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Travelation is Scam 2023 review
October 19, 2023

I purchased the ticket through Travelation in 2023. They did not contact the major flight layover hour change. They do not scam entire ticket, but they are trying to scam partially.

The customer service sounds professional, but they never apologize, provide wrong flight reservation info, constantly lie and not trustable. They charge me extra for flight difference from original and new flight due to the flight condition of our flight changed.

They lie that the payment that I made before is used for the reissuance fee, which is a complete lie, and refused to give me refund.

What a joke of a comment
June 5, 2023
I woke this morning to a charge of 317.07 charged to my bank account through my debit card. Somehow someone used my information to plan a trip. They did the charge on June 5, today and I caught it by 8:30 this morning. They claim that they can’t stop or decline this charge. They participated in this as much as the person doing the fraud. They should have checked it out somehow before letting it go through. Now the hassle I have to go through and bills that are supposed to go through today are going to be late. What a big scam? If I were y’all, this company should be black balled. They didn’t even apologize.

Scammers!!! Please Avoid!!
September 12, 2022

They will steal your money! They ask for your card info right away, ask for copy of id's, passport, and credit card. they keep increasing the prices for no reason at all.

Also, they say they need a moment to figure things out and will call you back and hang up. After like 30+ minutes, they call you back with another quote. I was quick to realize this was all suspicious when my family was on the phone with the guy and managed to stop the whole thing.

They will hang up on you when you try to cancel/ask for a refund. DO NOT TRUST!

No issues for me
August 29, 2022
I'm not sure why the rating is so low... I use this site all the time & have never had an issue.

Don’t use this TRAVELATION it’s scam!!!!
June 8, 2022


Travelation is scam !


I had horrible experience… I booked tickets but it was wrong date and I canceled my trip, the costumer service gave me fake cancellation number, I waited whole week but they didn’t return my money back and I waited whole month they still didn’t return my money I will take legal action shouldn’t be like that..!

Read please
July 7, 2021

On June 21, Bought 05 tickets from Cancun to DF Mexico at first my wife credit card was declined so, I used mine which was Robin hood debit card, it went thru. I was happy because it was cheap but later on my wife check her cc and she was charged for the same amount $578.83 so, I called immediately to this number 858-256-7201 and I spoke with someone to did the cancelation and process the refund.

It's been a month and I don't have any refund i spoke with Nataly by phone, she said it's processing and then with iba which she did not tell me anything. Definitely, I am not recommend this web site. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad...... I want to heard back some good news before i take legal action.

Beware! Travelation is a scam agency
September 5, 2017

Travelation will advertise a super low price, then tell you they made the reservation...but they did not. As the date of your flight closes, you will figure out you do not have a ticket. After endless phone calls, they will try and charge you a higher price, or a change fee...classic bait and switch.

Do not be fooled by positive reviews, obviously posted by travelation. If it is too good to be true, it is...if you value your money, stick with the more established agencies or directly with the airline. You are warned!

Travelation is a Complete Hoax!
October 27, 2015

Their trick is the following: you book the flights on their online toll and confirm that the information is correct and then you purchase the tickets. They send you a confirmation email with the reservation number with the wrong dates. So you have to call to make the change and they charge you a super-high fee for making the change.

It is the most deceitful system. Also, costumer service is a boiler room in India, with the most incapable agents, that pretend not to understand what the problem was in the first place.

March 1, 2015
As others have said, you can't buy the ticket online for the quoted price. You are referred to a travel agency that quotes about $100 more. I was desperate for a ticket due to having to get to a funeral in NYC, never booked on line last minute before and wound up spending $30 more than the online price, only because I told them the highest price I was willing to pay. What has travel come to?

This is a Scam
December 9, 2014
Please don"t trust in this company they over charge me.

Just No
October 8, 2014
I booked tickets from this website and they charged me extra. I will definitely not suggest.

Don't trust them
October 7, 2014

On 10/2/14, I tried to book a flight on their website, but when I was about to pay, it was no longer available, so I chatted with someone online. At the end she gave me a link to book the flight at a higher price, but still was cheaper then other deals I've found.

Immediately I received an email saying that I should get a confirmation email within 24 hours, which I didn't receive, so I called them and asked, they then sent the confirmation email to me, and it even has a link to see my flight details, all seemed set.

On 10/7/14, I checked my credit card, but found no related transaction, so I called them again. I was told the price went up, so I need to spend $150 more to book the same flight! While on the phone with them I was also checking online to see if I can find other deals.

(The round trip flights I booked with them have 1 stop each way, and I found something better: non-stop flights for only $50 more.)

They insisted that I either need to pay more or change my travel dates. No longer want to deal with them, I asked to cancel my booking, and they said if I do that the airline would charge me cancellation fee. Of course I refused to pay any fee, and told them that I found another flight that's way better, they said they were willing to book that same flight at the matching price. BUT, they also wanted to charge me $15 service fee. I thought it was so ridiculous, why should I pay for their mistake? So I insisted that they cancel my flights, and that person said to me with a rude attitude "Ok ma'am you go ahead and do that!" And immediately he hung up on me!

So the lesson is never to trust this company! If I hadn't checked my credit card transaction, I would probably show up at the airline counter and found out that I can't get on the flight because my booking was never existent! Later I went and searched other user reviews, and there were plenty of people who had this happened on them!

And as for the cancellation fee, that was totally a lie. Since I never paid and my booking was never confirmed, there was no ticket issued at all. After certain number of days, the airline would simply cancel that booking, to open up the spots to other travelers.

I really thank God that I found this out early and was able to book another flight, otherwise not only my travel plans will be ruined, I would loose a job that means a lot to me.

