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TradeSmart University is an online university found at which asks why people spend thousands of dollars on stock trading books and DVDs when you can get real training for free.

Their website says that they offer free hands on training in a live, online classroom, through a series of classes for the purposes of learning to trade stocks better, and understanding when to sell and buy.

Each class covers twenty-four lessons, broken into three sections over eight classes which last 90 minutes a piece. These classes are described as performed in a live, webinar style format, which allows students to ask questions of their instructors and receive answers in real time.

Each class lasts four weeks, with two classes a week. You will also be given access to online quizzing tools so that you can ensure that you are keeping up with your studies and understanding the material.

Their main class is Foundations of Stocks & Options, which has three different levels.  This class claims to teach its students:

Foundational Market Knowledge, The Basics of Technical Analysis, 5 Steps to Trade Confirmation, How to Profit in Bad Market Conditions, 4 Winning Strategies for Every Market, and Strategies of Hedge Fund Managers.

Though the website describes these classes as “free,” really they have something called a “scholarship” which is a promotional code that allows you access to the first level of Foundations of Stocks & Options class.

If you are purchasing full course loads from TradeSmart University, you can order all three levels of Foundations of Stocks & Options for $89.

For those same classes and Power Trade Live, the cost is $118.95, and for those four classes and a course called Total Fibonacci Trading the cost is $168.95.

When ordering classes, you should know in advance that no refunds will be given unless you call within 5 days of download and log your complaints with customer service.

If you have any experience with TradeSmart University or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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TradeSmart University Customer Reviews

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Great experiance
December 9, 2021

I just caught this site and the original complaint to see if this company was still teaching; now it is Dec. 9, 2021.

I took the TradeSmartUniversity course around 2009. My knowledge about stock trading was zero--nothing. At that time I thought I got my money's worth in exchange for their well organized introduction to trading.

I found the course content and delivery method and homework absolutely strange on one hand but absolutely on the mark as a great introductory course to start my real education as a trader. I loved the nightly sessions and exchanges.

I constantly and consistently educated myself since my graduation but I kept my 3-ring TSU binders as basic references when I have to go back for refreshers. My first real trades, after learning from their intensive guidance were in the low four figures.

My trading accounts are now are in seven figures. I concentrate exclusively in equities--nothing else. "Focus" did the trick for me! I started in the real world with my Marine M-1 and wound up with the Air Force ready to shoot Russian bombers with my nuclear tipped Bomarc missiles.

Thank you Trade Smart University for creating my new world. I will be 85 this summer. and am not ready for retirement.

This Is The Finest - Bar None
October 8, 2015

Great classes to choose from with Three Excellent Leaders. I call them leaders instead of teachers because they never fail to get you deeply involved in each class. The long classes are divided in short

sections which are great to select to reinforce anything you need to review. I have been with them from the beginning and when they make changes it always improves everything. Like it Says Above - I Love it.

Bob Levengood

Scammed Before
June 10, 2014
I've lost tens of thousands in education from these sites that cost. Most info you can find for free, the rest you can speculate. Jim Cramer looks good as was said above. Remember you tend to flare out of vogue with sites like this if you know 'smart' but they have an image to hold up and will play you for being a just number. In the end be independent wealthy but do it cheap seeking the nirvana of doing your education free and your trading smart. Just a suggestion.

Totally NOT necessary
June 4, 2014
I haven't actually bought the "scholarship" (I love how they use that word which inherently means free, but is the exact opposite). If you really want to know how to trade effectively... one name - Jim Cramer! His book "Real Money" will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know and the style of writing is very easy and actually entertaining. Also, watch his show "Mad Money" and he will tell you exactly what stocks to go with and which ones to pass on or sell. He even give you access to one of his portfolios (so you can see what he is investing in) and he has a 5 day delay on trading in this portfolio so he can't buy or sell without telling you to do the same first. My dad (who passed in Oct. 2010) made MILLIONS in the stock market (of course he lost over $300,000 when he first started trading over 30 years ago, a very expensive education) and he had claimed that most of the gains were because of Jim Cramer. He never missed an episode of Mad Money and swears by him. Unfortunately, by the time I realized how lucrative trading was and wanted to get into it, my dad had already passed so I wasn't able to get advice from his, but Jim is the next best thing. Also, his main principle is that you have to look at the numbers AND do your research and you must speculate a little to be successful. Financial Advisor's will warn against this because, if you are able to speculate and use your own mind, you don't need them and they ultimately lose money. NEVER trust a financial advisor unless they are a friend or family!

they portray themselves as wonderful saintly educators,,, far from truth
December 23, 2013

stay away from these people. they try to make you feel like you are one of the amazing students, but in reality, you are only a number.

tons and tons of hype, constantly changing formats, because they always get it wrong.

false promises, false hope, and the 10k to 1 million is the oldest scam in the book.

move on, go to a real trading website where they actually show you REAL MONEY TRADE!

October 13, 2013
The first time I heard about the "scholarship," I thought it was a scam. However, I asked a lot of questions and bought the next two levels for just under $1,000 and it was definitely not a scam. I got a lot of those courses and I can go back and watch them as many times as I want for life.

It is Great
August 7, 2013
It is legit. Put in the work and you will be rewarded

TerryRennaker December 26, 2017

How long have you been using their method and do you still feel this way?