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In the market for some new antivirus software for your laptop or desktop computer? It can be tough to find a way to monitor and protect your online privacy and security, especially in a way that is both affordable and effective.

As you probably already know, cheap is not always better when it comes to your antivirus program. So does TotalAV make the cut? We’ll let you know all about this full-featured antivirus software suite in our review.

How Does TotalAV Work?

TotalAV antivirus is a virus removal and detection software suite with plenty to offer its users, including the suite of the most common features you would find in antivirus programs. It includes a VPN along with an attractive user interface. It includes protection from the most common threats, including spyware, viruses, ransomware, and malware.

There are TotalAV programs for Mac computers as well as for Windows, Android, and iOS. When you purchase TotalAV for Windows and Mac, you’ll get all standard antivirus protection. For Android devices, you will receive not just the antivirus protection but also an app manager and an optimizer.

TotalAV offers both free and paid versions. It is a leading antivirus program, comparable with major programs like Kaspersky and Norton. This program is best for inexperienced users who don’t need a fancy antivirus software but simply need something to get the basic job done. It’s also a good choice for older computers with few resources and very little storage space.

With user-friendly apps, this antivirus software has good phishing protection as well as protection against malicious URLs. It is one of the least demanding antivirus programs when it comes to how much of your system’s resources it uses, and you also get around-the-clock protection with speedy scans.

Although a scan can take up to fifteen minutes to complete, that’s not a big deal if you are only a recreational computer user and don’t need it for work or business. It has advanced firewall protection if you purchase a paid plan along with real-time protection.

Cost and Price Plans

Head over to the TotalAV website, and you’ll find that there are four packages for you to choose from. All offer relatively reasonable price tags, each accompanied by an impressive list of services and tools.

The free, or basic version of TotalAV, costs nothing at all. It is 100% free, although you will need to sign up for an account with your information. The “essential” plan costs $19.95 per year, while Antivirus Pro is $39.95 per year. The Ultimate antivirus 2019 version is the most expensive plan available, which costs $59.95. Several discount programs are available, too.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you’re looking for free or inexpensive antivirus software, you are going to get thousands of results for your efforts. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine which of these are legitimate and which are scams. Some of the most common alternatives to TotalAV include Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, and AVG.

Comparing TotalAV vs. Malwarebytes begins by looking at the features and support both offer. Malwarebytes does not offer any discount programs to users and is double the cost of TOtalAV - there’s only one plan available. However, Malwarebytes does offer a longer money-back guarantee and most of the same features, with the exception of a personal firewall and a version for iOS devices.

When comparing TotalAV vs. Bitdefender, know that both can be reliable, low-cost solutions. Although Bitdefender has more features and better testing results than TotalAV, TotalAV has superior customer support. Bitdefender’s programs are less expensive, but the absence of a free plan may be cause for pause.

Finally, comparing TotalAV vs. AVG, another top antivirus software, is a necessity for any savvy consumer. AVG is another high-quality solution that offers protection from all threats. Many consumers find it superior to TotalAV because it has enhanced firewall features along with better phishing protection. It also comes with a webcam blocker and does not affect system speed. However, it is significantly more expensive than TotalAV.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Some customers report that the iOS version of TotalAV is somewhat limited. Although it has an optimizer that can speed up the processing times of your phone along with a photo manager, that’s about it. You also get a safe browsing tool but it does have a tendency to slow down your computer.

Unfortunately, TotalAV does not have any information about various system requirements on its website. It can be difficult to find out what kind of operating system you need in order to run TotalAV. Often, you must just try to download - sometimes you will be able to download easily, while other times, you might run into errors and have an overall bad experience.

Installing TotalAV can be frustrating, according to some users’ complaints. You have to create an account, something you might balk at if you are looking to preserve your privacy. This is especially annoying because it is not required by other free antivirus programs. After that, TotalAV will spend a few minutes uploading virus definitions into your machine. Then you can install the program. It can take up to ten minutes total.

The final complaint about TotalAV to mention is that while it used to include the Virtual Private Network as a free addition to every single package, you now have to pay extra in order to use this tool.

Otherwise, customers appreciate how little space totalAV takes up -usually just about 20 MB of RAM. It uses very little space on your CPU. Its interface is easy to navigate and you’ll get all the security features you want out of an antivirus program.

One major issue to report is that TotalAV is not third-party independently tested. While there are plenty of positive customer reviews, the software is too new for most reviewers to determine whether it’s a good long term solution. It is definitely not a scam, however - customer service is easy to get ahold of, even in situations where you want to cancel, delete accounts, or uninstall.

Customer Service

TotalAV is superior to many other antivirus companies when it comes to customer support. The company offers 24/7 live chat on the website. This can help you get information about problems you might be having with installation, virus scans, and more.

The company also has readily accessible phone and email lines that you can reach, too.

TotalAV has an A+ rating with the BBB. In addition to the methods of communication listed above, TotalAV also has a support page on its website. You can find answers here about everything from “TotalAV charged my credit card by mistake” to how to auto-renew or get a refund.

Where to Buy?

You can buy a TotalAV plan on the company’s website.

Is TotalAV Worth It?

While TotalAV might not be the most affordable, most famous, or most versatile antivirus software around, it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for a solid, middle-of-the-road antivirus product. If you want to give it a try, check out its basic package, with is 100% free and will give you a good idea of whether this is a service you want to pay for in the long run.

So is it safe? For sure. And is TotalAv a good antivirus program? You’ll need to see for yourself - but it’s definitely worth a try.

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