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About Ting.com

Ting.com is the home of Ting, a new mobile service provider that says their goal is improve the mobile service industry by giving people access to service "that makes sense" as opposed to what is available now. 

According to their website, Ting believes that "what people are forced to put up with from mobile service providers just doesn't make sense." Their service does not believe in "locking you into a contract," making you choose a plan, charging overages, or charging penalties. 

How Does It Work?

Customers who are interested in their service can go online to their website and see what kind of plans they offer, though Ting's claim to fame is that they only charge customers for the service they actually use. Anything include in your plan that isn't used at the end of the month will be credited back to you. Of course, if you go over anything in your plan in a given month, you'll have to pay higher fees for those minutes, texts, or data. 

Customers also have access to the Ting Dashboard, which allows them to see the total usage of their plan by every member of their plan while the month is progressing, so they know how to control or adapt in real time. 

Cost/Price Plans

The cost of your plan depends on how many devices you will need service for, as well as what types of service you are interested in and what your actual usage ends up being. Their website does say that their service generally costs about $21 per month per device for their average user. 

Mobile Options

Currently access to their Ting Dashboard mobile app is only available for Android devices but may expand in the near future. 

Refund Policy

Like most other mobile service providers, Ting.com does not necessarily have a Refund Policy, though customers who are concerned about what recourse they have in case they are unhappy with the service should talk to a representative about that before making a purchase. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently it seems that the only contact information they provide for the general public is a phone number, 855-846-4389, though they may provide additional forms of contact for members.


Ting.com has received many positive reviews for the concept behind their no contract, pay for what you use system, however some reviewers have pointed out that if people are not careful with their plans, they may end up paying more than they would have with a traditional plan.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other alternative cell phone service providers out there competing for users who are looking for a non-traditional carrier with more affordable options, like Solavei, Straight Talk Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Safelink Wireless, and many more. 
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Ting.com reviews below.

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Not worth the hassle

April27, 2017

I was forced to port over when RingPlus suddenly shut down. I was given a $35 credit, but that hasn't made up for the hassle I've had with Ting. From the beginning they gave us nothing but trouble.

Their policy is to not let you use the same debit/credit card on two different accounts, which forced us to open a second debit account for my husband so he could get his $35 credit since they wouldn't add his credit to my account if we merged the two phones. After arguing with them for several minutes on the phone until we got sent to a VP who finally explained why this was - which none of the lower level people either were allowed to explain or they chose not to explain it - we could understand the policy but weren't happy with it.

Once we got both accounts up and running we started using our phones. Or at least we tried. It took 72 hours, even after we got the accounts set up, before we could use our phones even though we were promised it would only take 24 hours to activate them once we ported over. They didn't even apologize, but told us that we should have gotten an email that told us it would take longer due to the volume of customers. Nope. No email.

Once we were finally able to use the services, we were happy enough for a while. Ultimately we did merge accounts, my husband losing what was left of his credit. We didn't care. It was just easier to manage one account.

Then in our second month, after the first month was paid for by the RingPlus credit, I got the bill that said I owed nothing for the second month of service. I was confused but double checked it twice on the day the cycle closed and the day after. It still read $0 balance so I put the money I had budgeted for the bill towards an emergency that had come up. Now this is partially my fault since I should have been more careful and kept the money in there. But they didn't try taking the money until 6 days after the bill closed. I didn't use the money until 5 days after the bill closed.

When I called them the day after I got the e-mail that they'd tried to take the money and hand't been able to, I was told I was lying and that there was no way I could have seen a $0 balance. When I asked them if they could extend the cut off date until the 30th, when I get paid again since I only get paid once a month, they basically told me - politely, of course - that I could go fuck myself and my services would be cut off today (the 27th) and wouldn't be turned back on until I made the payment. I could go online to their website to make the payment or I could call them (how am I supposed to do that without phone service?) and make the payment that way.

I am very disappointed in Ting. I've seen a lot of positive reviews for them and wanted to like them. Once we have a larger and more versatile income, we will be switching to someone else. I can't, in good conscience, recommend Ting to anyone looking for a decent low cost service.

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