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Touch Of Modern, found online at, is a members’ only online boutique which specializes in items of “extraordinary design” that you won’t be able to find everyday.

A members’ only online boutique is an internet retailer which requires you to join their mailing list before you can get access to the products they have for sale.

These members’ only boutiques have a limited supply of the items they sell, and these items are only available for a certain period of time.

In order to join these boutiques, you sometimes need an invitation from an existing member or an invitation code from the company itself.

Touch of Modern allows customers to simply sign up for membership, though new members can be placed on a wait list for a short period of time.

This wait list can be sped up if you agree to provide them with email addresses of friends and family members who may also want to join the boutique.  You will automatically be added to their members’ list once three of your referrals have also signed up to join.

Once you become a member, you will have full access to the items they offer for sale. The website says that each piece they carry is hand selected as an example of great design, which you have access to at “unbeatable pricing.”

Similar to another online design retailer Fab, Touch of Modern states they can provide these low prices to their members because they connect directly with the designers to find “truly unique” items from all over the world.

In addition, they don’t keep an on hand inventory of their items, which helps to keep costs down.

Sometimes this means that items you order will take a longer time to ship than from a traditional store because at times they are often coming directly from designers in international locations.

Customers with complaints about the items they’ve received will often need to follow individual return policies depending on the item they’ve ordered.

If you have any experience with Touch of Modern or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Touch of Modern Customer Reviews

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Bunch of thieving grifters
June 26, 2022

DO NOT EVER SHOP WITH THESE THIEVES. They prey on small businesses, force them into hours of insane work to follow their ‘rules’ and then never pay their vendors. Then they sell off to a liquidator to try to get out of their debts.

Scam Company
June 4, 2022

They do not pay vendors - they are 3 months overdue after receiving inventory and selling it. They ignore all emails and scam small businesses.


Doesn't pay vendors
May 18, 2022
I’m a vendor with Touch of Modern and we did 3 campaigns with them last year that they never paid for (9 months late on payment now). I’ve tried reaching out to a dozen people on their team and have not had ANY response whatsoever in months. We’re a small business so as you can imagine, this has been very damaging to us.

Buyer Beware!!!
April 29, 2022

Purchased an item online through ToM, that was guaranteed authentic by ToM. When I received the item, it was clearly a fake, a poor replica, a knock-off or whatever you want to call it.

I found it quite ironic that the package even has a large ToM sticker on it that reads, "Guaranteed Authentic". After sending 3 emails explaining that selling items like this is illegal, I tried calling. Left 2 VMs, because no one actually answers the phones.

This is criminal on several levels: copyright infringement, fraud, UDAP, etc. It appears they spend all of their money on creating a dynamic marketing site, but there is nothing good behind the scenes.

This site is a complete scam- do not buy anything here
April 14, 2022

As with all the other reviews, I placed an order for a watch and payed over $5,000 for it and have yet to receive my merchandise. They are unresponsive with customer service and as far as I can tell are a complete scam. I plan to pursue legal action to get my money back.

The truth about Touch of Modern
April 6, 2022

The business model they use is as follows. They and the manufacturer agree on what price they will pay. Then they mark it up and this is the price they will put on their web site.

Now, when you order something, they charge you immediately and your order go to a count bucket (meaning how many units of a specific item). Once the sale is over, they will place the order for the units with the manufacturer.

The reason that sales are final is due to the aggressive pricing negotiated which the manufacturer do not take returns.

Scam/Worst Experience
January 23, 2022

I made a purchase with ToMo recently, and they promised the shipment in 2-3 weeks. One month later nothing was shipped nor did they send any update or explanation. After I contacted their support, they said it was the vendor's fault and they could not provide any ETA.

I asked then to cancel the order and send me my money back – which they refused saying the "sale was final". I explained to them that they are in violation of FTC rules and that I did not approve any delays and want my refund, which they simply ignored and then kept sending me automated responses that the sale is final.

I had to contact my credit card company and dispute the charge to get my money back. Will never buy from these guys, it's clearly a scam.

Poor after sale service
December 11, 2021

My package arrived while I was out of town and when I opened it and tried on the leather coat, it was at least 2 sizes too small, even though I had ordered it 2 sizes larger than I typically wear with US sizing.

When I contacted "customer support" I was told that I'm a couple of days too late to return the item and that there's nothing they will do to accommodate my request to return for credit. I've been a customer of Touch of Modern for several years, but this lack of service has ruined my opinion of this scam they call a business.

Look elsewhere for the product you want.
October 3, 2021

Touch of Modern has terrible customer service and sells inferior products. I purchased a convertible beanbag chair. It is supposed to be stuffed with a queen sized beanbag mattress. The mattress that I received is stuffed with shredded foam (old and hard).

When I contacted Touch of Modern about a return I received an email saying that the product was a final sale and can't be returned. The only place that I could find that information was on the invoice after I placed the order.

Save yourself some grief and hours of aggregation, don't purchase anything from Touch of Modern!

A month and a half to receive an order?? No shipping communication? No thanks.
December 20, 2020
Holy smokes...I am STILL waiting to receive an item ordered and paid for almost a month and a half ago

Beware the fine print about returns - they are rigid and have awful customer service.
December 10, 2020

I have purchased things from Touch of Modern three different times, and they are definitely cool and unique things. However, the last time I ordered 4 items, there was no clear indication it was a final sale until I got the order confirmation, and when I received one of the items, it appeared I ordered the wrong type of item. (I can’t be sure it was my mistake, but I assumed it was because I couldn't prove otherwise.)

It is never a good sign when you cannot communicate with a company (here in the U.S.) by telephone no matter what you try, but I immediately wrote and explained, and asked to exchange it for the one I wanted, which was a different version (similar item, understandable mistake) for the same price.

They were very rigid and merely confirmed that they fulfilled the order I placed, and that because the words “final sale” are in small print way, way down the description, I was out of luck.

No exchange, no exception, no giving a damn that I just dropped $180 for the wrong item which could easily be exchanged. I spent good money with them before, and made a reasonable request. They don’t care about keeping customers. I’m done with them.

Wickedly slow shipping
September 12, 2018
Although Touch of Modern has some pretty cool items with prices ranging from really good to OK their shipping is horrendous. We are not talking about several days to ship we are talking WEEKS.