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November 3, 2015


Transferwise accept your money and THEN ask for your ID. Therein lies the problem for many. If your passport has expired, your driver's licence has includes your maiden name, or there are 'problems' with the website, your ID will not be accepted and there may be considerable delays receiving your money back. And WHO gets the interest on your money in the meantime? I EMPHATICALLY would not recommend using this method.

Richard S August 05, 2016

Beware of what ! This complaint?

Amanda refers to the once-off identification process when setting up an account on Transferwise before you do the first transfer.

They, and other finance companies are obliged by law to prove that their customers are who they say they are e.g.

if the passport has expired, it's not valid (actually it's useless) and wont be accepted by anyone

if the driver's licence shows your maiden name, it's not valid and wont be accepted by anyone ("Yes officer I know my license says Ms X, but I'm actually Mrs Y)

Like many things, it is a bit of a pain the first time and probably not worth it if you are only ever going to send one payment in your life, but after that, you save a lot with every transaction.

JimWilson November 22, 2017

when Transfer wise continually comes up with excuses on time of transfers....its a system gltch....Its a holiday here or there and gets worse and worse with each transfer they have lost their integrity and are just using people money to make money from interest float plus charging the end user a fee. Rip Off!

Great rates & First Transfer Free
August 13, 2015
TransferWise has the best exchange rates and lowest fees I have seen for both personal and business transfers. This company will save you lots of money, and I have never had any problems with them. Transfers are secure and fast.