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Tracfone Sucks!!!

November23, 2012

Tracfone Literally sucks!!! Everything is messed up! They are a bunch of lying and stealing bastards! The CEO of tracfone is too cheap and the customer service is HORIBBLE!

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Bumbling Idiots OR Crafty Thieves

October25, 2012

This company has the worst reputation. My husband and I have had so many problems. You name it, it has happened. Promo codes not working, when adding additional minutes. Our International Long Distance numbers have been removed, even though we used them according to their own instructions, within the 1 month time frame. Do they even have a person, who is competent at speaking English for English-speaking customers? Overall, they are very inefficient. One has to repeat oneself over and over and over ad nauseum, in order to get a problem fixed, hopefully....

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July 04, 2013

We have been using this Trac phone for several years with no problems.
We purchased the phone from Walmart and they took care of the very few problems that have popped up. We purchase time via internet and never had any problems

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