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A recent order
July 14, 2017
I ordered a beautiful ring for a great value now because I am a regular customer and tend to be for the most part satisfied for a valued item, I must admit Ive gotten some not so great items or just simply sometimes don't receive my anticipated item. The ring I ordered was not doubt a beauty but when it showed it was delivered, I was lost because I didn't receive it. Now this is dissapointing because you don't always have the oppurtunity to get that item at a nice bidding price as previously. Also when you file a complaint with tophatter, they gladly refund you for your purchase but it don't seem as if they take into consideration the fact that you really wanted the item which does not fully address your issue. My item was delivered 4 hours away from where I actually live and no one helped, just a refund. I must say that maybe its time for me to take a break from ordering. Theres this useless number thats provided and it just repeats itself then disconnects. 1888 502 5139. After experiencing a few of these missing orders, I must admit I am no longer confident in tophatter. I just wanted my items not a refund. Ordering from tophatter at this point will take some careful consideration at this point. I will be taking a break for a while. Tophatter thanks for the refund but I was more looking forward to my items (how can a company just simply not replace like most do?) and feel a complete loss rather than a gain. Responding back and forth having to wait up until 24 hrs for feedback leaves me uncomfortable and will no longer stand for it.

Tolvein1995 September 07, 2017

My friend, do you have AT&T service? lol ^^^

Selling Platform
June 19, 2017
I believe it is a really concept about being able to sell stuff on there as a buy it now, but I don't like the fact that I can't keep it as buy it now, my product has to go through live auction which defeats the purpose of buy it now and you will lose money through the auction

April 21, 2017
I won a 7 inch tablet that stated that the original price was $1300.00 only to find out they aren't even worth $100. Don't believe any of the prices on this bogus site..they are misleading the public..very bad indeed

ShirleyRichardson Houston January 08, 2018


I have bought several items from
March 21, 2017
I have bought several things from A ring, I love it, (2) VR glasses for my grandkids (they love them). I even got some Hibiscus seeds to grow exotic hibiscus bushes. I bid low and sometime win, sometimes I get outbid and don't want to spend too much, so I drop out. If you try it, you will probably like it too.