will give you a bonus per member you sign up, otherwise MLM companies offer you a percentage of the earnings made by your recruits as an additional income.

Each MLM company has a different earnings matrix, and sometimes this matrix is dependent on the level of member you wish to become. You’ll have to contact TriVita directly for more specific information.

The company does say, however, that they support their Members by providing them with a comprehensive sales and marketing system, including “the latest scientifically validated information through printed publications, email wellness reports,” and through their Online Wellness Center.

For those who may be wondering whether this is legitimate, many health supplement companies offer independent business opportunities to their members, like Monavie. According to TriVita, this is a positive opportunity where people can benefit from building wealth while helping others.

If you have any experience with these products or this company, please leave your TriVita reviews below.

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