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Trafalgar, found online at, is a travel company which arranges tours of locations across the six major continents and describes themselves as the world’s number one guided vacation operator.

According to their website, their company can provide you with an unforgettable travel experience informed by their over sixty-six years of experience. They claim to have received more travel awards than anyone else in the industry.

While there are many different companies that organize and arrange guided tours in foreign countries, Trafalgar does have offer something different than many other similar companies, which they call their Insider Experiences.

The Insider Experiences cover a wide range of options, from an exclusive invitation to dine with the locals, talking to specialists about the cultures and landscapes you are visiting, and meeting with passionate locals who will tell you stories of their hometowns.

They can also arrange for you to see locals at work to learn about their crafts and wares, visit places of unique cultural significance, and have your Travel Director schedule surprise sight visits and experiences for you.

Trafalgar also arranges tours for a wide range of budgets, from their First Class Itineraries to their Cost Saver Experiences, regardless of the type of trip you hope to plan, Trafalgar promises to do their best to provide it.

Once you have scheduled your trip, the website also offers a wide range of forums and tools you can use to prepare for your trip. They have articles regarding currency exchanges in different countries, transportation arrangements, and reviews of tours from previous guests that tell you what you can expect.

They also have a Community board where you can discuss your upcoming vacations with others; whether they have taken your same trip previously or are planning on taking a similar trip in the future.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Trafalgar reviews below.

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