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Tradesy is a website that offers women a place to resell high quality clothing items they no longer wear in just sixty seconds, as well as a place for women to find great deals on gently used items.  

How Does Tradesy Work? allows women to use their website as a digital marketplace to sell their high quality used clothing and accessories. All brands and items are accepted, as long as they are still in excellent condition. 

Once you've chosen the items you wish to sell, simply photograph them and upload them to your account. They will suggest a price at which to sell the item, or you can name your own.

When someone purchases one of your items, you will be sent a shipping box to simply place your item in and drop it at your shipping center. 

Customers who are interested in purchasing clothing from can treat it like any other online retailer - simply go to their website, choose what brand names or fashion category to search, and find items you're interested in purchasing. 

Cost & Price Plans

Customers who sell clothing items on will take 91% of the sale price, and 9% is given to Tradesy as a commission.

When you withdraw the money you've made from your account to your bank account or PayPal account, there will be a small processing fee. 

Customers purchasing clothing will find a large range of prices on their website, but all costs should be shown before you complete your purchase. 

Refund Policy

Tradesy manages all returns and refunds for customers and sellers. Customers who wish to return an item can do so by completing the return form on their website within 3 days of receiving their order, and physically returning their items within 10 days of receiving their order.

Wedding items have their own Return Policy - users must refer to their website. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 310-912-7966 or by submitting them directly to their website.   


Generally speaking this company seems to receive some mixed reviews, with most negative reviews coming from people who had issues with sellers that they felt was not handled properly by the website.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other companies that offer to purchase and resell quality clothing online, including for adults and Kindermint for children.

If you have any experience with Tradesy or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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What is Going On?
November 23, 2016

The premise of Tradesy has changed. It was a community for mainly girls to sell out of their closet and buy from other fashion lovers. I enjoyed it. I felt a part of the community Tradesy created. It was a fun and safer site compared to EBay for fashion lovers to sell and buy from each other, especially with Tradesy’s sponsored sales. Thanks for those sales Tradesy!

Selling and buying pre-owned purses is nerve-wrecking at times because get over and not rational people participate on both sides. I am grateful and feel lucky with my success on Tradesy. The right buyers that loved my bag and what I offered to them made a good sale. Selling on here was not always a breeze has time went by with all of Tradesy’s changes. I don’t feel a part of their community now and contemplate closing my account. They have changed the premise of their site, and to whom they wanted to mainly provide their service. The service is mainly now for pro-sellers that to me function more like consignment stores that sale on Tradesy.

Tradesy is increasing their fees on the girls selling out of their closet Dec 1 while not requiring it from pro-sellers. Before this big increase, it was getting difficult to sell for search problems, competing with pro-sellers and Tradesy’s returns with private sales, and pro-sellers flooding the site with their goods. Returns are a part of business. For used goods, I believe returns should be handled differently, especially for luxury goods. Pre-owned bags are cheaper because it did not come from a store and more than likely has some wear and needs to be treated differently than store.

I think some perceptions on both ends need to change to help the returns that happen too easy for not rational thinking on resale sites. I think Tradesy’s model of business is not working for them anymore with the returns department. Some unlucky sellers are getting their purses back for change of hearts like EBay with no protection with higher fees.

They are placing the recovery on the people that started their success like me. I am not really a seller anymore maybe more a buyer, but I am fascinated to see Tradesy’s goal for their company because it is not clear to me and I spent a lot of time there.

Tradesy is awful
November 30, 2015
I never received my item and they took my money. They never replied and I'm out money and no shoes. One of my worst experiences and this was my first time shopping there and my last.

Horrible and waste of time
September 16, 2015

Purchase made on 9/7. 9/16 no proof of shipping and Lizbeth from "customer service" of no help only telling me to contact them tomorrow to ask for a refund "IF seller has not shipped yet". No explanation, nothing.

Well of course she hasn't shipped. She doesn't have what she needs to ship! Seller tells me it's Tradesy's fault because she hasn't received a shipping kit from Tradesy. Unbelievable that this company is in business given the stellar operations of other e-commerce sites who have been doing this for a long time and value the confidence, trust and time of their patrons.