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The Tinder Dating App, found online at Tinder.com, is a very popular mobile dating application which tries to turn the somewhat stressful aspect of trying to find matches on online dating sites into a more entertaining process.  

How Does It Work?

Traditional online dating websites use a variety of different methods and criteria to attempt to connect you with people you may be interested in dating, much of which is intended to be thought out and taken seriously, such as what kind of relationship you are looking for, religious preferences, educational or income background, and much more.

The Tinder Dating App, on the other hand, tries to replicate the fun and flirty process of meeting someone in real life, at a bar or other social event, by allowing people to see profiles of other members who are in the chosen mileage range of your current location and who might be connected to you through some of your Facebook friends and connections, though they promise no information will ever be posted on Facebook. 

Tinder has become famous for their “swipe” feature, which allows users to look at a profile and swipe it right to “like” someone and swipe it left to “pass” on someone. If someone who have liked has also liked you, a match will be made and you will be given the opportunity to begin speaking to each other. 

This application has also added another feature recently, which they call Tinder Moments, and which is functions like a combination of Snapchat and Instagram, allowing you to send matches a picture which you can filter and add stickers and drawings to and which will automatically erase within 24 hours. 

Mobile Options

At this time, this mobile application is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Cost/Price Plans

The Tinder Dating App is completely free for both men and women to use at this time, and has been since its initial launch. However, they have discussed launching a deluxe version of this service soon, which will include the option for many different targeted features and which users may choose to upgrade to whenever they feel comfortable. There is no indication that the free service will be taken away once the paid for service becomes available. 

Refund Policy

Since this mobile application currently charges no fees at all, there is no reason for them to offer users a Refund Policy. When they do launch their new paid for service, customers may inquire about the availability of a Refund Policy at that time, but until then there is no need.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website using the Contact Us link.   


Tinder is an incredibly popular mobile dating application, for one very specific reason which most people and reviewers site as both its best and its worst feature: Tinder is fun.

This mobile application has been very successful in creating a game like atmosphere of entertainment, with many people admitting that they will sit on Tinder and swipe right and left “for hours” because it’s so amusing. This results in people often encountering lots of matches, which is both good and bad. 

The good is obvious – people are using this application to meet new people and the addicting entertainment features is fairly good at providing the ability to meet new people. The problem is that many, many people on this app rack up matches and never really take the time to speak to any of them, or to respond to the text messages that they are sent, meaning that it actually isn’t that great as “date matching” application.

The other problem concerning Tinder is also very well publicized, and that’s the fact that most men on this application are using it as a “hook up” app, and are not actually interested in meeting people to truly date. Because of this, the Huffington Post has an article from one man who has used Tinder says that it is a terrible application for men who actually want to meet women for dating, because the large number of horrible men have ruined the experience. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are almost innumerable online dating websites, but there are also very many online dating applications being marketed to people these days, with other well known options like the Happn Dating App, Twoo.com, the Match.com app, the FlirtsNFriends.com app, and others.  

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Tinder reviews below.

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Great Concept

September22, 2020

Tinder was a great concept and revolutionized the dating world when it first appeared. Since then though, in the process of attempting to monetize the service and compete with alternatives, tinder has become largely unusable without paying for the upgrades. Especially in large Urban areas you will get very few matches without using the paid service.

There are also seems to be a rise in fake/scam accounts.

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