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DO NOT USE this app, on your PC or your phone.
February 25, 2024
Don't try this!! It's a complete scam. You don't get what they say you will, you get a ton of emails promoting it and you can't unsubscribe! I tried to find how to delete my account. Not happening. You can't find a way to delete your account on the website. So, I decided to uninstall the app. Yes, it does install on your PC! When I uninstalled the app, my Chrome install was uninstalled as well!! at the same time. Somehow this thing is attached to Google Chrome?? Totally a scam, and is very hard to get rid of.

February 17, 2024
Just great I choose 1 and 3 comes up they're a scam. Charge money no return

I Paid For A Subscription And Now I Can't Use It.
May 31, 2023
I paid for a one year subscription, but now I am unable to use it because the website is blocked by a message claiming that I need to disable my popup ad blocker. I DID disable the popup ad blocker on my browser, but the site still won't work, and it seems they want me to subscribe to something else in order to continue using the site I already paid for.

JJ OHIOOhio February 17, 2024

Scam scam scam they charge you just to read articles on Google. Info is free...acts as a front end to future info. You're charging me just to look in the window... that I can do elsewhere for free. Just bit greedy I'd say. Now y'know if I see tip ripoff I simply know NOT to read anything from them. Google great job.

By S & P 500, go golfing
November 30, 2022

The problem here i think is that forecasts are not updated in a timely manner, so your looking at an outdated opinion , also analysts don’t seem to be very good at predicting future share values.

It's a Hard "No" From Me
October 27, 2022

I have the Ultimate (highest level) subscription. These folks think they don't have to answer the phone or email.

If I pay for the highest level service, a live rep should be there to answer my questions.

They have an answering service, and no one returns your calls.

If a Non-U.S. business wants to make money from U.S. customers, that business should be required to have live staff available during U.S. business hours.

Enough of taking people's money and running off.

Not a fan
August 1, 2022

Doesn't sync well with my portfolio. would take days to update sometimes. Then recently it wanted me to re-authorize my Robinhood access (or pay to never have to do that step again which I am not paying).

Well had trouble getting Robinhood to send an authorization code and i went into the settings and saw some troubling stuff. I think tiprank leaked my Robinhood password.

I looked in my device activity on my account, only 2 devices should ever be listed and one of the devices it listed as a Mac OS device. I don't use nor have I ever owned a Mac.

The only places my password has ever been put in was on my phone, my pc and on my pc to sync my portfolio to the site. I used Robinhood secure account feature and I am not going to use tip rank ever again just in case.

They are the only odd man in the equation and my trust is easily lost.

Buyer Beware!!
February 21, 2022

I downloaded the iphone app after seeing an ad saying there was 100% money back guarantee if cancelled within 30 days. I cancelled after a couple of weeks of trying it. The money-back guarantee doesn't apply if you purchase through Apple.

Beware of Annual Subscriptions
February 12, 2022

Anyone selling subscriptions annually and not monthly is red flag. They claim you have 30 days for refund but it's total b.s don't trust these clowns.

I signed up only because it says 30 day money back guarantee and now I'm wasting so much of my time and money trying to get a refund.

I feel like tipranks is a scam. They offer only a yearly subscription. That's a red flag to every real business man.

Anyways the 30 days lead me to try and I am so unhappy with it. It's total b.s you need to make it easier to cancel subscription. I contacted tipranks and was told I can't get refund after 15 days because I got it thru Google pay.

I have to contact Google to get money. So I contacted Google and they said they can't refund my money. So is this not theft and scam like.

Didn't give me my refund after I sent a written cancellation request after three days
January 8, 2021

The most dishonest stock service that I've ever experienced. Their policy said that it's a free seven-day trial if I cancel before the seven days. I signed up on May 2, and I canceled on May 6, in writing. I received an email from them with what looked like a typical boilerplate response "I'm sorry to hear you cancelled" and "May I ask what led you to cancel?"

I ignored the email since I had other things to do. Only later did I realize that it said that they wanted me to reply to them again or my cancellation wasn't confirmed, so I still have not received my refund. Avoid these people!

December 4, 2020

I have had TipRanks for a few months, when I run out of trade ideas, my favorite feature is getting investment ideas. I end up scrolling through the most recommended stocks and the top performing experts, then I pick a few and run them through some technical analysis and decide to buy or not from there.

Valuable website, great support
September 14, 2020
I’ve been using TipRanks since December. It helps me make better investments and have more confidence in my decisions. I particularly love the score they give stocks, because you can dig in and understand them – for example by seeing what’s happening with analysts, bloggers (who write about stocks), hedge funds, corporate insiders, what the news is saying and more. I recently turned to their support with a question and found them really helpful, far better than the level of service I usually receive. I highly recommend TipRanks to anyone who invests in the stock market.