Terrible Travelation!
March 15, 2014

I booked 4 RT tickets to go overseas. The price quoted was fair to good. We were booked on Alaska air and KAL. I paid Travelation via credit card. I received booking confirmation from Travelation .

A few days after booking and travelation conformation I contacted both airlines to arrange our seating. Both Alaska air and Korean air tole me the had received reservation but tickets had not been payed for by travelation . I called travelation and was told that all would be taken care of.

The next day I contacted both airlines and was tole the reservations had been canceled by travelation. In contacting the travelation customer care phone# ( boiler room in India} I was told the reason for cancellation was that the tickets at that price had been sold out. I contacted credit card co and canceled payment.

Re-booked same flights on kyak travel for $7.00 less and no fee. Never received cancellation notice from Travelation. How they stay in business is a mystery . Kyak has my business from now on.

Good one- satisfactory
January 30, 2013

I was looking for an urgent flight to Boston to see my mom who was admitted in hospital. I searched many sites but could not find a flight at my departure time. Then I came through this site travelation. I saw some very good discounts and I called them.

The customer care guy was very helpful and polite. When i told him about my problem, he got me flight with the cheapest price within minutes . I am very happy with their service. I am really thankful to travelation.

Great Discount from
January 3, 2013

I have booked 2 tickets from as they gave me very good price . Actually they are giving $15 off per person . I have booked a trip with my wife. So, I got $30 off. I don't know whether they are scam or not . Hope everything will go well.

Justine January 09, 2013

Yes , Jack go ahead . I had booked a ticket last year in November and it was very fine. I did not get such discount , but they gave me the cheapest price.

Avoid TRAVELATION at all cost!
December 22, 2012
TRAVELATION uses classic bait and switch tactics. Do not be fooled by low advertised prices. You will end up paying much higher as you get forced into either higher prices, or cancellation fees, after you book. I filed a grievance with the BBB and the California State AG, who is looking into this company. Stick with more established sites such as Orbitz or Travelocity.

October 11, 2012

TRAVELATION is a scam. Do not use if you value your money. They will bait and switch you. My one way flight from Berlin to Chicago went from $806 to $1065. They did not email me a confirmation when I bought the ticket. When I called within hours of booking, they said my address did not match my credit card and the cost was increased by $230.

They threatened a $200 penalty if I did not buy the higher priced ticket because of my address "mistake". Air Berlin sent me an email several weeks after the trip confirming the total price of the ticket was $833. Travelation kept the remaining $230 as a commission. Strongly recommend you do not use TRAVELATION when making your travel plans.

Scam, dont waste your time...Bait and Switch
October 6, 2012

Travelation (heads UP!)

10/4/12 9:00 p.m.

I posted a search for a flight from Washington to Myrtle Beach, most of the returned responses were for $385 on up, except for one by Travelation at $252.60, ID # 470451751 this was a 6am flight out of National, Wash D.C. arriving by 11am in Myrtle Beach, the information on the web site noted that you had to contact the call center to book it, not the internet.

I called the number listed, within moments of getting my response back, and spoke to a service representative who told me the $252.60 rate was no longer available and the next thing available was one at $338. I said WOW that was a pretty big jump and that I had just received the information on the web, seconds ago!

He told me their web site is updated by the Airlines and that they have no control over pricing of the tickets, and that the rate/ seat was no longer available.

I immediately asked for a manager, was directed to a gentleman named Roddy? Who went at great lengths to explain to me how their web information is solely driven by the Airlines and that they have “no control” over available seats and the pricing of those seats. Well I believed this and explained that I had a HORRIBLE experience with “CHEAPO air” and had cause and previous bad experiences that made me leery of false promises. At Cheapo, I had problem after problem but I was able to get it fixed at a cost - a tremendous amount of time with very poorly trained or managed people. Back to Roddy, he confirmed the previous service reps’ information stating that all the $252 seats were gone, and the best he could do was $338. He told me Travelation was run by LBF Inc., and they have been in business for 10years plus and told me that if they were switching pricing they would not be in business long! I asked if they ever had a different business name in those 10 years and he began to mumble something inaudible. At this point I told him I would do some more research and get back to him in the morning!

The next morning, I contacted a travel agent inquiring about a one way flight from National via Delta to Myrtle Beach, she confirmed that there was that flight for $252., but it was at 6am, most importantly it was AVAILABLE, still! Although the even better news was that the travel agent was able to secure my ticket for $272.60 a connecting flight. So I am booked, at a better flight time and for a mere $20 more, I also attempted to secure the same ticket on Travelation for ID # 470364819 and # 470619208 at 9:14pm.

In my experience and my opinion, my experience with Travelation, was a classic example of an attempted Bait and Switch, by Travelation. Avoid these people at all costs.

Maireadv October 10, 2012

Thanks for the information, I saw a flight I was tempted to book, but wanted to check out Travelation. I will definitely stay away.

Marazek October 21, 2012

I got a ticket and sent the requested documents (including passport copy, credit card authorization and copy of credit card!!!) I received the itinerary -BEFORE issuing the ticket- with my name misspelled. I immediately called and emailed to correct my name (They also had my passport copy!) An Indian lady answered me and assured me that she will make the change. The next day they issued the ticket with the wrong name again!!

I called back, I asked to change the name, they said that there will be an extra charge of US $200. I said I called & emailed you BEFORE issuing the ticket to correct the name. Why I should pay for your reckless job?!! They said we don't have any record of your emails!!! I said OK, can I cancel this purchase? They said Yes, but there will be an extra charge of $200!! Those b^astards left me with no choice and I had to pay that extra amount!!!

Marazek October 21, 2012

They'll rip you off!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS. You end up paying more!!!