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Tovala is a meal delivery service company that delivers pre-prepared meals, along with an accompanying smart oven that they state allows customers with to cook fresh, healthy meals that cook themselves.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Tovala wants to help people rethink home cooking by giving them a countertop steam oven that cooks pre-prepared meals to perfection just by scanning a barcode and hitting the start button. 

When you buy your Tovala oven, you will be asked to subscribe to their prepared meal delivery plan and choose the meals you will want delivered to you each week.

When the meals are delivered, you will place the oven safe containers into the oven, scan the barcode, and press start. Your meals should be done in fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Customers can also use their Tovala oven on their own, without the prepared Tovala meals, by going to their website and looking through the recipes their in-house chefs have worked on specifically for this oven.

After customers get used to using the Tovala oven, they will be able to make their own recipes as well. 

Mobile Options

This product partners with mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices at this time.  

Cost & Price Plans

Currently the Tovala smart oven is priced at $399 and customers will be able to choose from between two different meal subscription plans.

The first is their Single Serving Plan, where customers will pick three meals each week and get one portion of each and is priced at $36.00 per week.

They can also choose the Double Serving Plan, where they still pick three meals each week but will get two portions of each; this plan is priced at $72.00 per week. 

Their website says that customers are welcome to pause or cancel their subscription plans at any time without penalty. 

Refund Policy

The Tovala website says that their customers are all given a 180 Day Risk Free Trial of their smart oven.

Customers who are unhappy with this product will be able to return their oven any time during this 180 day period, “no questions asked.” Their website also says that they provide their customers with a 2 year warranty. 

Unfortunately because this website does not provide their customers with any legal Terms & Conditions, it appears that this is the full amount of information you can get from their website at this time.

Concerned customers will want to contact their customer service team to see what other information may be available. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by signing in to your customer account and contacting them there.

Tovala does not appear to provide contact information to the general public at this time. 


The Tovala oven gets fairly mixed reviews at this time, as it is an expensive smart oven that has basically been designed for its best performance when it is cooking the Tovala prepared meals that customers order – not for home cooks looking for a way to monitor and adjust their cooking from their smartphone, the way other smart cooking products operate. 

Since their meal subscription plan is fairly limited and expensive when compared to other prepared meal companies, this product seems like it will meet the needs of a very specific kind of customer, and may not be suitable for every type of home cook.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

The reality is that many different home appliances are now being made to be “smart” so that they communicate with your cell phone and are easier to monitor and use for perfect performance.

Customers who are interested in a smart oven but want alternatives to Tovala will have a variety of options that may fit their needs.   

If you have any experience with Tovala or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Like Mom's Cooking At Her Best
October 25, 2021

So thankful I decided to check Tovala out. I'm single and slightly Senior and I hate to cook. I'm tired of eating Lean Cuisine and this is perfect for me. So many meals to choose from and each one tastes like mom's cooking! The Tovala oven scanner takes all the guess work out of cooking. I'm hooked. Meals change weekly.

Of course the oven can be used for all other cooking as well. It's a nice convection oven. I received it for a special $99 and a six week commitment spread out over six months. This will be EASY to achieve since the meals are so good. Like I said, I'm hooked!