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The TPM Rotator, available online at, is a website which helps people who are working online and are looking to promote more than one online business or website at one time.

A “Rotator” is the term they use for a group of websites which are promoted all together. The way it works is that you can take one URL address and use it to get traffic to a group of websites which are “rotated” through that URL.

This way, you can put all your advertising money and energy into promoting a single URL, and as people visit that popular web address, they will encounter the different businesses that you are affiliated with.

You can create as many different “Rotators,” or groups of sites and opportunities, that you want so that you can best target the traffic you are hoping to get to any one rotation of websites. Targeted traffic gives you the best possible opportunity for making sales.

Once you have created a specific Rotator, you can then assign a “weight” to any site or sites in the rotation so that that site will be displayed more often than the others in its rotation.

Customers who are interested in using the TPM Rotator to promote their online job opportunities or affiliate sites can sign up for a free account, or for the paid PRO account which costs just $5.00 a month.

The free account comes with many of the primary features of the PRO account, including unlimited websites available for rotation, the ability to give weight to your sites, the ability to edit, add, or delete websites whenever you choose, and more.

The paid PRO account on the other hand will make you eligible to win monthly prizes, as well as receive free banner advertisements, free text message advertisements, free random referrals, and 150 free web hits.

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