August 28, 2020
I have been trying to get a refund from them after signing up. I am less than week into my membership and they have stopped replying to my emails. The fact that they take an annual fees instead of a monthly one made me skeptical but I thought it would be fine given the money back guarantee. Since they don’t refund you, I can now see why they have set up in this manner.

TipRanks Team September 02, 2020

Hi, please check your Spam folder for emails from [email protected]. Unfortunately, some of our emails are not reaching inboxes. Anyone who requests a refund receives one. Please feel welcome to contact me directly at [email protected] if you can't see any emails from us.

TipRanks Team September 02, 2020

Hi, please can you check your Spam for emails from [email protected]. Unfortunately, some emails have not been reaching inboxes recently. Anyone who asks for a refund will get one. If you can't locate an email, please feel welcome to contact me directly at [email protected].

saqk September 02, 2020

No emails in the junk and I also called and there was no response despite leaving a message to your 'third party outsourced receptionist'.

I was lucky enough to have paid via PayPal and was able to get a refund via them.

I should also point that emails about all other topics were coming through fine before and after that so that excuse doesn't fly.

TipRanks Team September 03, 2020


Please feel welcome to email me directly so we can investigate why you didn't hear back from us. You can reach me at [email protected]

We will never deny a cancelation request.

RobertaBrockman November 02, 2022

I want to cancel my subscription and can find no way to contact you. They even want me to fill out and credit card for questions.I am about to call my bank for help. Please answer my request to cancel all subscriptions robertabrockman1311 at gmail.com

RobertaBrockman November 02, 2022

when I filled out the first form, it asks for business name and email. I am retired and have no such information. It will not let you continue without this. So no access. I am so frustrated and just want to cancel my subsription

Great for stock research
August 18, 2020

TipRanks is an amazing resource for anyone investing in the stock market.

I love how easy it is to research stocks. You don't need an understanding of how companies run, technical and fundamentals, or the economy etc.

You can literally see what analysts and financial bloggers are saying and if hedge funds and corporate insiders are buying or selling the stocks you are interested in. You also see what they call a Smart Score - a score of how likely a stock is to outperform.

That's only part of TipRanks. You can also see how well any of the experts they follow rates based on their performance which is really useful.

They also have portfolio management which I really like and I follow them on social to get their articles.

In short - totally recommend TipRanks!

Great service
July 16, 2019
Love the fact that you can look up any analyst or blogger and see their performance for free. Got a few great investment ideas using Smart Score. Service is constantly improving, keep it up!

There’s definitely value in it.
July 10, 2019

Before using tip ranks I have tried Marketbeat, Zacks, IBD. Advantage, Motley Fool VecterVest and received a lot of useless, late and inaccurate information, plus a lot of plain ole BS. If you put them all together, they wouldn’t come close to info from Tipranks and ease of use.

BasemMashal February 12, 2022

You sound so fake

They automatically re signed me up for another year without permission
June 26, 2019

And charged my CC, I have emailed them and not heard back yet.

I found their information merely ok, not something I would sign up for again.

TipRanks Support July 11, 2019

Dear Gene,

We apologise for any inconvenience, and would like to state that your account has been credited to your satisfaction on the same day you contacted us.

We will be happy to have you as a customer again in the future, in case you change your mind

Not a fan
June 5, 2019
I was ready to sign up for it and at the end of the form it has a check box asking you if you want them to store your credit card info.I did not so left it in checked.It would not let me process. I chose not to with all the hacking going on it's best to not have personal info all over the place. If the box is not checked off it won't let you proceed.I say fine and did not proceed. They lost my trust,after investigating it further the try to upsell you.Realize you only have access to 5 analysts.There is another level of acess.I can and will not do business with companies that use practices like this.Bad taste in my mouth.Don't reward these tactics and send a message.

TipRanks Support July 11, 2019

We apologise for the inconvenience you experienced.

TipRanks offers many tools and data sets free off charge to promote our philosophy of bringing transparency to the investment world. Full access to all the data sets and tools is provided to paying customers.

We also offer 30 days refund guarantee to allow new users to test and try our unique tools.

The requirement to "store your credit card" is a technical requirement made by our payment processing service. We are working on finding solution to this as soon as possible.

JosephBrown October 28, 2021

did you find a solution to not storing credit card information if so I would be interested, but if not I do not want my credit card information stored! I would like to make the decision to renew! I do not accept the idea of automatic renewal